1. M

    GTG with live modding!

    I am giving advance warning of a trip to Stuttgart. If there is enough call I would like to promote my trip and organise a London centred coding / mods / learn and chat / chew the fat meeting. There are some very talented modders in the UK and I would like to swap notes, do some advanced...
  2. F

    "Mod"-ding your Key remote control

    As a new member, I would like to contribute as well to the MB community. Therefere I share my little experience I have about modifing/tuning little things. What follows is especially true for those who have an original remote control with springblade key system, like W168 (first A-class...
  3. R

    Mercedes S class modding (W140)

    Does anyone know are there any modding companies in the UK, which can provide a bodykit for an S class Merc (W140 body)? There are plenty of those in the US, but none of them ship the bodykits to the UK. Or maybe you know the importers that can do it? Share your modding secrets on the...
  4. SilverSaloon

    Clk (and Other Models) Modding Bits For Sale!

    hi, after the sale of my CLK, i have the following for sale: all fit W208 CLK, somethings will fit other models... (1) UNUSED 1ST AID KIT (2) WALLET FOR MANUALS TO GO IN (AS NEW) (3) BRAND NEW SERVICE BOOKLET (AS NEW) (4) CANBUS ADAPTOR (5) CLK ORION GREY PHONE HOLDER WITH...
  5. A

    Tasteful and discrete modding Japanese style...

    ...or not! Close your eyes! :eek: :p OMG
  6. com

    Mercedes modding gone bad... ?

    Spotted this on the web while doing some late night browsing. Take one Sports Coupe, add about US $20k worth of extra's on it and you get this M3 vent's...... :eek:
  7. M

    Chipping and Modding W202 C180

    I have 1996 C180 auto which is a drag, I would like to speed it up, I have been reading the forums and been hearing k and n chip and mod which i do not understand, Can a kind person explain to me ? Is it expensive to do, And there is a guy selling a chip on ebay for 19.99 is this okay ? DIY...
  8. R

    The cost of modding??

    Just had a funny thought, I wondered what my car would have cost with my mods already done from the price list when I bought the car January 2000 C200 Classic List Price £22,240 Air con £ 1,517 Auto £ 1,450 Metallic £ 651 List Price £25,858 MB Mods added since owned...
  9. V

    Modding your Benz

    Having been on a tour of the AMG, Brabus and MKB HQ's, in Germany recently, I was quite suprised by how many people actually mod there Benz's and just how much they actually do to them. Having had a look on the net it appears that there are masses of people that do it in the US but I don't seem...
  10. mark.t


    i have a e55amg steering wheel how easy is it to fit ......... the rest of the car :D ;)
  11. se97mlm

    Save My Soul; The Modding has Started!!

    Well, one and a half weeks into MB ownership, and i have started the modding! Fitted AMG tax disc holder and evolution pedal club mod today!! Must admit i thought the pedals would be cosmetic only, but i replaced the whole throttle pedal with the whole new one rather than just using the...
  12. B

    Merc C220 Elegance - Modding Ideas Needed Please! Read in >>>>

    Hello Folks! Recently just bought a 96' Mercedes C220 (w202) Elegance. The car is Brilliant Silver, with black leather, auto. I have been looking at the forum quite a lot, and I wanted some advice on modding the car. A few things on my shortlist (or wishlist!) include the following...
  13. Koolvin

    OT: PC modding

    if you guys have a moment please read this article I wrote:
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