1. J

    W203 - swap cd changer for a bluetooth module?

    Apologies but im a total noob here... I have just bought myself a w203 c32 amg and wanted to be able to play music via bluetooth in my car! From what I have read and understood I have the comand 2.0 HU and I know it is possible to get a bluetooth module that replaces the AUX in the glovebox...
  2. I

    Where is the alarm module on 1998 SL500?

    Hi, I'm having problems with the alarm on my 1998 SL500 R129. Once it went off when I started the engine. Another time it peeps 5 or 6 times and goes silent, other times it goes off when I unlock the car and open a door, sometimes it goes off when I just unlock using the remote, sometime it...
  3. S

    Wanted DAB module A204 870 54 90

    Looking for this module for my s212, hoping to pay around £120 but can up that if you have the power plug to fit as well. Cheers
  4. 5

    Location of electronic lever module control unit W219

    Hi Guys, plugged in my diagnostic unit and it come up with the following fault: sb10/mil check control unit N15/5, electronic selector lever module control unit. Not sure how to investigate it but can anyone tell me where the control unit is located? and what it looks like. If anyone one...
  5. M

    Mercedes HFP Bluetooth MODULE B6 7800 000

    Hi, I am after a Mercedes HFP Bluetooth MODULE B6 7800 000 bluetooth module that is in good, working condition and preferably with the instructions and packaging. Am after the latest B6 7800 000 model, not the earlier gen 1 or 2 please. Thank You
  6. M

    2005 E270 CDi Front SAM module problem

    Almost certain that the front SAM module has given up the ghost. Multiple warnings, beeps etc (SRS, ABS, speedtronic, rear brake light lights etc). Looking for guidance on replacement and repair please. Newbie - go easy on me please ;)
  7. A

    W201 Memory Seat Module

    W201 Memory seat Module: part number 201 820 06 26. £50 ono posted
  8. C


    Hi So I have had the wiring and everything burnt in my SL55 in rear boot because of this issue, managed to locate wiring from a breaker however just require the split charging ecu module. If anyone can help advise where I can find. I will be enquiring main dealers tomorrow and keep you posted...
  9. B

    SL500 Battery Module

    Hello all, Having got myself a red battery fault with 'Visit Workshop', I had the car in my workshop overnight and the smell of burnt Bakelite greeted me next morning, this gave me a clue to the fault so I went digging and found the fault. I’m pleased this unit is in a metal enclosure as I...
  10. 350_Coupe

    Comand 2.0 + SAP v3 BT module contact transfer issue

    Afternoon Guys, I've recently switched my phone from a Samsung Galaxy s3 on the Three network, to a Samsung Galaxy s6 on the EE network. I had been using the MB HFP Adapter, because Three does not support SAP, but EE does, so it gave me the chance to switch back to my MB SAP v3 adapter...
  11. N

    Eis module repair

    W204 owned since new 30000 miles i have an intermittent key/starting problem, have had it in main dealer and rac but because it is intermittent its difficult to find. The steering lock works the panel lights come on but nothing from the starter. The battery is fully charged, everything...
  12. L

    ViseeO MB-4 Bluetooth module

    Hi All, Having Sold my 2007 SLK55 I now have my ViseeO MB-4 adapter doing nothing. I'm looking for £140ono for it PM me Regards James
  13. K

    EV uni project - brake servo control module

    Hi folks The son of a friend of mine is involved in a uni project involving converting a car to electric. They are trying to sort out the brakes. He was showing me all there options for there system. Most of which involved lots of magic that I don't understand including flip flop logic thingys...
  14. G

    Memory module: 256MB 144-pin DDR2

    I need a 256MB 144-pin DDR2 PC2-3200 SODIMM These were used in HP Colour Laser Jets, HP part number CB423A There are a few on eBay, for some ridiculous money, considering it's an ancient, tiny amount, unsophisticated memory module. There are some from across the pond, for under $10...
  15. J

    Viseeo MB-4 bluetooth module for UHI

    I recently traded in my W203 C Class so this now for sale. In great condition complete with box, instructions and cables. Box says manufacture date is 28/11/2014 and it came with the car when I bought it in Feb 2016. More info here: MB-4 The Most Popular Mercedes Bluetooth Upgrade Adaptor -...
  16. ngenius1

    92 W124 500E LH Module

    The above part required, as my car is showing all the symptoms of failure. Any help in locating one appreciated. Thanks.
  17. G

    W246 Climate Control Module (Removing)

    Anybody know how to replace/remove the climate module? Mines faulty and need replacing - wondering if it's easy to remove the panel (as per picture) and thus being able to remove the module
  18. S

    Becker Map module

    I want to purchase for my car, but see various Becker models on eBay. Does it matter what model is purchased? Do they automatically come with access to free online updates (even though I ma not the original owner)?
  19. M

    R129 MAS Module - car not starting / diagnostics not working

    Evening all, i have a 1991 R129 300 SL-24 and have been incurring intermittent faults which cause the car to die and leaving me stranded. When trying to re-start the car it fires briefly on first attempt and then dies again. It can be a couple of days before the car starts again without any...
  20. P

    Bluetooth module

    Has anyone fitted a Bluetooth module to a w209 command unit looks like it replace the Nokia mount I was hoping when I got the car I could just pair car to my iPhone but no Bluetooth
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