1. LTD

    Mannheim motor auctions

    An anybody access their auction sales results ? I am looking for a particular car ... Please PM
  2. S

    Is the S124 aerial + motor assembly same as w124?

    Hello, The motor's gone on my aerial, but before I get all ebay happy, does anyone know if it's the same piece of kit for the estate as the saloon? Some one told me it was different, but I've also read it's the same. I've searched the threads and can't find a definitive answer. Might...
  3. S

    W124 sunroof motor question

    Hiya, my 300te sunroof will open but not shut using the electric motor. In fact, there's no noise from the motor at all when I press shut. Is this a switch thing? Do I need a new sunroof motor? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. MicB


    On Sunday evening my car displayed, in white, ABC visit workshop On Monday morning on start up the car displayed, ABC drive carefully (superfluous advise as I always drive carefully ***!!!???) Some ABC fluid on my garage floor but on checking there was enough fluid in the reservoir (I...
  5. R

    Motor flush and brake cleaner

    Hi Can I use brake cleaner to clean my manifold/inlet? My plan is to spray it inside the manifold at 2500rev? Does anybody know crc motor flush? Good or bad? W211 e270 03 Thx Ronny
  6. C

    V220 starter motor removal

    Hi all, Just received a new starter motor for the wifes v220 and had a little look tonight. Anybody have any advice re replacing it? I can get the 2 bolts out that hold it in place but getting to wiring to remove it, and I'm assuming it'll be a struggle getting the wires back o the new one...
  7. T

    1994 e320 convertible rear windown motor

    any ideas where i can get one? ive tried all the places i know need the rear right
  8. ivandraganov

    W203 220cdi starter motor problems

    My Mercedes started playing up upon start.Somtimes cranks first time ,sometime there is just clicking noise nothing happens..
  9. Charles Morgan

    New Old Stock W124 headlamp wiper motor

    A friend called Dave (actually genuinely a friend called Dave, honest) is selling this for any W124 lover who wants their headlamp wiper to work. Mercedes Benz W 124 W124 headlamp wiper motor | eBay
  10. RyanMuller

    Geneva Motor Show

    I had the pleasure of going to motor show yesterday. Some amazing cars from AMG. The biggest crowds were definitely around the AMG, Ferrari and Mclaren stands with a lot of interest in the new Lamborghini Huracan Performante. What a show!
  11. L

    Alpinestars Waterproof motor cycle boots. Size 45

    Alpinestars S-MX4 waterproof motor cycle boots. Waterproof as wellies but better for you on a motor bike. The size is 45 but I am a 44 and they fit perfectly. Great condition with very little wear. I was a fair weather rider :rolleyes: £70 inc p&p to UK. "][/URL] "][/URL]
  12. L

    Alpinestars Motor cycle boots. Size 44

    Alpinestars Super tech R vented boots. The most comfortable boots I ever wore. Removable inner boot and great protection. Very little wear on the sole. £75 inc p&p to UK. "][/URL] "][/URL] "][/URL]
  13. developer

    Geneva Motor Show

    As is the way with aspirational kids, my youngest (doing Automotive Design) came home today to say the uni had failed to get the numbers required for an official trip, and could he and I go to the Geneva Motor Show in March - just like that! Can anyone advise places to stay (if there's...
  14. F

    T1N sprinter motor home

    Hi guys, 1st post. I have a T1N 1996 sprinter motor home. I have had intermittent starting problems and recently it just cut out and rolled to a halt. It started immediately so quickly got it home. It cranks over fine but the glow plug light does not operate and it will not start. Checking...
  15. M

    Window motor 320 SL

    Can anyone tell me if another window motor fits 1998 320Sl convertable driver side, finding it hard to get a replacement
  16. Druk

    Motor Legal Expenses.

    What's the panels view on add-ons to car insurance policies? I'm thinking: Legal Expenses and Personal Accident Cover for instance. Are they worth the additional premiums or are they just a bit of a 'con'. Has anyone actually used Legal Ex and was it worth it? I've just had my renewal notice...
  17. G

    Wanted: 1985 W123 estate blower motor.

    The blower motor on my w123 has gone. Trying to find a replacement part. Just taken delivery of a URO replacement which presumably fits some models and the fan is too large and the electrical connections are different (replacement has 2 not 4). The original part (Behr) is has a taller motor...
  18. abecketts

    190E Westbury Motor Auctions White, 99k Mike and K reg goes through the auction tomorrow in case any W201 fans were interested
  19. stwat

    Blower motor oddities

    The blower motor packed up in my 1989 300SE. So I removed it to check the conditions of the brushes. They are fine. I fed a direct power feed to the motor and it runs fine. So I checked with my meter and I have power to the fan motor connectors. Here's the odd bit. As soon as I plug them into...
  20. C

    British Motor Museum, Gaydon 6/11

    Hi all I've organised a meet with the W124 facebook group at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon for this Sunday (6/11) at 10. Looks to be about 20 cars showing, but thought I'd extend the invite to any Merc - particuarly pre-2000...
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