1. CLSMark

    Does your Mrs do this?

    Mrs Mark rings me, I miss it by literally one ring. Ring her back immediately. She doesn't answer? What has happened in that 5 seconds!!! Or what have I done in that 5 seconds more the case Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. tommerc49

    Need a new car for the Mrs (poss A150?) - seeking advice

    Afternoon, My Mrs has a 2 year old Toyota Aygo - it's a great car but she's paying well over the odds for it (it's leased through the NHS) so she's now looking for a new (used) car. Whilst the Aygo has been great, she wants something slightly bigger. I've shown her several makes and models...
  3. ringway

    A Birthday Present for Mrs Ringway.

    Mrs Ringway will be 50 in a few weeks time. Earlier today, I was in one of the big stores and saw something that I just had to have. A nice presentation case. She a girl that has always liked exclusivity and I'm sure she'll be out on her own and the centre of attention when she...
  4. steve333

    Mrs new slk...

    Picked up the wife's 2009 slk to replace her much loved 2003 slk earlier today,behaved well for the 95 mile trip home!
  5. ringway

    A Christmas Treat. Mrs Miller Sings.

    GbCOavjktgk EqINg3H3DIo iEPPbONFXYc
  6. abecketts

    New wheels for Mrs a'Beckett's

    The boss is not usually too car fussed, safe, reliable etc but has now expressed interest in a Lexus RX, does anyone have experience of one of these? Looking at a RX300 54 or 55 reg with a budget of up to £8k. Is the RX350 a better bet or do we stretch a bit further and consider a RX400 hybrid...
  7. M

    Mrs has pranged the ML , Any body used Brydens Garage in Leeds?

    Hi, sorry if this should have been in The bodywork section but the app on my phone won't let me post it there! Just wondering if anyone has used Brydens Garage in Leeds for body repairs and if so what you thought of them? Unfortunately the Mrs pranged the ML tonight and the insurance company...
  8. AshC63

    What have you got the Mrs for Xmas?

    Every year i struggle on this ... I ask ' What would you like for Christmas? ..& I normally here the following .. 1. Nothing ive got everything ..( but she expects something under the tree ) 2. I want your time ..( I see you every bloody night love ) 3. You choose something nice...
  9. Rex-Mac

    Mrs Pot meets Mr Kettle

    Leaving the M6 yesterday evening a lady in a Hyundai i10 pulled straight out in front of me on the roundabout. There was nothing on my nearside so I just lifted off the throttle and straightened the steering and then pulled back in line behind her with plenty of room to spare. No harm done, no...
  10. P

    What do i need for the rear (ooooh Mrs)

    So I have bought front end suspension parts-upper and lower control arms (or thrust arms/wishbones) tie rod ends and drop links. What is the rear suspension made up of, if I wanted to buy the same for the rear? Thanks
  11. Palfrem

    Mrs P and Landcruiser

    Anyone know of a decent bodyshop in Solihull or Birmingham please? Mrs P caught the rear offside wheel arch , bumper and side step on our wall this morning! Four feet to spare on the left!! I'll take it to our local Toyota garage for a quote this morning. Anyone want to hazard a guess...
  12. Spearj

    Would you let your mrs drive your C63?

    This is a big debate in my family. My bro in laws say no way as it's asking for trouble?!? Yet my brother happily let's his mrs drive his SLK 55. Whats the views?
  13. tasn1

    Poor thing...spent the day with the Mrs!

    Mrs had to go to Standtead Airport to pick up her friend today. I had to do with her Ferrari (aka Fiat 500). Feedback; "the steering is so stiff, my back is sore because I felt every hump, we could not hear each other on the motorway because its so loud, it tramlines, people kept starring at and...
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    Mrs D's now a "Higher Car" pilot

    Mrs D got the wrong end of the stick when I said some members of MBClub refer to 63 AMGs as "hire cars". She thinks this must be the highest of all the AMGs!! ;) So for now at least we have two silver AMGs, and two silver MLs. :thumb: We were super close to pulling the trigger on a...
  15. jonnyMercUK

    Thinking about changing the mrs's car.

    As much as I would love her to have a Merc like me, it isn't going to happen. She currently has a cream 2009 mini but it's 3 years old and I get the impression she is a little bored of it. I know this isn't a volvo forum but she has been looking at the 2.0L Diesel C30 R Design or the 1.6...
  16. WesLangdon

    no trips to the Greek sunshine for Mrs Queen

    BBC News - Why has the Queen never visited Greece?
  17. T

    Project: Mrs Tigris Interior Car Cleaning

    Mrs Tigris got a brand new 2012 Citroen. Having said that, the car was never cleaned (she is not a motor fanatic like the rest of us here) and therefore I decided to dedicate my free time this Sunday to give it a good clean. Took me a good 3 hours for just the interior.... Here are the...
  18. ringway

    A Coffee Maker for Mrs Ringway.

    Mrs Ringway loves coffee, so, for a Christmas gift, I though I'd buy her a machine to have at home. The thing is, I haven't a clue what to buy and I'm hoping MB Club will come up trumps with a soloution. I should think the emphasis is on a machine that will give good service and have a...
  19. corned

    Mrs corned, the prospective felon

    Hello all, Here's one for all the armchair lawyers on here. Among the many buzzes at our gates today, one was from a representative of Nottinghamshire Police, who had come to discuss a recent traffic violation with my wife. She was spotted in the course of a minor indiscretion, and has...
  20. B

    new car for mrs

    hi again i bought a cracker of a motor for lady wife , birthday 40th , bought a MERCEDES-BENZ CLS Petrol MERCEDES-BENZ CLS CLS 63 i got it for a steal just shire of £72.000 now thats a bargain , i will still keep to my classics
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