1. I

    Nicest 111 coupe I've ever seen

    Mercedes Benz 200 Series Coupe | eBay Absolutely glorious, just look at the side-on image, breath-taking beauty. Only an hour left, but it will be worth looking at the original listing. Or go straight to the Picasa link...
  2. HB

    What is the nicest car on the forum ?

    Lost in translation a bit. I actually meant to say what is the nicest car on the forum ? Not who has the nicest car on the forum.
  3. HB

    Nicest members car on the forum

    I'll start by saying I think BTB 500 has the nicest SL500 in my opinion :thumb: Photos please Bill.
  4. LTD

    The nicest wheels I've seen for a long time ....

  5. bpsorrel

    One of the nicest S210s!

    Today I spotted one of the best looking, best condition S210s I've ever seen! No rust, just beautiful E200.. :)
  6. davethemus

    nicest c43 I've seen

    Mercedes : One For The Collector, C43 AMG. Same Owner Last 10 Years.
  7. B

    Europe's nicest car! Custom SLK

    On Pistonheads Jings, crivvens, and help ma Boab! Never thought I'd see headrest LCD screens in a 2 seater! Mercedes : Total Custom Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor or Mercedes Benz SLK "Custom" - - Danmarks strste bilgalleri For sale at £39K!
  8. smillion

    Not the nicest mods to a 190sl I've ever seen What a shame.....but may appeal to some.:)
  9. Dieselman

    What's the nicest car seen towed away?

    Driving along today I saw a DVLA ANPR van with cameras mounted on each corner. Following the van was a DVLA lorry with hiab crane. On the back of the lorry was a very nice condition M reg Rover 214/6 which was definately being taken to the scrap yard as the lorry turned off into the yard...
  10. simonl

    People say the nicest things........

    Seems I may have a reputation for a bit of self-love....... Driving along yesterday, enjoying the fine weather, roof down. A couple of wee neds were walking along. As I drove past I was cheerily greeted with "Waaaaaannnn*****eeerrrrr". Made me laugh! Probably not the reaction they...
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