1. 350cls

    exhaust note I think it sounds brutal. Not every day use though!!!
  2. Rashman

    Take note!

    Got side tracked on youtube the other day (as you do) and ended up rifling through videos of dash cam footage. This series of clips show interior and exterior views of vehicles and their occupants at the time of crashes/ impacts. Fines for not wearing seat belts/ using mobile phones etc? Pah...
  3. V

    Improving exhaust note

    Had my car 3 months and 2500 miles. Had a aggressive drive yesterday and really enjoyed chucking the car around and using the box. What I noticed is the change in the exhaust note much better more like the N/A I had before. Tell me it's not just me noticing a change in a new AMG :thumb:
  4. nickjonesn4

    Slightly better E55 exhaust note vid

    Had another crack at this Could be better still but at least you can hear the change in the note Big difference with the Eurocharged headers and primary cat delete Playing with the throttle with the windows open is too much fun now x pipe next maybe...
  5. flango

    MB Club grammar police please take note.

    As this forum does not tolerate abuse or racism would the grammar police please take note. Any further posts on grammar correction will not be tolerated ;-)
  6. trapperjohn

    Samsung Note 4 to MB Bluetooth.

    So my brother has a 55 plate CLS Vin Code WDD 219332A...... Any idea what Visseo would be his best route to pair with his Samsung Note 4. MB4 keep leaping out from the internet but owner experience on here is usually far better than that. CHEERS
  7. Tim203

    On a brighter note.

    Just seen the Muppets doing the Warburton ad. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed watching them as a child.
  8. cazyp

    Pricey E55 with an unfortunate main picture & an unrecorded to note for the future

    Mercedes E55 AMG w211 E class Black not M3 M5 RS | eBay At least he took it from an angle where you can see the Front near side rim is bent... Mercedes E55 AMG only 67k! Black HPI Clear Unrecorded Damage Starts & Drives FSH | eBay Black, YJ53 BSV. Unrecorded hpi clear. Soon to appear as...
  9. The _Don

    Mercedes-AMG GT – tuning the perfect exhaust note
  10. Optimus prime

    Exhaust note difference between C63 & E63?

    Ok so a sensible question: Why does the C class have a louder exhaust note from stock than the E? They both share the same power plant & the E (w212) has more bhp from stock. The exhaust from the underside looks almost the same on both cars so why the difference? What am I missing:confused...
  11. A

    Groupbuy possibility for the W204. Xenon look headlight upgrade. Please note interest

    MOD's? Can you confirm this is ok to post? Don't have access to PM's until my 30th post so couldn't speak to anyone first. Hi all After weeks of searching over practically every continent on the planet i have finally found a source for RHD OEM Xenon look headlights for the W204. I have...
  12. funga007

    Samsung Note 4 black from EE

    Just received the Note 4 from EE as upgrade, still in the box. Its Black and may well be locked to EE. £450 ovno
  13. F

    ML63: improving exhaust note?

    Morning Guys. I'm currently looking to buy a 2007 ML63 and managed to go and view a couple on the weekend. Pics really don't do these beasts any justice as they're much more purposeful and handsome in the flesh imo. The engine is something else and there's something very addictive about...
  14. Tan

    Samsung Galaxy note 3

    Hi I am looking for a Galaxy note 3 for my cousin, if anyone is selling one, please let me know. Thanks Tan
  15. Fergie35X

    Exhaust note

    Hi, Any suggestions out there on how I can get my R170 SLK 320 to sound a little more meaty? I'm not after the boy racer effect, neither do I want something that will either annoy the neighbours or become tiring on journeys, but just a little louder than the rather subdued standard item. One...
  16. chrisjfinlay

    Engine note different on low fuel? W221

    Here's a weird one... I've noticed that when I get to the "reserve fuel" level, my car's engine (well, probably exhaust actually) note sounds different. It's a fair bit bassier around 900-1000RPM. When I fill her up again, she sounds normal again. Maybe the way the emptier, lighter fuel tank...
  17. The _Don

    Mercedes Amg Gt Exhaust Note
  18. smillion

    Best exhaust note SL500 or SL55

    I am looking for a summer blast to south if France and will be getting an R230 Merc SL. My question is should I hang in for a SL55 or will an SL 500 do? I am looking for a raucous exhaust noise , which is best? Top speed and acceleration is secondary, although travelling companions are in a...
  19. L

    Best Engine (exhaust) note

    Was thinking about this today (dont ask why, it just popped into my head) and bizarrely over and above all the big engined cars the Fiat 124 coupe (or spider) had the best rasp I've ever heard, followed by Fulvia's (Lancia) and GTA Alpha's.....whats yours?
  20. flat6buster

    Samsung Galaxy Note Tab/Phone 3G & WiFi

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000) that is now surplus to requirements. This is a fantastic piece of kit being a 10.1 inch tablet AND a mobile phone at the same time - all in one. Being a note it also has the capability of writing on it, editing photos with a photoshop program...
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