1. french

    Pro racing OBDII Tuning Box

    Have one of these Tuning boxes if anyone is interested. I fitted after I had the smaller pulley, no real difference from the re map to this TBH. I had the 65mmm pulley fitted while looking for a garage to remap it. MPG was better with this than the remap, performance was 6 of one & half a...
  2. brucemillar

    OBDII Scanners

    My learned friends. A question please, if I may. I have recently purchased an E39 - 328i BMW Tourer (very nice). The Speedometer is not working and the ABS & Brake lights are all permanently on!! This is a known fault with the N/S rear left, wheel speed sensor which controls all three. I...
  3. brucemillar

    ELM 327 OBDII iphone 5s app

    Folks I have been offered an ELM 327 wifi dongle. I want to use this on my iPhone 5s. Problem is my phone cannot see the ELM in Wireless. The ELM has a solid red light when plugged into the car with the ignition on and engine off or on. A GOOGLE suggests that the issue maybe the iPhone...
  4. martyp87

    Bluetooth OBDII Scanner for iPhone

    Hello all, I purchased a OBDII interface from eBay for a tenner but I can't get my iPhone to even find it under Bluetooth devices so I am assuming it is only compatible with Android phones. For reference it is a KMoon OBDII mini interface. Tested it on my Smart ForTwo but stated it works...
  5. G

    Wanted: OBD-II port cover

    I'm looking for a protective cover for a secondary OBD port*, something like this one here: but without the stupid warning sign and at a price befitting a cheap piece of plastic (it's on US eBay for $30 delivered or something silly like that) ... I suppose I can live with the 'No Flash'...
  6. pnevesfoto

    OBDII / EOBD Scanner

    Hi guys, I was thinking on buying one of these for future usage... Autel MaxiScan MS509 OBDII scanner they've become quite cheap and I think they are quite handy and useful for diagnosis of common glitches and fusses that usually happen after a period with long driven mileage... Is...
  7. baxlin

    OBDII fault reader

    I have a £20-ish OBDII reader which I used successfully on my 2006 diesel SAAB. Does anyone know, please if this will be OK to use on Mrs Baxlin's 07 reg petrol Skoda Fabia, with the 1.2 ltr 3 cyl VW Polo engine? I have the code list, but not the sales blurb................ It's...
  8. Chalpkin

    W203 obdii socket.

    Hi there, Does anyone know where the OBDII SOCKET is on a 2001 C320 Saloon? Regards, Chalpkin.
  9. Chalpkin

    OBDII Socket.

    Does anyone know the position of the OBDII Socket on a 2001 W203 C320. Thanks, Chalpkin.
  10. A

    OBDII on 51plate 320 CLK conv

    Hi New to Mercs but not to vehicle mechanics etc. Got an OBDII reader that has saved a fortune for me in the past. Its got the standard D type connector. Can I use this on 2001 320 CLK conv and if so where is the interface on the car? Read I may need a converter cable etc.?
  11. G


    can any one tell me where to find the plug on a 1979 E240 advantage , also any info would be gratefully received thanks i have only just got car MB's all a bit of a mystery still great car thanks to you all for your help
  12. N

    U480 CAN-Bus OBDII scanner any one have any experience with these?

    U480 CAN-Bus OBDII OBD2 EOBD Trouble Code Read Diagnose: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics Just ordered this off amazon for my w203 I was just wondering if i need any additional wires etc to connect it to the obd2 port or will it work as is? Also has anyone on here had any experiences with these are...
  13. I

    OBDII software

    Can anyone recommend free OBDII software to work with an '05 CL500? I have an OBDII to USB cable already (use it for changing fuel maps om my KTM) and a laptop. Thanks Ian
  14. M

    OBDII Compliant

    Hello peeps, can anybody advise on a fault code readers / MIL light reset tool, but firstly is my 10/03 W211 diesel OBDII compliant and therefore is a reader any use to me becuase ive read its 04 on for diesels in general, kinda hoping merc was ahead of the game, or is that too much to ask ! lol
  15. Stratman


    I thought I'd try on here first rather than go through the palaver of finding and joining a decent SEAT/VW forum. I have the ELM327 OBDII jobby which works nicely on my W203 and Mrs Stratman's Panda. When I tried it on son number 2's '04 SEAT Ibiza 1.2 (a Polo by any other name) it saw the...
  16. K

    OBDII code reader

    Hi guys, My mate has been round with his code reader, it looks like a posh mobile phone with a scart lead coming out of it. trouble is we could'nt find where you plug it in on my 2001 w210 petrol E320 Avantgarde..........any ideas????? cheers guys
  17. myblueml

    OBDII Socket on W163

    Hi All When I checked the brakelight switch I took a look at the OBDII socket, :confused: There are a few more wires connected than I wouild have expected. This is what I found. OBDII Socket pinouts - Bus positive Line of SAE-J1850 - Chassis ground Signal ground CAN high (ISO 15765-4...
  18. stevesey

    ELM327 USB OBDII Scanner (cheap silver ones)

    Got around to ordering one of those cheap silver £20 ELM327 units the other week. No sign of a real ELM327 chip inside - some 16xxx series PIC instead. However just connected it up and all works fine - monitoring pin 4 of the 38pin socket on my car. Now planning to wire a perment connection...
  19. rf065

    OBDII Error Code Reader

    I bought a MemoScanner from E-Bay, plugs into OBDII port. Tried it out and it came up with a few error codes. The booklet supplied with it, lists the error codes and what they refer to. The codes I came up with do not match any of the codes in the booklet. The booklet lists all the models...
  20. W

    OBDII, EOBD, CAN advice

    Hi, I'm about to get a W169 (A180CDi) - a rather big upgrade from my previous Renault-5. Being a bit of a techie, I've been getting rather interested in the possibilities of reading from and writing to the 16-pin EOBD interface. Couldn't find much on this forum, so here goes. I'm never going...
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