1. K

    Best option for selling a car?

    I'm looking to sell my car due to moving abroad. So far, I've only listed the car for sale on Gumtree and Ebay but only annoying traders seem to contact me. I knew it was a long shot trying to sell on Gumtree or Ebay so will look to list it somewhere else, but was wondering what people's...
  2. grosser panzer

    W221 option codes

    Hi all. We are grieving in our house this weekend as after nearly 17 years with us, we have said goodbye to our beloved W126 500 SEL. It had become part of the family and was a great car but unfortunately needed work doing and I don't have the time. Hopefully the new owner will love it and give...
  3. Alps

    Alps 2004 E55 AMG - EVERY Option plus more!

    FORSALE - My cherished E55 - known well on the forum by Indies and members alike apologies for the quality of the pics. Car spec 2004 E55 AMG (805 - facelift 2005 version) 1 prev owner FMBSH All receipts since new inc original purchase reciept. 744 Silver 423 - Automatic Transmission...
  4. D

    W211 option 616 ACTIVE CURVELIGHT Option

    So my car shows option 616 BI-XENON HEADLICHT W.ACTIVE CURVELIGHT on data card but I've no idea if that means the lights move, if the fogs come on the side I'm turning or if I would never notice. Its safe to say I've yet to notice so either I don't have the option or its not working. Its...
  5. OCD BAL

    GLC43 AMG Performance Seats Option

    I'm ordering my new GLC43 AMG and am tempted to go for the optional "Performance Seats". They certainly look much better to me but I'm wondering how the comfort level is compared to the stock seats. Does anyone have any experience of these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. BTB 500

    Best option for (free) 3rd party image hosting now?

    OK since PhotoBucket has just committed suicide, what the best equivalent service for someone like me who wants to upload pictures now and again for display in forum threads?? I know a few options have been mentioned in the PB thread but I thought it might be useful to have alternatives listed here.
  7. D

    Option code 251A leather seats

    Hello. My C207 has the option code of 251A LEATHER - BLACK/ANTHRACITE according to the VIN option website. Is this the real full leather or the Artico leather? When I press down on the seats with with my hands, it doesn't look real. I was hoping one of you might know so that I would know if...
  8. I

    Any advice on the best option to fix car after minor accident?

    Sadly I have damaged the front side panel (passenger side). As I was turning out of a carpark I did not notice a very low wall which hit the side panel in the middle (between the door and wheel) and dented and scratched it. When the side panel went in it also pushed the screenwash fluid...
  9. G

    Vito W447 - Convenience Window Option

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can add convenience window option to a W447 after delivery? If so what is involved? Kind regards Gregs79
  10. fabes

    MAF cleaning - an option?

    Hi Bugga....the day after a service I get an EML and its the MAF apparently. £250 to replace...... (plus an hours labour?) How good a long term option is cleaning it as I am stretched this month and really could do without forking out for a new one? Read a few threads and it seems...
  11. D

    Coloured seat belt option

    Notice that you can now choose not to have coloured seat belts eg. Red!! This really caused issues for me when choosing my cars' interior as I wanted Black leather but also Black seat belts instead of red so in the end went for the red leather. Having said that very happy with it.
  12. whitenemesis

    McLaren explore Mercedes engine option after Honda problems

    This could be interesting.. McLaren explore Mercedes engine option after Honda problems - BBC Sport
  13. grosser panzer

    option codes

    We are slowly increasing the number of Mercedes in our family. Today my brother has bought an ML 270cdi. Can anyone give me the factory options from the chassis number? WDC1631132A570658 Thanks
  14. D

    Black leather seats option

    Can someone confirm whether you get Alcantara strips in the optional Black leather seat option for the C43 AMG as have looked at a demo Red leather seat model and all leather but it seems the Black optioned seats have Alcantara strips either side of the back rest and again either side of the...
  15. D

    Red seat belt option

    Does anyone know whether you have to have the Red seat belts when you spec a AMG car or can you opt for Black? :thumb:
  16. A

    No ambient lighting option in a S350D AMG Line 2014?

    Yesterday I became the proud owner of a wonderful S350D AMG Line, 2014 make. Being the simpleton that I am, shortly after revving the engine and all the goodies, I wanted to admire the interior, sadly I was disappointed to find Ambient Lighting option is nowhere inside Vehicle Settings, all I...
  17. T

    Facelift W202 - Steelies.... as an option?!?

    So, after convincing myself I have the least equipped W202 ever produced, I see on the Parkers website that lots of the stuff bolted to mine was... optional. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon specs, facts & figures, Dimensions | Parkers I know it says 1993 spec , but seems to cover 93 > 2001. I...
  18. grosser panzer

    ML option codes

    Hi all My dad has just bought an ml270 cdi. Can anyone give me the original spec/option list from the chassis Number? Chassis number is 1631132A536657 Thanks in advance
  19. D

    Option ideas for new C63 AMG Estate

    Appreciate some thoughts on whether 19'' wheels are a worthwhile option on new C63 AMG Estate or whether standard 18'''s are sufficient for looks ride etc... I like the Black AMG 19''s but they are £2,500!! crazy price.
  20. Gbrowncls55

    CLS option prices

    Don't know if anyone is interested but I have 2 CLS price lists , one from Jan 2005 and one from Oct 2005 (2006 model year) It gives the standard equipment for the CLS 55 and all the options available and their prices. Happy to provide info if anyone is unsure what is standard or is just...
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