1. H

    Live outlet W164

    Looking for permanent 12v outlet for fridge is there one or do they have one like s211 where you move fuse to make permanent?
  2. Gollom

    Part number for 12v power outlet please

    The one in the R171 footwell - I am guessing it is common amongst a few different models. The owners manual says it is suitable for accessories up to a maximum of 180W
  3. G

    E350 W212 - hard wire additional 12v outlet

    Can anyone tell me the best place to hard wire an additional 12v outlet to on a 2010 E350 W212. I don't want to splice wires if I can help it. There is no fuse box in the dash area - hence the question. Photos would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. G

    w210 320cdi smoke pouring from the outlet from the turbo to the exhaust!!!

    Just thought i would ask, as the title says, fitted fully reconed turbo, been driving fine, then felt rough on the way to work, then this anyone any ideas, on the train again, this car is gonna bankrupt me!!
  5. X

    mulberry bags outlet tweaking the perfect shade of blue

    Sew an easy CheapÂ*Mulberry bagsÂ*and Mulberry handbags Mulberry Bags Outlet on sale, New Arrival Mulberry Long Locked Printed Leather Purse Light Coffee for Women in cheap price project like a patchwork bag, or a pillowcase. Knit or crochet some simple dishcloths. My daughter made several...
  6. T

    w210 injector pump outlet pipe seals leaking

    Hi all, I have a W210 with a leak from the outlet seals on top of the injection pump! Has anyone changed these seals themselves? If so what is involved? and do you need any specail tools? Thanks. Terry
  7. Mercsys

    West London tyre outlet?

    Hi, I am looking for a tyre dealer in West London (Ealing), I need a pair of 235/45/17s for my W210 that has scrubbed the inners to the cords, so I will be looking at alignment too. Any recommendations or warnings welcome. J
  8. VTurbo

    Cigarette Outlet Just Stoped Working?

    Hi Everyone, I was in the middle of inflating my tyres when the power suddenly cut out. Pluged in other hardware, but nothing seems to work. Apart from the 12v outlet at the rear. What number fuse is it on a ML 1999 :dk:? Just hope it is the fuse! Any ideas?
  9. A

    Parking fine for parking too long at a local outlet centre?

    Hello Post just opened is a parking fine for parking over 3 hrs at a local shopping outlet (the sort with tesco home, next, boots, mc donalds etc) it's free to park. Apparently the letter states your only allowed 3 hrs. However it's not possible to pay anywhere it's a free carpark. I'm...
  10. H

    12v Outlet

    Hi Is it poss for the 12v outlets to be powered when I remove the keys???? I have a 2007 E Class Estate Cheers Hog:thumb:
  11. gt-83

    water pump outlet?

    could somebody please advise me on the bottom outlet of this water pump. picture is from an another post, my reason for asking is i have a new pump ready to fit to my coupe with this outlet, however my existing pump does not have an outlet i.e i have nothing to put in the hole!!,,,,,,pump was...
  12. uumode

    MASTERDRIVE DaimlerChrysler used car outlet

    I didn't know that DaimlerChrysler operated MASTERDRIVE http://www.masterdrive.co.uk/ '© 2003 DaimlerChrysler AG. All rights reserved'
  13. A

    Mercedes GMBH Ebay outlet

    In my search for an AMG exhasut for a W203 I've stumbled across: http://stores.ebay.de/Mercedes-Benz-Gebrauchtteile-Center_W0QQssPageNameZl2QQtZkm Also look at: http://www.mbgtc.de/index.asp Looks interesting. Anyone used them. The site looks like a very useful source of used /...
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