1. M

    Car not available after deposit payment..!!!

    I am facing a strange situation with a Merc main dealer as I paid deposit for a specific spec of new E Class Estate and now the dealer says there was a mix-up of inventory and the car I paid deposit is no more available and requesting me to accept same spec but different color, which I didn't...
  2. Ant-toe-knee

    Full payment before collection

    Just some advice I've never done this before and have bought many used cars from dealers. Anyway I put down a £1k deposit last Friday and the car is due to be ready for Wednesday. The dealer wants full payment before collection which I think is not consumer friendly. I will be paying in...
  3. H

    Private sale - payment options and scams

    Hi all - for those that have experience selling motors privately, what is the safest way to receive money from a private sale? 1. Cheques 2. Bank transfer 3. Cash 4. Other? Also, any scams I need to be aware of? Cheers
  4. Druk

    Late request for missed payment.

    Whilst on holiday I received this email, backed-up by a voicemail when we got home. Dear Mr. X, We are really sorry, we have made a mistake! Following an audit, we realise that over the 2013 Christmas period (Nov '13 – Jan '14), we missed a step in the credit card process that authorises...
  5. ioweddie

    Should I hand it back, pay final payment or buy a golf?

    I need some advice my 62 reg C220 Sport Plus saloon pcp is comming to an end in Sept. Its in perfect condition and only covered 17k the final payment is £15k. My dilemma is should I keep it, as I do not do many miles now but like the car but the sports suspension on Island roads is not...
  6. DSM10000

    Contactless payment is it flaky or is it just EE?

    I decided to download the contactless payment app from EE called "Tap Wallet" Not the most straightforward of apps to install but then my past experience of Orange / EE software has not always been good. I eventually got the software to download, install and was able to set it up after...
  7. marty359

    Payment through umbrella company

    Can anyone help me with this? I'm an Electrician who has been employed PAYE with a company van for over 15 years. I've been offered a new electrical job through a recruitment agency working for a nationwide company but I have to supply my own vehicle and fuel, I like the sound of the new...
  8. I

    Payment to receive images from an ebay advert!!

    MERCEDES 380 SEC AUTO BLUE VERY RARE RED LEATHER INTERIOR TOP SPEC W126 SEC | eBay Granted a good interior, but come on!!! WTFDHTHI? Off to the foot of my stairs. Cheers, Paul
  9. D

    Automatic Toll Payment Device

    I'm off to Spain this summer in my 18 month old SLK. To cut down on the hassle of using the Spanish Toll booths in a R/H drive car, I thought I'd hire one of those automated toll payment devices. They are called Via-T devices and stick on the inside of your windscreen - close to the interior...
  10. T

    Agility final payment

    Hi, My current car is coming to the end of its agility agreement. It give me the option to pay £14k and keep, or hand back. Now i have been looking at new cars but as yet have not seen something to snap up. On doing this i have been getting part x prices for approx £13k, which puts me in...
  11. P

    EuroCar Parts ....Payment Method ?

    Just ordered a part on their website to be picked up tomorrow from the Cardiff branch. It states on their website that they accept credit cards and PayPal. I bought this wanting to use my PayPal account but once I had reserved the part I cannot find out how the hell to pay for it on their...
  12. D

    Payment Recommendations?

    My E320 has been sold to an Irish chap and he's wanting to pay the balance of the car before he comes over in a couple of weeks. I've never been payed by someone from 'abroad' and just wanted any suggestions as to the best way because I seem to have brain freeze at the minute.... Thanks
  13. Simon_M

    Payment Tags for French Autoroutes

    Has anyone acquired one of these electronic tags recently for paying the tolls on French Autoroutes? There are plenty of threads on pistonheads saying how to get round the 'only post to French addresses' but they seem to have recently changed. They no longer accept a credit card and now need...
  14. W

    Buying a car privately - secure payment outside of banking hours

    So it looks most likely that I'll be buying a car tomorrow. :) I'm meeting the private seller at his house at 6pm. I've offered to pay with a bankers' draft, which he's accepted, though he says he wishes to phone the branch to verify. But 6pm will be too late. So is there an alternative...
  15. S

    Selling L200 on finance, how do I accept cash payment?

    I've got a keen chap coming to see my L200 tomorrow, and he's bringing cash with him. Have told him it's on finance, which he's fine with, but he wants assurance that the finance is cleared before he drives off, which is fair enough. The finance company is Bank of Scotland, but there...
  16. L

    ebay payment to germany??

    hi all, have just purchased a gps antenna for my car from e bay Germany, only problem is the seller does not accept paypal... its 40.50 euros i want to transfer, my bank want another £25 to do the transfer.... anyone know of an easier way to do it?
  17. st13phil

    Question about SWIFT Payment

    I know there are a few members of the forum who are familiar with the workings of our Banking system, so thought I'd ask for some info. I've made SWIFT payments to French hotels before and have never had to pay any beneficiary bank charges, but I made a payment to a German company (via...
  18. smillion

    Today I made my last payment !

    :D Just wanted to share my delight.:D After 5 years of £620 per month the E 270 cdi is all mine !! (Cost £36,000) I think this is the first time I have ever seen a finance agreement on a car through to conclusion which is testament to what a terrific car this is. Added to that I have...
  19. stats007

    Buying a car - Seller needs payment to clear finance

    Is there a standard procedure for buying a privately owned car that is on finance? Would I pay the finance company directly? It's putting me off what I think is quite a nice car.
  20. KillerHERTZ

    PayPal Payment Pending

    Just got back from Folks (xmas break) and this was in my inbox: You Have a Payment Pending. Dear Karl Edwards, This email confirms that Matthew xxxxxxx has sent £125.00 GBP to your Personal account. To accept or refuse this payment, log in to the PayPal website and click the Accept...
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