1. bigdom1957

    number plates

    hi all new here , i just got myself a c lass 220c cdi 2015 , im waiting for my private plate ,looked at front plate and it seems to be in a holder ,does anyone know how it unclips without me cracking it and is the back the same ,
  2. 1

    SLK 172 230 AMG Caliper Cover Plates

    Hi Guys I changed the MRs front brake pads at the weekend and on both sides one pin snapped off on the black caliper plate cover. Can we buy these as Merc said you have to buy the whole caliper>? If not Ill make some.
  3. K

    UK number plates... Look naff!

    I may be on my own with this one, but I find UK number plates to look rather naff/unstylish compared other counties especially our European counterparts... When I say they look naff, I don't mean the letter combination or private plates (that's a whole other thread I'm guessing everyone has...
  4. clk320x

    Are pressed plates legal?

    After much conflicting information online I thought I would ask this question here.. After seeing the pressed plates some members on here (mainly David :bannana:) have I am really interested in getting a set.. These are the ones I am looking at METAL HYDRAULICALLY PRESSED EMBOSSED CAR...
  5. IRISH E55

    AMG/// show plates

    Hi any ideas where I'd get a set of these? Not sure if I can get them from the private lounge !!! Tia
  6. BaldGuy

    Xxx 13 axg & 20 axg number plates on retention cert xxx

    13 AXG & 20 AXG A pair of plates I had on my cars, look great together on family cars to take the age of anything..... 1k each..... a deal can be done for both..... Cheers Greg
  7. Davycc

    Show Plates

    Is it just me but I've tried to order show plates as advertised but it doesn't give me the option of ordering the lovely nude model. Could this be a case od mis selling?
  8. BaldGuy

    XXX Private plates 13 AXG & 20 AXG XXX

    I have 2 plates on retention certs that I'd ideally like to sell as a pair but will let go seperately if needed 13 AXG - £1k 20 AXG - £1k Registration transfers have them up at £1945 each

    Why Hide Registration Number Plates

    Life would be much easier if when I am looking for a used car that the the number plate a) is not hidden, if it's to be hidden behind a company logo then somewhere in the details of the car the reg. number should be placed. Homework on any used car should be done before I set of in some case's...
  10. JohnEclass

    Wrong Plates

    So last August I bought my C300, lots of issues with engine management light and missing spare key took a couple of months to sort out, with lots of complaining to dealership and their customer service department. In amongst all this they changed the plates over as it still had a private reg...
  11. C

    New number plates

    Not something I've done for a long time but have bought a private plate for the SL and want to buy the plates. Where is best to do this? Used Halfords before but is it best to got to the dealer and get Mercedes ones (presuming they do this?). Have all the DVLA docs. Just need the physical...
  12. A

    Number plates window mount

    See a car the other day with his front number plate displayed in his window, didn't think nothing more of it, but just lately I must of seen half dozen driving around with the number plates in the front screen. Is this something new trend that's sweeping the car scene and is it illegal :eek...
  13. jonnyMercUK

    Any 17 plates due?

    Any 17 plates coming next Wednesday?
  14. L

    203 Front brake backing plates

    Two unused brake backing plates for the 203 front axle. Still in their original wrapping. MB part numbers: A2034200244 A2034200144 £25 for the pair. "][/URL]
  15. reflexboy

    Illuminated sills/scuff plates

    Hi-I've just bought some illuminated sill plates for my 2011 W212 saloon and want to wire them up to the door switches that control the interior lights. Any idea where these switches are located around the door/jamb as I'm either going blind or they are not there?
  16. ringway

    James Bond-style Flipping Number Plates in use on our roads.

    Thousands of drivers using illegal 'James Bond-style rotating number plate covers' to avoid traffic fines. The number plate concealing devices can be bought on ebay and the DVLA reckon it's not for them to deal with. Thousands of drivers using illegal 'James Bond-style rotating numberplate...
  17. addbuyer

    Show Plates

    Does anyone know where I can get a set of show plates made? The company I've used a few times in the past are saying that since March no company can sell doctored plates i.e. spacing and slightly bent numbers etc :dk: Why are we being sucked dry of all fun and individuality.... wheres the...
  18. magentalic

    private plates transfer

    i have just bought a clk with a clk private plate.if i put my own private plate on what will happen when i eventually sell the car will the clk reg go back on or the original other words will the clk be lost.thanks
  19. brucemillar

    Black & Silver Plates?

    Friends Where can I get high gloss acrylic black and silver plates please. Not sure about the eBay one's. Any experience here please? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  20. brucemillar

    124 Wagon. Metal Door Sill Entry Plates.

    Folks If anybody is breaking a 124 Wagon or knows of a set of metal 124 door sill entry plates? Please give me shout. I have the plastic mushroom ones which look okay, but I think that some nice polished metal ones would be better. Thank you. Bruce
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