1. R

    Urgent Poll!!

    I've just had a workman at my house wearing a large silver hearing aid that he alleged was a bluetooth device and was therefore very cool!! I think that walking around in public wearing one of these makes you look a complete prat. Do i think this because i'm getting old or is he a prat...
  2. SilverSaloon

    Current fuel prices (POLL)

    poll for current prices of fuel.... ****** BASED ON UNLEADED *****
  3. Thmsshaun

    C43 What Interior? Poll

    Ok well as my sig sugests I am too indecisive to choose so I want peoples opinions or just vote what interior would you go for. Straight black leather or the two tone black/silver. Thanks
  4. GRAV888

    MBClub rolling road day poll

    Poll posted on behalf of vixpy1. Choose which date suits you most.
  5. kikkthecat

    Torquay poll

    On the basis that you cant please everyone it's let the people speak time. 4 Possible dates to got to Torquay, those going vote for a preferred date or dates and the majority carries it. Democracy in action.
  6. Maff

    German GTG - Date Poll

    As a number of people have indicated in the main thread that May would be better, I’ll let the participants decide! As this date topic could go on for ages, this poll will be closed on Friday afternoon and a decision then made.
  7. Goldfish11

    Zymol or Meguiars Poll

    No we have some pictures we can have some voting. CLK270 has submitted some great shots using Zymol and Goldfish11 has put some shots up with Meguiars NXT. Check out the pictures and place your vote. Pictures are on thread http://mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=10972
  8. pammy

    Poll for Clumber gtg - Overnight stay

    Please vote only if you are staying over.
  9. D

    POLL: Anyone Interested in Car PC's here?

    I am developing an in-car pc with the following features: * 7 inch touch screen * 80GB DVD storage * 80GB MP3 storage * WiFi * Bluetooth * Bluetooth telephone interface * Navigation with live traffic updates (from internet) * DVD player * MP3 player * Compact...
  10. R

    Poll. Should David Coulthard retire

    Yes or no?
  11. PJH

    POLL: How many forum members have you met ?

    Poll will run for 7 days.
  12. esox

    Can anyone post a "poll" thread?

    Can anyone post a "poll" thread how do you put the list of options you want the poll to be about?
  13. Kinky

    POLL: Silver or not?

    I'm curious as to the actual split of silver/real colour that we have for our cars here on this wonderful forum.
  14. A

    CLS Poll

    Ok I'll take the bull by the horns, what does everyone think? I'll keep my opinions on the blobby lump of metallic lard to myself
  15. Koolvin


    Please Vote on this poll!
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