1. Gucci

    Private Plate Poll

    Ok, on the one hand, I like the way a personalised plate makes a car look, the exclusivity of it etc... I guess the downside is that their image is 50/50. Some people like them, others hate. So...hence a poll. I've seen a few plates...what reckon?
  2. Ade B

    Bacon roll poll

    Brown sauce or Red? Just munched my first bacon roll for a long time, ran this morning [said Hi to a muzzelled Jack Russell] and then cycled to work so starving. It was excellent. No police topics here please. Ade PS. Didn't post for bread types, but this morning was white. PPS. Should say...
  3. verytalldave

    Poll : Is VBH hot or not ? ? ? ? ?

    In answer to a request............... One answer per person............ 14 Day poll............ Posters identities remain private. Prehaps the ladies would like a similar poll for the Hamster ? ? ? ?
  4. MikeL

    Warranty Poll

    So, following from previous thread poll. Going to keep it simple, when the manufacturers warranty expired did you buy extended. Decided to ignore some of the obvious variables at the moment. Mike p.s. my first poll, is it addictive?
  5. mercmanuk

    ownership POLL!

    Not sure how to go about this could we have a vote who's merc is privatley owned,leased or company/business owned. but will everyone admit to the truth !. my reason for this is to see how may owners actually spend their own hard earned on servicing at the dealerships.i'm agreeing with mark t...
  6. Chas

    E BAY Muppet wind up poll

    Please vote for best wind up question on the post below, thanks to BlackC55 http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?p=466669&postcount=7 I admit I almost fell off my chair laughing at Q. 5 (not mine) :D http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=45242...
  7. dougal74

    Traffic contravention - which one? (poll)

    Before I submit the details on why I'd like your reponses, I just wanted to gauge how a sample of forumers (i.e. regular road users) would respond to the picture below. Please have a look at the following photo and then vote for what you think you are restricted from doing (I know there are lots...
  8. glojo

    Estate Car poll

    Am I alone in disliking the modern design lines of Mercedes-Benz estate cars? We have an estate solely because we use it to carry our pooch on long trips. I'm sure saloon cars have more than enough boot space to carry all our luggage but putting our mangy mutt into a boot is not something...
  9. Tan

    Online Poll

    Hi I am involved with a charity and we are holding an awards ceromony later in the year and I have been asked to find out how we can run an on line poll for voting? Can anyone help me? Thanks Tan
  10. stats007

    New Forum Pic Poll

    Some ideas for a new logo: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: If you don't like any of the above for any reason or want to add more then please post comments.
  11. R

    Poll: Penalty points - do you know anyone who has taken others points for them ?

    OK, following the speed camera thread, and the chap that got jailed in Manchester for perverting the cause of justice for lying on the speeding ticket form Heres a poll - how many people do you know that have taken points on their licence for a friend/partner/spouse/money. I think its very...
  12. scumbag

    Quick Poll

    what do you think. Tin top or rag top. ps. sorry about stealing the pic off a unreputable site.
  13. se97mlm

    How do you set up a poll on here?

    I am thinking of changing my faithful Helga soon, and wish to canvass some opinion with you guys and gals. How do i set up a poll thingy on here?
  14. SimonsMerc

    Poll: how many eyes do you use whilst driving?

    At the special request of Rose Chap, at the end of this thread! :-) -simon
  15. benny

    Another W202 rear light poll

    I was thinking about updated the rear end of my silver C230K but am not sure to stay with my 1. darker lights, 2. led lights, 3. smoked lights, 4. clear lights 5. or silver lights and am asking for your opinions, please?
  16. grober

    Space saver wheels poll?

    I am thinking of starting a space saver wheel/ run flat tyres poll but I'm not sure if this has been done already.:confused: If NOT I would welcome suggestions as to the poll questions.
  17. MangoMan

    w124 Grill Poll.....

    Hi people, after a bit of guidance here: First try at a 'poll' so hope it works. Now I can't make up my mind what looks better, I do have a slight preference, but not telling, :D A) Original B) NO Star (grill) C) WITH Star (grill) Thanks in advance, Bill.
  18. grober

    4matic models in the UK poll

    Thought this time of year would be best to ask this question. ;) How many potential purchasers are there out there for the new ETS 4Matic four wheel drive system in the C and E class saloons and estates in the UK. Its available with the new diesel engines on the continent now in LHD. :) I...
  19. aka$h

    POLL (again, what wheels) on E320C AMG

    After the results last time, I thought try again......... Im considering replacing the wheels on my 124 coupe for another type of AMG wheel. Id like to either refurb mine to get them 100% or buy a set murraysystems is selling. See below and take a vote.......... If you go for "something...
  20. Maff

    Car choice poll

    Simple poll, which would you have... This F430: OR This: Just picking your brains, that time of year again :D
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