1. markjay

    Poll for 'HDTV - is it worth it'

  2. flango

    Is the closing of Corned's Poll Thread an overreaction?

    As the title says, lets hear what the members of this Forum think:thumb: Thread in question is HERE unless removed.
  3. R

    A Poll - Should MotorCycle Filtering be made illegal

    1 - Yes, It's dangerous and causes crashes resulting in injury or even deaths on the road that can be avoided 2 - No, Motorcycles are allowed to filter so can do so if they wish 3 - No, Motorcycles are a law unto themselves and as such should be allowed to do whatever they damn well please...
  4. A

    AMG insurance poll

    I thought it would be interesting to have a poll of what fellow AMG drivers pay for car insurance. So here goes: E55 AMG 2003 31 male, 6yrs protected NCB, no points, Lancashire. esure - £913.
  5. T

    Straw Poll - Helicoils and Time Serts

    Hello. I've read a few posts about Helicoils and other inserts on the forum. Some good, some bad. I just wondered if we could get a quick poll of opinions in the one place here ? ie; I like / don't like Helicoils because ..... I used one to do an x and it has been better / worse than y.
  6. The Boss

    POLL - 2010 General Election

    that time has come around again to cast your vote.. the 2010 General Election.. May 6th 2010 so to get a feel, update the poll with your voting Intention.. Its a private poll, so dont worry.... ps - dont forget to attend your polling station tomorrow... this poll does not count - just...
  7. W

    Mortgage - Fixed or Tracker - Poll

    Is anyone in possession of a working crystal ball? I hope to move house this summer. The $64k question is; should I take a fixed or tracker mortgage? Just for example, looking at NatWest mortgages: 2yr fixed - 3.39% 5yr fixed - 5.49% 2yr tracker - 2.59% (I know there are better value...
  8. D

    Contentment with MB Poll

    It's occurred to me that reading these pages makes many people seem less than pleased with their MB, as they are often looking for help curing problems. Lets set the record right. I've devised a poll, designed to indicate how much you have had to spend in the last year over and above the basic...
  9. verytalldave

    The Driving test poll thread

    An interesting poll which prompted me to ask this question................... I don't personally think that the number of attempts to pass your driving test has any correlation with how good a driver you may (or may not) become over the ensuing years. I have been driving now on a full licence...
  10. Gollom

    Got my W211 back! Badges - stay or go? (poll)

    Finally got my W211 back :bannana: Turned out that she hit me hard enough to bend the towbar :eek: All nice and shiny now with a new rear light cluster that just MAY have been broken pre-accident... :rolleyes: The W204 hire car was OK but it's E for me! Didn't think much of the satnav which...
  11. Gollom

    "Not 56K friendly" - this relevant any more? Poll

    Saw a post earlier that said "not 56K friendly" and it set me thinking - is there anybody still using 56K on this forum (or anywhere for that matter) How I take my 20Mb for granted and "humph" when a pic takes more than a few seconds to download Split Speed 1200/300 - how I miss it...
  12. Sonny Burnett

    brother backed the c class into a pole?

    any one think this looks major.. the boot wont close... im livid.
  13. A

    National Event Research Poll - where do we live

    Following on from the national event thread we've opened this poll To help us work out the most central location we need to find where people will be travelling from. Below is a map of Britain, split into 6 regions, just add a vote to the poll for whichever area you live in. If you are...
  14. timskemp

    Last poll - Valeno or FXL-1

    Thanks to all for helping me decide what wheel size - results were not statistically significant, and I'm going to go 18... Pay has landed in bank, so ordering wheels next week (car washing and photographing will follow...) Final poll before I plunge into ordering: Momo FXL-1 wheels...
  15. Koolvin

    Forum Theme Poll

    Poll to see what forum skin users are using :thumb:
  16. Koolvin

    Twitter Poll

    So, do you use Twitter ?
  17. Koolvin

    Facebook Poll

    Do you use facebook?
  18. L

    What Wheels Poll

    HI all, am not good with decisions............. am torn between two wheel my current ones (spoke ones, think they are carlson style) and Project Kahn RS-C - have attached pics and would welcome any opinions. both wheels are 18" (can't go bigger as they look great but are a drama to use day...
  19. Corrado

    Pie poll

    Start the week as we mean to go on... Feast y'er mince pies on these and imagine how you'd like to dispatch them. I've just had 3 of them 'au naturel' with morning coffee. Excellent. ("They aren't just mince pies..........."). They'd have been even better warm with melting brandy butter:cool...
  20. columb

    Antivirus software - poll

    As we have same discussion every so often, I though it would be a good idea to do poll with one simple question: Which antivirus software would you recommend? Hopefully, mods will be able to stick this thread if we will have enough answers. Cheers Chris
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