1. M

    SRS light on, seat belt presenter not working, some advice please!

    Hi, some advice please folks, my seat belt presenter on the drivers side has stopped working, it puts the SRS warning on, but when I get moving it goes out but the seat belt not fastened warning flickers on and off, any ideas?
  2. tdazzz

    W126 Seat Belt Butler / Presenter question

    Hi all I have faulty seatbelt presenter on my 1987 420-SEC. I'm trying to find out if the presenter mechanism is identical on all the W126 SECs or if it changed at all after the 1985 facelift? Any pointers appreciated, many thanks!
  3. abecketts

    Chris Evans - Top Gear Host

    Can't say that i'm overjoyed, I know he loves cars but can they put life back into this with the other 3 headed to Netflix if the rumours are true? Chris Evans to be new Top Gear presenter - BBC News
  4. C63PTL

    New Top Gear Presenter.

    I'm thinking Chris Harris would make a great new Top Gear presenter.
  5. def90cars

    BBC Presenter caught speeding

    BBC News - BBC presenter Jeremy Vine caught speeding on his bike Its this disregard for the law that gives cyclists a bad name. I suppose if I had driven my AMG at 320% of the speed limit and said it was this nonsense of driving slow that means I have to drive with other traffic I would have...
  6. CreosoteChris

    W124 Coupe Newbie - Seat Belt Presenter Diagnosis

    Intro Hello forum readers – new owner here – I’ve recently acquired a red ’93 220CE, and I *totally adore* it – I actually think it’s my favourite car I’ve ever owned. First time in many years that I’ve bought a car with my heart rather than my head, and I feel like I’m 30 again. I...
  7. BTB 500

    DJ & presenter Mike Smith dies

    Only 59 BBC News - Mike Smith, former Radio 1 DJ, dies aged 59
  8. boomtings

    W124 coupe seatbelt presenter testing.

    Does anyone have a guide or wiring diagrams for the seatbelt presenters? mine does not work on the drivers side (no response and in closed position), ive taken off the cover and dont know what the resistance should measure on the motor or know what the wires are. ive googled and read many...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    W209 Seat Belt Presenter

    Since owning my W209, when I get out of the car I have to manually place the seatbelt buckle upto the top of the mech otherwise it gets jammed behind the seat rendering the presenting mech pointless. Am I missing something? it happens on both sides of the car and every passenger that gets in...
  10. st13phil

    How the presenter keeps a straight face...

    ...I don't know :D VDrNZSJolow (For a bigger laugh, turn on the captions :D )
  11. shaunk_22

    C124 seatbelt presenter not working?

    Just bought a C124 and want to get a couple of bits sorted, mainly the seatbelt presenters arent working, could it be the motors? How easy are they to replace?
  12. H

    Seat Belt Presenter Module

    Does anyone have a spare seat belt presenter module PN 140 820 25 26 (07)??

    W124 Seat Belt Presenter

    Hi all, My driver side butler is jamming since the cold weather kicked in last week! It is trying to come out of the holder - you can see it moving and jerking around but it doesnt actually extend! Any ideas how to resolve this issue? Thanks! :thumb:
  14. S

    clk 2006 seat belt presenter

    had SRS light and safety restraint service message pop up after getting in car the other day, seat belt presenter did not hand my my belt. Had the fault code read by an independant and the fault says seat belt presenter drivers side open or short circuit. I have disconnected the plug from the...
  15. shanksy

    W124 Seatbelt Presenter

    Hi all, Looking for a driver side seatbelt presenter (just the triangle on a stick bit). If anyone has one available please pm me. Cheers
  16. Polak

    1995 E320 Cabrio Seat Belt Presenter Part No.

    Anyone know the part number for the Offside (drivers) seat belt presenter mechanism for a 95 E320 Cabrio please. I think it's 1248600982 as the parts list I have lists this as being the:- Belt Feeder w/convertible 93-95R So I'm assuming "R" is Offside if you are sitting in the Drivers...
  17. markjay

    Most attractive news presenter?

    For any of you watching Sky and BBC news on the telly.... who in your opinion is the most attractive presenter? :D
  18. X

    W209 seat belt presenter

    Has anyone had any problems with seat belt presenters in W209 CLKs..... On the way home last night the motor in the one on the drivers side started cycling whilst driving.....carried on after engine was switched off and again when restarted....this morning it has ceased to work...I am...
  19. ringway

    Top Gear Presenter To Build Lego House

    Top Gear presenter James May is to build a full-sized house from Lego bricks. May is planning to construct the two-storey building in Dorking, Surrey, with the help of volunteers. He has even said he will live in the house, which will feature a staircase, toilet and shower, in the days...
  20. B

    seat-belt presenter on clk

    Does anyone know if these come as standard on the face-lifted clk sport?
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