1. K

    Can anyone recommend the best reasonably priced fault code reader

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on the best fault code kit under £250. I guess you can't get to star capability but it would be good to get the best for the bugdet. Thanks
  2. bob6600

    Recently priced W210 FL Estate

    Seems a good example body wise although driver's seat has worn more than mine! Nice colour (not silver for a change!) Mercedes E55 Amg Estate W210/s210 Datacard Identification number: WDB2102742B399013 X Chassis Sales designation: E 55 AMG Order number: 0 1 537 37073 Delivery...
  3. JustIgnore

    Very reasonable priced E55

    e55 AMG | eBay Looks like a very nice example, especially for this asking price.
  4. Bri

    Over priced or what

    just been on the Mercland site and I see they have E350 cdi for sale and the price £83,167. And they tried to tell use the price of diesels would go down mined you it has got an MOT till July 2018. :rolleyes:
  5. bob6600

    Reasonably priced W210 E55

    117k miles, need to see interior pics but for a facelift model with FSH it's not bad for under £4k. Most are advertising around £6k for these and some are P/F Mercedes e55 amg 2001 auto stunning example px welcome full service history | eBay Datacard Identification number...
  6. Palfrem

    Well priced (for a G) manual G Wagen

    Used 1991 Mercedes-Benz G Class for sale in Green Hammerton | Pistonheads Worth a look ?
  7. T

    Over priced?

    Hi Saw this Mercedes CLK 500 Convertible on ebay, in my opinion overpriced, any comments or thoughts? 2005 05 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 5.0 7G-Tronic Sport Convertible, 52000 Miles | eBay Many thanks
  8. Skhan

    Mercedes 500e fairly priced
  9. W

    Well priced and very honest W211 E55 Kompressor Looks/sounds well cared for and a very honest car :cool: Keyless go is a 5 minute fix - even if you just replaced the driver's front door handle at around £150 + vat (less with discount) Wheel refurb £150-200 Front...
  10. Palfrem

    Reasonably priced G

    Mercedes-Benz G Class G300 5dr 3.0 This looks very nice indeed. Looks to be a Japanese import.
  11. gunning

    Have I priced my car right?

    It's not something I want to be doing, putting this car up for sale is gutting but needs must. It's always hard to put a price on your own cars, as you will always value them highly. So in short, have I priced my car fairly? 2006 Mercedes CLS320 CDI **rare colour & good spec** | eBay eBay...
  12. Jukie

    Reasonably priced facelift W211 E280 CDi

  13. philiggy

    Have I priced my car for sale right

    I've advertised my 04 C180 on here and e-bay, I would like to sell it so priced it according to parkers guide, at £2990, I would value opinions as to the price. Mercedes-Benz C180 SE Kompressor 1.8 auto 2004MY (FSH T&T) | eBay Phil
  14. 5

    Sensibly priced E500 (124)

    Mercedes E500 (designed by porsche) | eBay Looks like a nice motor apart from the dodgy grille and if you don't mind blue... Probably been sitting around (flat tyre etc) but if you can get a deal it might be a nice buy. Early 500E too which is quite nice :)
  15. A

    Best priced mercedes

    Has anyone dealt with 'best priced mercedes'? Price on the Internet seem very competitive and welcome any feedback on experiences. Cheers, Allan
  16. T

    Is this realistically priced guys? 190E

    Orite guys, been after another Merc since i sold my C320, always fancied a 190e Cosworth but always sh*t out at the last minute worrying about maintenance cost etc if something went wrong. Spotted this on ebay Mercedes 190E 1989 'G' | eBay Obviously thats the best of both worlds, got...
  17. poormansporsche

    More sensible priced C36

    strangely not listed in the cars section but parts Mercedes c36 amg | eBay Nice colour as well :thumb:
  18. U

    Is this the highest priced C36AMG we seen ?

    1997 Mercedes-Benz C 36 (3.6) AMG Automatic Saloon - Silver with Black Leather | eBay
  19. D

    Sensibly Priced Late W211 E55k AMG

    2005 MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO 2005 (55) | eBay Not that I'm watching these. Much. :rock:
  20. KillerHERTZ

    G-Class priced in UK from £82,495

    Mercedes-Benz G-Class priced in UK from £82,495 New generation G-Class receives enhancements to its drivetrain, subtle visual changes and upgraded comfort and safety technologies Introduction of the most powerful G-Class ever sold in the UK - the 544 hp G 63 AMG All models receive...
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