1. A

    Help needed with setting up windows xp pro.

    After an event today I have come to the conclusion that we need to install XP pro at our hotel. I have notied there seems to be a lot of I T guys on the forum and I would like to pick your brains and would be very grateful for your help. The reason is the staff on reception keep going on line to...
  2. M

    Becker Traffic Pro high speed & CD changer

    Green display , just under 12 months old complete with nav disc, original box, manuals , gps antenna & becker cd changer . Cost me £700 - looking for £450
  3. M

    Becker Traffic Pro High Speed Nav Disks

    Does anyone know which is the latest nav disc for the Becker Traffic Pro High Speed unit? The display shows TMC activated but doesn't give me the option of Dynamic route guidance, and the Postcode function only allows input of the first half of the postcode, which I think suggests the...
  4. jimti

    Body kit or pro mod?

    A Merc I saw in Spain this week
  5. scotth_uk

    So today I got a..... Logitech Driving Force Pro!

    WOW! Ben splashed out on the mother of all birthday presents for me! A logitech driving force pro steering wheel. We have both taken the afternoon off work and have the wheel mounted on the ironing board set to the lowest height, sitting in front of the big leather chair. This thing is...
  6. J

    Dension Ice Link and JVC/Becker Traffic pro set up

    Well, actually it's the JVC KD-NX1R (Traffic Pro 4210 I think with a JVC badge) that I have fitted in my A class. I just received the Dension ICE Link today to hook up my iPod to the head unit. The iPod is charging and I can play it through the head unit using the AUX setting, so most of the...
  7. N

    Becker Traffic Pro or Blaupunkt Travelpilot?

    Hi All, Title says it all really. I was 'this close' to getting a TTG, but then decided to go for a 1-DIN head unit for a tidier look. So, any comments observations or recommendations? Many thanks
  8. V12

    Becker Traffic Pro Sat Nav 4730

    Single DIN unit so will fit any car in direct replacement for existing stereo. Complete set-up - In-Car Sat/Nav CD/Radio. This originally was from a ford, the unit is in full working order and in excellent condition. The system is boxed and contains the GPS antenna and some fitting...
  9. L

    Paint shop pro help!!!

    Hi all, I am designing my race car for next season but I need to see it mocked up first. Can anyone help if I give them some images??? Cheers Mark
  10. aka$h

    Becker Traffic Pro

    Becker Traffic Pro NAVIGATION UNIT CD Player, 1 Din Navigation, GPS antenna, Navi-CD Rom, Voice guidance Female, Male, Double FM-tuner, Double RDS, PTY, decoder-Diversity PROLW/AM/FM/SW, Dynamic Auto Store, Sual pre out 4x 3VRMS, SUB/CENTER Line Out 3VRMS - phone audio in, 4 x 30 watt...
  11. A

    G-Tech Pro?

    Does anyone have experience with this one? It is advertised at the G-Tech site for $249, which with the exchange rate seems quite reasonable, but would like to know about some first-hand comments first.
  12. M

    BECKER Traffic Pro SAT NAv,minidisc changer & phone kit

    BECKER Traffic Pro SAT NAv,minidisc changer & phone kit - SOLD Hi all Following installaton of comand I am looking to sell my 2 year old Becker Traffic Pro Sat Nav (Be 4720) with the latest version 6 Update Nav map,(copy) with Post code address entry and full UK & Europe map on 1 cd. plus a...
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