1. punjabi

    Real Pro....!

    A mechanic was removing the cylinder heads from the motor of a car when he spotted the famous heart surgeon in his shop, who was standing off to the side, waiting for the service manager to come to take a look at his car. The mechanic shouted across the garage," Hello Doctor!! Please...
  2. D

    SIP 210 amp pro mig welder for sale

    As it says a 210 amp single phase mig welder. Has a pretty full reel of 0.8 wire I think, may be 1.0mm. Takes a full size bottle and comes with some new tips etc. Very little use so in VGC and it's in my way now. I bought it a couple of years ago to sort out the chassis on a friend's american...
  3. L

    Becker Traffic Assist Pro

    Anyone any experience of this unit
  4. BTB 500

    New "Thinify" feature in Paint Shop Pro!!

    Had an email from Corel today, Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 is now available for pre-order. Some of the new features are unbelieveable I had to double-check it wasn't originally sent on April 1st!!
  5. Godot

    Becker Traffic Assist Pro Says it's out of a MB but not which one...No Reserve..Bargain?
  6. mercmanuk

    corel paint shop pro photo xi needed

    has anyone got a copy of corel paint shop pro xi needed for nephews college course he's starting even better if it can be found on the net:D
  7. Benzowner

    Windows XP Pro problem

    Can anyone help. On Windows XP Professional, how can you look at what programs are running? Ctrl Alt delete only brings up the end task menu box and not the others you see on Windows Home. My CPU has been running at 55% and I cannot find out what is happening.
  8. amwebby

    Alpine Vehicle Hub Pro

    Anyone had any experience with this? The integration with COMAND looks promising...
  9. L

    E270 CDI Pro & Cons of ownership

    I am considering buying a used E270 CDI, (or the E320 CDI if I can find the extra cash) the new shape and probably 02 - 03 registered. I am interested in what members experiences have been - good and bad ref ownership costs, servicing, mpg etc. Also is there anything which I must look for when...
  10. WLeg

    ATi Radeon Sapphire 1650 Pro

    PCI Express x16 Lane 32 bit bus. 512 MB DDR2 RAM Vista Certified NEW, in box, offers pls.
  11. J

    Becker Traffic Pro into a W202 - GPS aerial location

    Hi all Does anyone have any suggestions for the best place to put the GPS aerial when installing a Becker traffic pro into a W202?
  12. Pietre

    Office 2003 Pro Needed Urgently

    Anyone have a copy surplus to requirements that can be purchased for a reasonable sum? I need pro to get Publisher etc for my son (and myself).
  13. BenzComander

    Newer shaped S Class Pro's and Con's?

    Was looking at Auto Trader today, and saw that post 99 S Class cars are in our budget. Do they suffer from any particular problems (Rust!!:mad: ) or are they as well built as the previous version. Cheers,
  14. NormanB

    XP Pro and a huge temp folder

    I have a 60 GB HDD partioned 20GB (C) and 40GB (D). Just noticed (yesterday I only had about 1.5GB space on C - EEK On investigation I have 8.8 GB of files in a TEMP folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Norman\Local Settings\temp) - can I delete this totally? In the root of this TEMP...
  15. Fudger

    R129 with Eibach pro kit springs

    Well guys, decided to do it and fit the springs, Took the car down about 30mm but i put 5mm shims on the front too which took it down a further 10mm at the front which helps to even up the front and back. Ride is very much the same in a straight line but handles a bit better in the corners...
  16. grasmere

    Brodit Pro Clip Phone/PDA/GPS Mount on ebay

    Brodit Pro Clip Phone/PDA/GPS Mount on ebay Item no. 652812 fits: Mercedes Benz C-Class (180-320) 00-06
  17. Palfrem

    Upgraded to XP pro - now no sound

    Evening all Anyone help me on this please? PC goes major tits up so no alternative but to upgrade to XP pro. No probs. Now sound card and graphics card seem to no longer exist. Re-loaded all the drivers etc., but to no avail. It won't play DVD or CD either. It keeps saying kit not...
  18. nickg

    HD ready - LCD or rear pro

    Going to buy a big telly for our new tv room. 37" plus. Want to spend considerably less than £2k if poss and have been pondering over getting a rear pro (Sagem, 45", v good review) or an LCD panel - toshiba do a 37" at around £1800. Any views? Will be watching mainly Sky - sport in particular...
  19. F

    becker traffic pro

    have just installed a becker traffic pro - bought on ebay - 220 quid - bargain - lovely unit - my question is does anyone know if this will operate other makes of cd changer or do i need a becker ?? :confused:
  20. Howard

    w124 Eibach pro springs might do someone ? :) Mine's plenty low enough already so no good for me !! ;)
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