1. MeRcEdEs-star

    Pro Bitz Diesel Economy Tuning Chip E320 cdi

    Has anyone used these and any results or comments comparing to Van Aaken, Brabus or other tuners or chips :rolleyes: Claims: Average 25% increase in BHP Average 30% increase in torque Fuel Economy 15% gain Pro-Bitz Diesel Tuning Modules
  2. BenzedUP

    HTC Touch Pro with built in TOMTOM Nav..

    Only used it for 6-months due to me buying the new 32gig Iphone the HTC has to go now. HTC - Products - HTC Touch Pro - Specification Great phone, brilliant condition, like new, comes in its box and all it's original stuff. Normally these phone sell for £350 to £460 The Phone is SIM FREE...
  3. Spinal

    Vista / MacBook Pro Booting issues...

    I have a most curious problem... I got into work today, turned on my laptop and started going through my emails... (in Vista) Suddenly, the laptop froze (which never happens)... so I held the power button for 10 seconds, restarted and now it wont boot. I get apples grey screen, followed by the...
  4. BTB 500

    Paint Shop Pro photo editor: huge price cut, June 24-25 only

    Had an email from Corel - the latest version of their photo editor (Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate) is reduced from £77 to £34.99 for today and tomorrow only. I've got an older version and was thinking of upgrading at some point ... but this special offer for the full product (boxed or...
  5. Chattonmill

    Paint Shop Pro help please!

    I thought I would start experimenting with Taking photos in RAW format this weekend and came across a few problems. 1) Vista could not recognise the file type, I fixed this with a codec I found online. 2) PSP9 could not recognise the RAW files as apparently it will only recognise certain...
  6. D

    W203 Eibach pro kit lowering springs fitted

    WOW... just had them fitted today. My original C270 had 16" wheels on after I put 17" wheels on there was a huge gap between the tyre and the wheel arch. This was the car in 2007 when i bought it - 16" wheels... THis was the car in 2008 with the new wheels and HUGE gap This is the 2009...
  7. M

    30mm Eibach Pro Wheel Spacers

    Built for Mercedes, these TUV-approved spacers (1 pair) are hubcentric, used-once genuine Eibach items that come in their original box. They've done less than 30 miles and are as good as new (save for a few greasy finger prints). You bolt them on to the hub, then the wheels on the spacers...
  8. Geezer

    Zone Alarm Pro free download, today only!
  9. gIzzE

    Becker Traffic Pro High Speed nav unit.

    Becker traffic pro high speed for sale. This is the later High Speed version with a faster processor and more memory. In amber or red with the important reverse illumination so it matches the interior really well. Boxed with all nav discs, instructions and GPS antenna. Lovely warm sound...
  10. I

    My Pro Detail

    I decided to give the motor a bit of a treat earlier in the month. Just received a few pics and write up from the guy who carried out the work. Thought you may want to have a look. Below is what he sent.... Went up to Bristol to have a crack at Ian's smart Merc C220. Arrived to find the...
  11. W210 Fan

    Brand New HTC Touch Pro

    As the title says I got this phone on Monday and it has been on trial with me for 5 days and its not for me, fantastic bit of Gucci kit with lots of features which lets face it I will never use so its wasted on me, comes with all packaing, books, CD etcs, Vodafone branding on the phone but...
  12. mercmanuk

    service pack 2 for windows xp pro

    has anyone got or can point me in the right direct to get the windows xp service pack 2 add on disc,just reloaded my xp pro on a machine but it wont let internet explorer access the net untill i load on sp2 so i cant update through the net,also i cant load internet explorer 7 untill i load...
  13. M

    paint shop pro help required?

    My brother runs a pub in East Anglia and is looking to smarten the bar area up, is there anyone out there who could help change the colours of the bits he wants to paint from photo's that I can email to whoever can assist me with this please? PM me if you can help out, and I will get some...
  14. Gucci

    Anti-McLaren / Pro Ferrari strip Lewis of win So blatant it hurts...rigged and fixed. If the FIA want to ruin F1 excitement, congratulations you're well on the way. :mad:
  15. A

    Question for Electronic pro...

    Ok basically, since i got the xenons, i also got small blueish/whiteish lights (LED's) to go with them so they dont look all funny when i switch the xenons on. (yellow/xenon mix looked poo) But of course, the light on the dash to tell me i need a bulb replacement has come on, and i know this...
  16. Spinal

    Opening a MacBook Pro... I'll let the link speak for itself...
  17. A

    Becker 4773/5 Traffic Pro Single DIN sat nav/radio/CD player

    Becker 4773 in dash sat nav system with Navtek DTM 10 (UK and Europe) nav disks. pic shows unit installed in my W124 detachable front panel, 4 channel hi-fi, auto phone mute, volume increase with speed, auxillary input for ipod/mp3 player. Decent spec sat nav system that can be...
  18. A

    Soundblaster Audigy 4 pro soundcard

    I've decided to sell my Audigy 4 Pro soundcard. One of the best soundcards ever made These really sound great - they are the dog's danglies, cost over £200 new and seem to be immune from the problems that some people are suffering with the later X-fi cards. It's the full system with the...
  19. V

    17's Amg Aero 2, 225 45 17, lowered 40mm with eibach pro kit on 95 w124 coupe?

    Will i be ok with this set up?? Please Help. Thank You!
  20. P

    Eibach Pro Kit springs CLK, C-Class

    2 month old Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs for the W209 CLK and W203 C-Class. These springs are for 4 and 6 cylinder cars, and fit both the CLK and C-Class. Approximately 30mm lowering on Avantgarde models, 20-25mm on Sport models. They work very well with standard shock absorbers. I...
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