1. developer

    PS3 Steering Wheel

    Is it compatible with PS4 or do I have to buy again? Thanks.
  2. BTB 500

    Anybody upgraded from Sony PS3 to PS4?

    If so, any comments/observations? Gaming basically looks good (apart from there not being that many titles yet), but everything else seems to be a step backwards compared to the PS3? E.g. can't connect to your PC or stream media, can't play media via USB or connect external drives, can't...
  3. cinek

    Ps3 latest update

    In case you owe ps3, or your kids do, do not install the latest update 4.45. In has been released in the last 24hours and there are reports coming in from all over the place, confirming the device is rendered useless following the update.
  4. Spinal

    PS3 Stops Playing Music

    I have a weird one... Recently, I converted my cd's to mp3 and flac (depending on how attached I was to the music). I then use azureus as a media server to stream them to my PS3 and other devices. Every now and then, the PS3 stops playing music. I can't find a common element though -...
  5. Simon_M

    AMG VI 18" 5 Spoke Alloy wheels with Michelin PS3 Tyres

    An impulse purchase, for sale at the exact price I paid for them - £870. Front alloy wheels : 18x8" ET45 Wheel part number : AMG B66030098 Additional alloy part number : A2044013902 Tyres : Michelin Pilot Sport 3 235 40 ZR18 Approx 6mm tread Rear alloy wheels : 18x9" ET54 Wheel part...
  6. M

    Xbox 360 arcade (WHITE ONE) & OR PS3 FAT

    £50 complete xbox 360 arcade with leads... OR £100 for a PS3 FAT console... controllers & games available at cost... CHEERS MERRY XMAS
  7. M

    ORIGINAL FAT PS3 60gb backwards compatible RARE!!

    ORIGINAL FAT PS3 60gb backwards compatible, with 4 usb slots & combined card reader, very RARE!! £150 posted... OR your welcome to collect in person... VERY good condition Low miles, & taken care off, fans regularly cleaned for dust issues...
  8. John

    GT5 on PS3.

    I bought this not long after it came out but haven't played it a lot. Probably getting old. Anyway, I learnt last night, after checking out a hunch, that GT5 has a 2002 E55K AMG - so that has somewhat enthused me to get into it again. Anyone else into GT5?
  9. Burger

    PS3 or not?

    To all you knowledgeable gaming people... Is now a sensible time to buy a PS3 or is a PS4 on the horizon? I love driving/racing games such as Need for Speed and Fast and Furious, and while they've been OK on the Wii, I feel I need more realism and better graphics and it seems PS3 is the way...
  10. Spinal

    Lag Switch (and other PS3 cheats...)

    So after melting yet another console, my friends ganged up and bought me a PS3... how kind of them! I popped on ebay and started looking for COD: black ops (which I used to love), only to be swamped by results for lag switches, aimbots, auto-fire/auto-aim modification chip and all sorts of...
  11. M

    Samsung 40" LCD HD TV 1080p RED ROSE GLOSS FINISH 6 series xbox 360 ps3

    Hi I am selling up my samsung LCD 40 6 series elegant television It is not a budget samsung television, its a high end model with 100hz mega contrast ratio & 6ms response time, & 4x hdmi ports + USB... £300 cash on collection can add ps3 for £100 more OR xbox360 for £60 more Interested call...
  12. BenzedUP

    Ps3 games;

    Hi, I've got 2 new PS3 game, TDU 2 Test Drive Unlimted and Need For Speed Shift. Only used them a couple of times, they are in perfectly new condition. £20 + £3.40 P&P 1st class Recorded.:thumb:
  13. Spinal

    Which PS3...

    So everyone at work plays COD on the PS3... leaving me in the dark as I play on the PC... I think it's time to invest in a PS3 given that the XBOX has melted (or it's graphics card has) and the Wii isn't ideal for COD... Question is... I know very little on the evolution of the PS3 having...
  14. EDZ649

    PS3 Games for sale

    Need For Speed Undercover (Age 12+) Tom Clancy's HAWKS (Age 12+) Superstars V8 Racing (Age 3+) Tomb Raider Underworld (Age 12+) All in mint condition £7.00 each posted within the UK PM me if interested :)
  15. J

    Ps3 friend list - need for speed hot pursuit

    Most of my friends have Xbox (honestly :) ) Need for speed hot pursuit is a great speed fix, anyone out there have it on ps3? my friend name is johny5_uk . Such a buzz playing cops and robbers!
  16. flat6buster

    ps3 vs xbox

    or gt5 vs forza 3? At long last I may have authority from The War Office for a games console. Now once upon a time I had a Nintendo & got bored very quikly. Question is: do these games live up to the ads these days? Also the GT5 looks just awesome but the console is expensive and the XBox...
  17. MissyD

    For Sale - PS3 + Games + Accessories

    My son is selling his PS3 - 80Gb Console with original box One black controller, paint wear on left side, works perfect 2 Playstation Move Controllers Eyetoy Wireless Gaming Headset All Cables Games - Midnight Club Los Angeles Call of Duty: World at War Moto GP 08 Skate 3 Juiced 2 Hot Import...
  18. C

    PS3 plus games

    Hi all, I have decided to sell my PS3. It is in excellent condition and comes boxed with 2 controllers, Gran Turismo 5 prologue and COD4. This has had very little use and was only really used for playing films, but since building a HTPC it is never used. Looking for £180
  19. BaldGuy

    Ps3 40gb for sale

    Due to upgrading I have a 40Gb PS3 for sale with all cables and one controller... works a treat and in very good condition.. includes a Golf game.. £150
  20. BenzedUP

    Sony PS3 Black DualShock 3 Wireless Controller

    Playstation 3 Controller more or less brand new worth £40 in Game Price; £21 Including P&P PM me if interested, Thanks.
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