1. gurpz

    W202 Puddle Lights Retrofit Kit

    Have for sale a complete kit required to install puddle lights into any facelift W202. Consists off: x2 OEM Harness's, pre-crimped up and ready to go x2 Bulb Holders x2 Bulbs Offers Please
  2. andy27168

    Replacement puddle lights W202

    Hi, As some of you know I have been retro fitting OEM accessories to both of my W202's though it has mainly been the C43, one of the first mods I did was to fit front door puddle lights, but I was offered some top quality front door builds (see pic below) these did,nt have the holes for the...
  3. whitenemesis

    Bulb size in Puddle lights?

    Does anyone know what length festoon bulb is fitted in the puddle lights?
  4. markymark1

    Front puddle lights

    Hi the front puddle lights do not work althought on checking the drivers side the lamp was blown. Have checked with a voltmeter and it seems that both connectors are live (removed the lamp).I checked the passengers side as well and this is the same, why are both sides live? Would have thought...
  5. A

    Puddle lights

    Since my car has come back from having some minor bodywork repair, the puddle lights no longer come on - everything else works - courtesy lights / surround lights etc, but this function has just stopped working! I have been through the menu system - I have even RTFM - can't find the setting...
  6. markymark1

    W202 puddle lights

    Hi can you tell me when the puddle lights in the front doors come on ie everytime the door is opened or do the side lights have to be on or the interior courtesy has to be switched on to operate when the doors are open. Regards Mark
  7. PJayUK

    Interior Rear Footwell & Puddle Lights

    My S320 has lights interior everywhere some of which dont work. Is there any reason why these cant be replaced with the high intensity ones that Maplin's sell? I beleive they are LEDS or low voltage lamps anyway, so just want to make sure they wont trigger any warning if replaced. Not...
  8. stevesey

    202 Puddle lights (wired to?)

    Anyone know where the correct place to wire these to is? The door controller, the centre light? I could just find the wire coming back from the door switch, but I'd like to know where the proper place is. Could someone with WIS have a look for me? TIA
  9. Peter DLM

    Whoops. Water puddle kills E320 W210

    So I might have gone a little too fast through that puddle in order to beat the 7.5 tonner onto the single carrigeway uphill road...... So, a millisecond after I explode this puddle of water under the car, I get the BAS warning, the ESP warning and the Battery/Alternator warning all together...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Puddle light door size

    Anyone any idea what size Festoon bulbs are used on a W202 front puddle light bulbs? Its dark, cold and I dont fancy getting the tape measure out? Cheers!
  11. pupsi

    Puddle Lights

    Does anyone know where i can get these from for my W124? Im still actually thinking whether or not to get them but i think they are a nice touch :)
  12. M

    RETROFIT: W203 coupe with sedan puddle lamps

    Ever wondered what it would take to put in a puddle lamp ? Remove door trim, add SLK puddle lamp wiring and W203 sedan puddle lamp. The door trim has 3 skins. Inside, Outside and inner. Its fun no doubt. Area taped up and marked. Only 1 sweet zone exists. It is towards the rear of the...
  13. M

    My W203 was pre-wired for puddle lights, $20 Mod

    in AU only the Elegance or Avantgarde models are fitted with front door puddle lights (bottom of door) installed. The classic comes with that hole covered over even though you can feel the hard plastic is missing - just covered in felt. I opened the door trim up and found that the puddle...
  14. Shude

    w202 facelift puddle lights HELP!

    Did everyone read Koolvin's excellent article:puddle light mods complete (BIG PICS and VIDEO) ? I tried this, and with help from Steve (MBenzNL) and the stealership I have almost finished. My car is now fully wired up and has all the bulbs, lenses and connectors EXCEPT ONE - the plug into...
  15. Koolvin

    puddle light mods complete (BIG PICS and VIDEO)

    Buy a Loom - Chassis dependant part number. The loom and various connectors: This conector goes into the fusebox To dome light Take of door panels and run the door related wiring Feed this wire through to the kick panels: Put door panel on and connect the...
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