1. kusanku

    W202 c-class build quality

    I've been considering a 202 C220cdi for ages now. For the kind of driving I currently do, it seems like the ideal choice, as my fuel consumption is currently a big problem. However, several people have advised me that there have been problems with reliability and build quality on this model...
  2. R

    Trim Quality

    Went to wash my car today and I noticed the silver on the bumber trim is coming off. I wasn't impressed to say the least, especially given the age of the car! Makes the car look tatty from the front.
  3. BaldGuy

    Quality Prangs!!

    Check this site out for wrecked quality cars, leave yourself some time as there's loads of pics...The link says it all... http://www.wreckedexotics.com/ My shed goes in for repair next week, been told it will take up to 2 weeks...Got myself a manual Omega MV6 to play with....
  4. Koolvin

    Tyre Quality Chart/review

    Hi, Someone posted a link to a review/chart for different quality of tyres... can you please re-post it?
  5. Aletank

    Quality of Standard Sound System

    I bought a new Stereo/CD Changer for my old car(A 98 Rover 400) About 2 years back costing £500 which consisted of a - Sony XR-C7200R Radio/Cassette   & Sony CDX-727 CD Changer(10 disk) In my Rover it was great sound, So when I purchased my 99(T) C200 Sport 2 weeks back I had the system...
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