1. M

    E55 - its ohh so quiet

    Hi, I got a 210 e55 and the cat has developed a crack in it and is blowing like mad. Now i think is the time to change it totally, it was too quiet standard i want to put something a bit more throaty on it. Any suggestions?????:D
  2. C220

    New E-Class is quiet

    My C220 is in for a service and they gave me an '08 E220 with 800 miles on the clock which was nice! First thing I noticed was how quiet it was compared to mine, is this just because its new or does the E220 have more sound deadening? Also pulled better but I think from '06 it was more powerful.
  3. F

    They kept this quiet

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/7269743.stm Good to see but just a shame that it's putting others at risk. Nick
  4. D

    W209 CLK 320 Is your's quiet?

    I have noticed that I can hear a kind of rattling sound on my 320 CLK when it is ticking over, does not seem to be related to the temperature of the engine, nor is it audible outside but is quite noticeable inside. Asked the dealer and they said it is normal, what do you think??
  5. nickg

    quiet week in the Lakes - just returned...

    but on Thursday me and the family came very close to running into this :eek: :eek: http://www.timesandstar.co.uk/news/viewarticle.aspx?id=469073 Imagine taking your wife and two toddlers down to a secluded part of Derwen****er for a nice stroll. Wander innocently along the shore and then...
  6. paulthecabbie

    new toy not as quiet as it was.

    Hi all, bought myself a new workhorse last week (a 97 w210 e3oo td estate) what a great car all the things ive come to expect from MB. But unfortunately a few days ago the cat decided to give up the ghost, since then i have noticed that under load the engine seems 'cammy', is this a product of...
  7. A

    V Quiet Sav Nav Lady

    Its only a minor niggle but the lovely Sat Nav lady on my Command is hopelessly quiet and totally inaudible when the roof is down on my 2001 CLK.....is this a design issue? I have turned the Nav "sound" settings to maximum on mute (+10), treble and bass but I still cant really hear her -...
  8. Flyer

    Quiet day at the Nurburgring...

    Might be err ... interesting though :D
  9. L

    Bit of fun on a quiet night

    How to draw a dog
  10. grober

    The Quiet Oem-steyr

    Good article on Steyr plant in Austria HERE if you are interested. :confused: :confused: http://www.automotive-business.com/inabinow/2000-05/feature_oem.html
  11. MatBat

    Quiet tyres for 280E

    Hi all, Does anyone have any recomendations on a good quiet tyre for the W123 series. I am on the original alloys so running 195/70R14H. All the best Mat
  12. T

    500E factory stereo gone quiet

    I have a 92 500e with the factory Becker Mexico withautochanger. Unfortunately the sound has disappered although the unit seems to be working fine,It was intermitent for a week before stopping altogther. Does anyone know what may have happened? I'm going to try removing and cleaning the...
  13. robgosty

    S500 want nice quiet tryes ?????

    S500 want nice quiet tyres ????? Hi all,plodded my way through all tyre threads and still no wiser, car is a 97 S500, need new tyres, running P600 at the moment, tread on fronts dissappearing faster and faster, i want a nice quiet ride without spending mega money, on a previous merc 300D i...
  14. Kinky

    Cor - it's quiet in here tonight

    where's the tumbleweed?
  15. D


    Hi everyone, I am from automotif, london. we supply and install tv and navigation systems for all mercedes benz vehicles. We have a special on at the moment for all new customers. for all saloons 2 x headrest screens 1 x playstation 2 2 x headphones All fully installed and warranted for one...
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