1. dokalj

    (New) Genuine Mercedes ML Front Radiator Grill (A1638800985)

    Genuine Mercedes ML(W163) front radiator grill in black/ chrome most commonly found on the ML500. I never managed to fit this grill and it has been sitting in the box since it arrived. I will be happy to do it for MB Club members at £140+(p+p), although collection is preferred...
  2. DaveE320CDI

    2007 Vito radiator drain plug?

    Hi, as title where is the drain plug on a 2007 2.1 111cdi? looked everywhere cannot find it, thought of taking bottom hose off but would rather find drain plug, cheers dave
  3. Screwdriver

    W123 300D Air Con Condensor Radiator replacement

    Greetings, My original air con condensing radiator on my 1984 UK 300D has sprung a leak. MB UK no longer sells a replacement so I'm going to have to turn to an OEM supplier. The dealer shared the following part number: A1268300670. I believe the original was made by Hella-Behr? Any...
  4. T

    Radiator Fan on full

    [S-TAG][/S-TAG] E500 2010 Over the last few days the fan is running full speed as soon as the engine starts. Even with the AC off it still runs at 100%. Cannot get a dealer slot for star check until at least next week. Doing a search it looks as if it could be ECU, fan speed controller...
  5. H

    Behr radiator, made in China

    I bought a Behr radiator from Euro's to replace the original Valeo and TBH it looks pretty naff quality. Cheap, shiny looking plastic tanks & hose connections on the sides. Has anyone had problems with these? I'm half tempted to send it back and get a Nissens or something :( (I know...
  6. J

    W204 c320 Cdi radiator fan issue

    Hi so recently I have noticed that my c320 has a temperature issue in that it gets hot I'm in stop start traffic or not we to move fast enough to get the air going through the heater to cool it down it goes up to about a 100c I randomly get a water temp symbol appearing on the information...
  7. A

    W203 c320 Coupe 2004 VALEO radiator

    Hello. Just bought my W203 C320 Coupe facelift and upon carrying a vin decoding I found out that it has been delivered 08/2004. I am aware that these cars suffer from glycol leaking into transmission if they are fitted with VALEO radiator up to production date 09/2003. My car falls...
  8. D

    ML270 gearbox valeo radiator advice

    Hi guys, I have read somewhere that certain models of the ML270 were fitted with valeo radiators to cool the gearboxes? Heard horror stories that they can leak resulting in damage to the box. Which years were built with these or was it just pre-facelift that had them?
  9. Sylvo

    Radiator Coolant

    I have an SL280 R129 and want to change/flush the system and replace with a good anti freeze/coolant. Can anyone recommend the best stuff to use please? Have trawled through past posts and searched the internet but to no avail.
  10. L

    Cold weather - Radiator Fan

    Not sure this has been covered but strangely the radiator fan in my C63 (W204) now where the weather has turned cold (only in this cold weather) kicks in 1-2 minutes into the drive and then comes off again after 5ish minutes. Seems very good and would be good with some advice / experience on...
  11. waisal

    Help replacement radiator needed today

    Hello I have a c43 AMG W202 my daily driver I need a replacement radiator part no 202500743 ideally today I am Manchester based can anyone help? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. D

    NEW Hella Radiator for R129 SL320 SL280 £155

    OEM ORIGINAL HELLA Radiator for R129 SL320 or SL280 (all years) This is OEM fitment £155 collected from Solihull, West Midlands £10 UPS courier delivery This is over £300 from Mercedes Benz Hella Part No: 8MK 376 711-091 MERCEDES-BENZ Part Number: 12 95 0 012 03 12 95 0...
  13. J

    Behr w124 Radiator Reinforced or not?

    I know many sing the praises of Raysons Radiators in Yeovil so I ordered a Genuine Behr Replacement as I was told "all" new ones have reinforced necks...................... My Replacement Genuine Behr turned up today after a long wait only to find neither of the necks are reinforced! I am...
  14. J

    W124 Radiator Neck Repair?

    Ever since I got my car I have had a slow coolant leak. I Have had the engine sniff tested and compression tested and they come back as fine :thumb: I have just found the leak after all this time and its seeping ever so slowly from the end of the top hose. I suspect underneath the hose the...
  15. D

    NEW W126 S Class Denso OEM Radiator for £85 inc Delivery

    Hello I have for sale a brand new, boxed Denso DRM17052 OEM Radiator for the W126 . MB part numbers: MERCEDES-BENZ 1265004103 MERCEDES-BENZ 1265005103 £85 inc Delivery (UK Mainland) Collection possible from Solihull West Midlands I can assist in worldwide delivery at cost...
  16. WDB124066

    Largest 124 radiator.

    Anybody know if there is a big option 124 radiator that will fit an AC Auto 320 car, maybe one of the Diesel radiators for example. I am getting sick and tired of a overheating car [even in winter now] so I wonder if fitting something that holds half the Atlantic will stop me twitching about the...
  17. S

    C250 CDI - radiator fan not kicking in

    The coolant temperature in my C250 sometime hits 105C and the radiator fan still doesn't kick in. In normal driving conditions the temperature stays at about 90 - 95C. The ambient temp is about 25C. But when I`m in the mood to floor it and shift at 4k rpm for a couple of minutes and then pull...
  18. S

    ML 270 Radiator fan

    Hi, My ML was butchered by previous owner :dk: .. one thing they did was replace orginal fan with an after market unit .. and seemed to bypass some of the electronic control. I have replacement fan and will instal as per original. . all the wiring appears to be there .. but was wondering what...
  19. P

    I killed the Radiator w211 2008 (I am an Idiot)

    I feel like a total idiot, had one of those days I wish never got out of bed! So, I borrowed an old trolley jack from my neighbour so as to jack the car up to so as to put axle stands under it. I used the centre front jacking point but needed to pad it out with 4x2 as the jack though heavy...
  20. A

    W123 parts supplier recommendation (radiator)

    Hi, I need a new radiator and water pump for my 240d, I'd prefer a Behr but can't anyone point me in the right direction to source them? Ideally someone who stocks them? Tried Mercedes but the pump is £180 exchange. Thanks
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