Help replacement radiator needed today

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Jan 31, 2016
North West
W202 C43 AMG

I have a c43 AMG W202 my daily driver I need a replacement radiator part no 202500743 ideally today I am Manchester based can anyone help?

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You will hard pushed to find on a Sunday :(

If it is a split on the tank maybe you can effect a temp repair with araldite two part mix and a piece of hard plastic or metal to patch over?

Good luck, and don't let car overheat as it could develop into a more expensive job!
Thanks for thw response yep I thought so
but also looking online these radiators seem difficult to source email so will probably be a Mercedes parts order and a few days to get delivered
I definitely need a new radiator drain plug snapped inside I then tried to use a screw to get out no luck then tried to drill out looks like it was glued in because it has left the carcass of the plug firmly stuck to the internal thread.
Cannot get it out or the new plug in

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