1. D

    W124 Radiator leak (photo)

    Hope you can help a newb with a leak..... After a run the radiator leaks (drips) from the left bottom corner at rear edge (if standing in front of car looking back). It seems strange to me because it's intermittent, sometimes about a pint will drip out other times nothing? From the photo...
  2. gbjeppm

    VALEO Radiator Issue

    I have know about this issue from this forum for a while, and I have concerns about the W203 that we have in the family as it is affected. Not really sure what to do at this point as I don't think we should have to shell out for a new rad. Anyway I saw in yesterdays telegraph motoring section...
  3. N

    Changing W203 radiator

    Has any member replaced the rad on a W203 C180 2002 model and if so any problems to look out for ? I'm changing mine as rad has not been modified re ATF/coolant problem.
  4. Shala

    Radiator warning is showing!!! W202

    i removed the radiator cap & it's got water in it. but the warning light comes on. at first it was showing once a month. then kept getting more frequent. now its showing 3 out of 5 times when i start the engine. then the light goes away after few mins of driving. what do i do? Shala
  5. supercharger

    w126 380 v8 radiator

    does anyone have a radiator for a v8 w126 as mine seems to have developed a sizeable leak whilst stood in the garage this week. car has aircon supercharger
  6. BlackC55

    Official test proceedure for Valeo radiator issue.

    Humming/droning noises, or jolting during gentle acceleration between engine speed of 1200 - 2500 rpm -Topic number LI27.55-P-019975Version 2 Group number 27.55 Transmission oil cooling Date 04-18-2005 Validity Model series 203 up to production date 9/2003 with...
  7. B

    ABS ECU, w124 radiator, bare Brabus block if wanted too

    I've got a couple of 300e bits on ebay at the moment. If anyone needs a ABS ECU for 80s-90s Mercs or an automatic with a/c radiator from a 300e 12V. I also have a total closure relay for early Mercedes cars. This takes an alarm trigger and uses it to close all windows and the sunroof using...
  8. A

    Radiator overflow elbow

    Hi, For no obvious reason the overflow return pipe elbow on the top of my radiator disconnected itself today spraying pressurised water all over the engine. This is on a '93 e320 straight-6 engine; there appears to be a plastic boss set into the top nearside of the radiator with 2 vertical...
  9. M

    W202 Radiator Explosion

    Hey Guys I was on the M1 last night, all was well till I got stuck in traffic for about an hour, I watched the temperature gauge raise to about 120 i was worried so i turn the engine off in traffic, Started moving temp went down and in traffic again it went up so i decided to get off M1 at...
  10. F

    electric fans on front radiator

    Having recently acquired my 320e with the m104 engine i noticed that the electric fans for the aircon work differently to my previous 260e, could someone confirm if this is normal or if it is a fault. On my 260e which ran on R12 gas once the temperature hit 100c both electric fans would come on...
  11. culpano

    How can I fix a slight leak in radiator pipe joint ?

    Hi everyone, I have three copper water pipes coming down the wall close to each other. One of the pipes is very slowly leaking at the joint but I cannot tighten the nut as I can't get the spanner in between the pipes. As the leak is very slow can I use an epoxy resin to smear round the pipe...
  12. B

    Top Radiator Hose: Sheared off. 190D

    Hello - has anyone ever experienced this, if so any idea what the cause is?. A new-ish top hose on the radiator was blown off, the hose sheared in a perfect circle. The jubilee clip was on fairly tight, but not to the point it would crush the hose, i don't think... result: possible blown head...
  13. SL300-24

    Do all w211's have the Valeo Radiator?

    Having read the posts on the problem on W211's regarding the coolant entering and ruining the autobox's on these models, I went to find the makers name on the radiator on my '03 E320 CDI. The only name that I could see was 'Behr'. I was therefore wondering if I have escaped the problem and have...
  14. 0

    Should I replace the Valeo radiator?

    Just spent 108 quids to carry out a glycol test, just to ensure that my E500 does not have that awful issue. The test came back ok, no issue. But a preventative action is to replace it, not sure if it is worth it though. I was quoted about 1000 to replace the radiator, a bit pricey I think...
  15. panason1c

    ML 270CDI Radiator For sale

    ML 270CDI Radiator For sale Used but good condition. £100 07710 707200
  16. panason1c

    ML 270 CDI Turbo Intercooler Radiator For sale

    ML 270 CDI Turbo Intercooler Radiator For sale Used but good condition £100 07710 707200
  17. panason1c

    ML 270 CDI Air con Condenser radiator For sale

    ML 270 CDI Air con Condenser radiator For sale Used but in good condition. £75 07710 707200
  18. timmy

    Exploding radiator

    Whilst my 1993 w202 was in for MOT today, the radiator apparently exploded during the emmision test. Not amused. 1. Is this a common problem. 2. What could cause such a thing to happen. 3. Who should pay for the repair....been quoted £139 supplied and fitted by the MOT station, who feel a bit...
  19. K

    green gunge in radiator

    i appear to have mixed two different anti freeze types resulting in a chemical reaction (never heard of this before)??instead of anti freeze i now have green slime-- was told to flush out system i have now done this twice to no avail (water pressure wont dilute it) does anyone know what will...
  20. blue190

    Electric fan on outside of radiator.

    Hello to all you fellow MB owners/drivers. I have recently purchased a 1992 190E 2.0i. It has 200k on clock but has 6k on the recently fitted new (not recon) engine. Having not owned or really driven a merc before i was quite unfamiliar with its quirks and began to get alarmed when the temp...
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