1. mercmanuk

    mira advance shower rail kits,the best available

    I HAVE 20 LEFT THAT ARE IN THE WAY OPEN TO OFFERES Mira advance atl flex complete shower rail kit smooth slide bar with easy glide operation chrome effect finish friction clamp bracket means easy one handed operation easy height adjustment extra long 2m hose 3 position adjustable head...
  2. blondebier

    W124 pre facelift bumper rail

    I'm after one of these. The part number is A1248851021. It's the black unpainted bit on the bumper in the middle. The first bit that will get scuffed if someone can't park! Mine had the unfortunate pleasure of this, and is now scuffed. Grrr. I thought I'd ask on the off chance anyone has one...
  3. D

    W210 Grill and Roof Cross rail help!

    Hi All, Some idiot reversed into the grill a few days ago in a car park, must have been a 4x4 definately a toe-bar involved. Went straight threw and tore off a blade! Got off lightly but in need of a new grill. Any ideas/part numbers? Im also looking for a set of orginal roof rails (cross...
  4. verytalldave

    Rail Link

    Handy link for all UK Railway journeys whether local or long distance. All times/costs etc. Easy to navigate and use.............:bannana: http://nationalrail.co.uk/index.html Apologies if this a repost...........
  5. 1

    C270cdi common rail plastic hoses leakage

    as per title, mine is a 03 car and as read sometimes on this forum it's quite common a bad tightness of the diesel hoses in way of the diesel filter and/or HP pump in front of the common rail, just over the service belts. said that, I've noted an oily dirt in way of the HP pump and hoses, in...
  6. mw_C32

    London to Venice by Rail

    We have just booked up a long weekend trip to Venice for the beginning of November using the railways. Sort of a 20th anniversary thing!!!:o I very rareley go anywhere by train and thought this might be a good idea.:crazy: We have just received the itinery and it looks like we have...
  7. jahewitt

    Anyone going from Edinburgh to London by Rail???

    Not really a classified !! Is anyone going from Edinburgh to London by train before the 3rd October? I have a return first class ticket (both ways) and also the return part (London back to Edinburgh - I had to change my plans and come back via Liverpool so needed a new ticket!) again this...
  8. Silvertank

    Rail roads

    RAILROADS Does the statement, "We've always done it like that" ring any bells? Read this email to the end; this is a new one for me The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Because...
  9. D

    My V220 cdi shows ecu in "limp mode" has a glow plug fault & rail pressure fault

    A V220 cdi has the following faults. The MB workshop have given it the Star Diagnostic test and deduced that no. 3 injector has gone down and , as a result, the ECU has switched into "limp mode" and will not run properly until attended to. The printout is showing, "fault in rail pressure" and...
  10. M

    help removing guide rail pins on 190E

    hi i am in the middle of changing my head gasket and its all going well except i am having troubles removing the timing chain top guide rail pins. what size bolt do i need to put in them to then knock them out with a slide hammer? any quick replies will be greatly appreciated. cheers
  11. I

    Turbo Diesel or Common Rail? Which is best?

    Hello, can anybody help me with some much needed advice? I am looking to buy an E class estate. I have been warned off the Turbo (TD) and advised to buy a common rail diesel. The reason being that the turbo is realy expensive to fix if anything goes wrong. Do they go wrong often and should...
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