1. T

    W202 final drive ratio change (diff swap?)

    Hi there, Apologies if this a a double post - I posted earlier and it disappeared into thin air. I think I'd like to do a diff swap and need some advice. My W202 (facelift, manual, C200, with ASR) screams away at 3000+rpm at motorway speed (70mph). This is all very 1999 - when cars didn't have...
  2. P

    Vito 115cdi diff ratio change

    Hello, I want to change my diff to a 36:11. I'm not sure what I've got at the moment, I'm assuming it's a 41:11. I've noted at 2k rpm I'm doing 56mph,2500k-73, 3k-86mph. Has anyone else done this before,will I have any problems if I do? Many thanks.
  3. R

    SLK55 172 Diff Ratio

    I'm considering fitting a Quaife ATB limited slip diff to my SLK and also lowering the final drive to improve acceleration. I believe the standard diff ratio is 2.8 and a change to 3.1 would be beneficial (to acceleration if not cruising!) Quaife cannot supply a new crown wheel and pinion...
  4. m2287

    Diff swap to higher ratio

    Ok so following on from my last thread, I need to replace my diff. It's current ratio is 2.82, I was thinking of replacing it with a diff from an s320 which would give it a ratio of 3.07. From what I've read, I would either: need to swap my gearbox control unit with the gearbox control unit...
  5. P

    p0730 inncorrect gear ratio

    Got the ABS light ESP light come on my R class . Car would get to 5mph and would get a crunch like the ABS stopping the car. After much searching I came to the conclusion that it was either the wheel speed sensor or the magnet in the wheel bearing. One of the members on here had saw the problem...
  6. SilverSaloon

    W124 E300D multivalve (1994) diff ratio

    hi does anyone know (to save me crawling under the car in the dark tonight) what diff radio a 1994 W124 E300D estate should use? thanks derek
  7. sherco450

    vito 120 diff ratio

    a courier friend and l were discussing the diff ratio wether or not it may share gearing of other MB models with the chance of getting some taller gear ratio swap.
  8. Dieselman

    Finger digit ratio

    Does anyone fancy a little test? Measure the length of your right hand index finger (2nd digit) and the length of the right hand ring finger (4th digit). Measure carefully from the crease at the palm to the tip of the fingers, then convert that to a percentage ratio. Example: 2nd digit =...
  9. carat 3.6

    W124 diff ratio question.

    Hi all, A mate and I are messing about with the rear axles in our cars, but we are in dispute over the lowest diff ratio available. He thinks the lowest was 3.91, but I'm sure that I've seen or heard that an early s124 2.0 diesel (200td) could come from the factory with a 4.18 ratio...
  10. oldskoolmercs

    M103 Compression Ratio

    Hi, I needed to know the compression ratio figures for the 3.0 M103 engine... where they all 9.2:1.? I have heard that some were 10.1 is this correct? And is there any way of knowing when looking at the car or engine. Regards, Oldskoolmercs...
  11. W

    Peach to Lemon ratio?

    Having now driven about 600 miles looking for my next car it's starting to become a little weary. I ask the usual questions over the phone, but when viewing the result is disappointment. The most recent was a car for sale at a main dealer where they 'only sell cars with full main dealer service...
  12. W

    Best efficiency / performance ratio

    Whilst reading the review of the new Seat Ibiza Cupra (petrol) I thought that the combined mpg of 44 was really impressive considering the 0-60 in 7s performance. So if this gives an efficiency/performance ration of 44/7 = 6.3 it made me think if there is anything better out there? I don't...
  13. pupsi

    Compression ratio on a 300E 24V Sportline????

    As the title really, does anyone know this offhand? Its the M104-24v engine. I know on a M103-12V its 9.2:1 compression ratio but don't think its the same. Thanks
  14. W

    Standard SLK - Ratio of female to male owners?

    I've just bought (but am yet to collect) my first MB. Its a 1999 SLK230 in silver with black leather interior and the carbon fibre effect dash inserts. My boss has told me that its a 'barbie' car :( but I hadn't heard of this before. My reason for going with the SLK was a combination of...
  15. R

    Compression Ratio???

    My favourite subject:rolleyes: M271 engines are all the same but the "1.8" has a compression ratio of 10.2:1, the "2.0" has a compression ration of 9.5:1 and the "2.3" has a ratio of 8.7:1. If they all have a capacity of 1796cc and all have a bore of 82mm and a stroke of 85mm then how is the...
  16. blackscooby

    coolant / water ratio

    What is the recommended coolant / water ratio ? I think I've a tester somewhere, but can't remember what it should be. Ta
  17. M

    W210 Auto box ratio

    I was driving on the motorway today doing 70 mph and I noticed the rev counter was around 3,000 rpm in 5th. Is this right? I shifted down to 4th and the rev went to 3,500 rpm at the same speed? Should there be a larger difference in revs between 4th and 5th? Does anybody know if this normal...
  18. S

    380SL axle ratio

    Hi, Can someone tell me the axle ratio for the '81 onwards 380SL, as supplied in the UK ? None of my reference books seem to contain this info. Thanks, Anthony
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