1. poormansporsche

    W202 Recaro Subframes or the like .....

    unlikely but hey ho you never know ... cant be @rsed to order from germany :) cheers brett
  2. EDZ649

    Recaro seat frame

    RECARO KONSOLE MERCEDES BENZ w123 w116 w126 85.40.19 bei Innenausstattung (endet 29.08.10 18:51:58 MESZ)
  3. K

    Would just 1 recaro CSE look stupid?

    I know of a breaker who has 2 drivers side Recaro CSE's, one in navy leather the other in navy cloth. I could buy both but only afford to get one re-trimmed in cream leather, would it be silly to just put one in the car for now and hope to come across a passenger side at a later date?
  4. d w124

    Recaro C

    I wish they were cream RARE Re-upholstered Recaro Classic Black Leather Seats on eBay (end time 04-Aug-10 20:12:34 BST)
  5. nick.ged

    brabus? recaro interior 190e

    Recaro Teilleder Mercedes-Benz 190e W201 BRABUS bei Innenausstattung (endet 21.05.10 20:58:01 MESZ)
  6. High-Lo

    Recaro Start Pro Racer Child Car Seat

    I bought this seat new as a spare for the third car (already had one and was very impressed so bought this second one) but can honestly say that its been used about 2 times for very short journeys hence condition is like new. Cost me £195. Has an audio input for an MP3 player with built-in...
  7. nick.ged

    recaro csi's

    i just got a set of recaro csi's and am thinking of putting them in the rear of the widebody... any one had any dealings with the posh 126 models that had rear recaros? if so did they slide back and forth? like on a subframe etc. any photos would be good as well.
  8. d w124

    Grey Recaro classic seats

    Recaro Orthoped Seats- One Pair : eBay Motors (item 330396868531 end time Jan-25-10 17:31:32 PST) Very tempted on them myself,but a retrim would cost :wallbash:
  9. K

    Recaro CSE's

    I want some Recaro CSE's for my SEC, not looking to spend silly money but i do know how much they go for so im not expecting them to be cheap. Im not fussed about colour or weather leather or cloth, just as long as they are in good condition as they will be going in as is, not re-covered. If...
  10. d w124

    Recaro C seats

    After so many people asking Bahnstormer about his seats,found a nice pair.but they are black though :(.Might match someones interior 2 Recaro orthopäd C Classic Leder Mercedes Sitze W 124 bei Innenausstattung (endet 15.09.09 18:14:59 MESZ)
  11. NW_Merc

    Mercedes classic recaro seats
  12. NW_Merc

    Recaro drivers and passengers seats
  13. F

    electric recaro seats
  14. NW_Merc

    Recaro seat upgrade

    I've seen some threads on here, well one in particular of a W202 with a recaro upgrade. How much modification does the interior need to install recaro seats on a W202?
  15. aka$h

    Mercedes w124 front Recaro seats from 500E/E500

    A great looking set of front seats for someone with a w124, and its Talbir Bains selling them so Im sure thay are as good as they look in the pics!
  16. scottishc280

    Child seat. Recaro

    Just got a new car seat as my 9 month old son is now too big for his original rear facing seat. (Headrest speakers and front seat friendly even with an air bag) I bought a recaro that suits from 9 months up to 12 years old (dependant on wieght) I was told that starting in 2006 the laws for...
  17. Sp!ke

    W124 Black Recaro interior

    Might be of interest to someone.
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