1. poormansporsche

    Recaro C's

    loving the further info comment !! Pair of black leather Recaro Classic C seats ideal for AMG Alpina Porsche W124 | eBay :thumb:
  2. poormansporsche

    Genuine Recaro W202 Subframes F/S

    Manual, Driver and Passenger for Recaro C's etc etc Cost me 450 quid After 150 quid collected from South East London Can post but will be expensive
  3. s2oty

    w124 recaro classic seats wanted

    As per title. Please contact me. Condition not relevant as I will be having them redone to match my interior. Scott
  4. s2oty

    w124 ce recaro seats

    So, im looking for a pair of recaro classic seats for my 1990 300ce. I figure it will take me ages and lots of cash and thus what do I need to look for when purchasing a pair? Is there a certain model / fit I need? What other model / types of cars were they fitted too to help broaden my...
  5. poormansporsche

    Ultra Rare 190E Recaro Sportline "Humpy" Interior 2 Seat Rear

    alright, was keeping this in case i ever got another 190 but i dont think thats likely to happen so up for sale is my cloth sportline interior which has the very rare bigger bolstered front seats and the 2 seat rear option. The interior is in very good condition under the dirt. Rear seat has...
  6. ducatiboy

    Evo 6 recaro

    Full set of evo 6 recaros in perfect condition Will post pics up soon Open to offers
  7. poormansporsche

    Recaro Classics

    could go cheap at the mo but need work RECARO LEATHER SEATS WOOD AND PICKETT RANGE ROVER | eBay
  8. d w124

    Recaro CSE
  9. d w124

    Recaro C

    Such a shame they`re in Spain Recaro Bucket Seats | eBay
  10. d w124

    Grey 202 Recaro front seats

    I see Brett`s selling the seats of his 202 :cool:
  11. poormansporsche

    Mint one off 190E 2.6 Custom Recaro's, AMG Touch, Cossie Kit

    Alright peeps, Another one to go, my much beloved 190 2.6 Auto Sportline in 199 G Reg 1990, 120K, "Proper" Sportline, humpy backseat 6 months tax 4 months mot I have spent a fortune on it of late creating my ideal 190 what ive done :) Full Cossie Kit fitted (200 quid plus painting) Both sides...
  12. 2

    Recaro C Classic leather, AMG Aero 1 Alloys, Audio 20 CD Changer, Meguiars+Auto Glym

    Hi guys, Very reluctantly I'm having to sell a few items, took some time to acquire and was hoping.. dreaming rather to get my own project up and running. I guess thats on pause for another few years...:( It does give me a chance to finally clear up a few unwanted things. I'm looking to set...
  13. swannymere

    Recaro Speaker Headrests!!

    Never seen these before, on eBay in the USA. Recaro Speaker Headrests
  14. B

    Recaro CSE/classic.

    Hi, I am looking for more information on the Recaro CSE/classic. Am I right to think that they came as a factory option in certain MB models? If so which ones? What is the difference between a CSE, C or classic models? If anyone has a set for sale, or has any information to share then I would...
  15. M

    Black Leather Recaro C, heated, fully adjustable

    As per title I have decided to part with these seats as I don't see myself fitting them to anying soon The are both in full working order, just two things to mention 1) passenger backrest can be slow sometimes , but still works fine. 2)The light on the driver seat heater does not light up, but...
  16. nick.ged

    recaro cse

    Recaro CSE Mercedes W107 W108 W109 W114 - W116 dattel on eBay (end time 27-Feb-11 19:07:00 GMT) absolute bargain ! lol
  17. LowMilerAMG

    Recaro Classic / Ideal C : What Do The Buttons Do?

    Just wondered if any body out there (I guess Nick , Jay or Talbir) knows what the different buttons are for on these old Recaro seats. Ive worked out the heater and backrest adjustment buttons but how do the three air pump buttons which are normally blue work?:dk: Sorry to be dim witted as I...
  18. poormansporsche

    The "Nearly" Recaro's are in ....

    Alright Peeps, Being a bit of a Recaro snob it was a strange thing for me to do but brought these Alfa GTV seats. Thought they would suit the ole 202 better than "proper" Recaro's as they are a little bit more chunky and I dont really like Cs's Had a bit of a mare sorting subframes but...
  19. D

    1981 500SL with Recaro's, Mahles, lowered...

    Nice looking 500SL this, lot of bits on it to make it stand out, low miles & owners..... modified in a nice period kind of way.... 1981 MERCEDES 500 SL AUTO SILVER 81,758 MILES SUPERB!! on eBay (end time 03-Jan-11 19:30:44 GMT) Dee
  20. d w124

    Recaro Classic

    Anyone with a red car here 2 Recaro C Classic AMG R107 SL Mercedes Sitze W124 CE bei Innenausstattung (endet 18.11.10 19:08:35 MEZ)
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