1. N

    Need help finding this part (boot related)

    Hi, I've been trying to look for a part which is connected to the boot but I don't know what it is called (picture below). I don't have any power to the boot by the lock, it can only open by the key. Does any one know what this part is called or where I can find one? Don't have a scrap yard...
  2. Charles Morgan

    Car related New Year Resolutions

    Never one for these weight loss and stop drinking nonsense resolutions but this year I resolved to complete my W114 tuning and remaining bits flog at least two cars clear out all the surplus parts from my W114 rebuild and other cars and clear the garage of junk. Already started on 3...
  3. C

    Speed related radio interference on MW

    I understand that MW radio is lower quality than FM but yesterday when trying to listen to the Euros I noticed a distinct pulsing interference. It's definitely ground speed related and not engine speed related. I haven't noticed this before and was wondering if anyone had come across this...
  4. S

    Ml 270 wireless remote and related issues

    Hi Im now the proud owner of 2003 ml .. the problem/s are the remotes don't work I have changed the batteries and tried to re sync the fob to the car .. no joy. The door lock on the central consol will lock the doors etc but isnt able to unlock .. mechanism makes a noise but nothing happens...
  5. S

    W205 2014 AMG C250 Firmware/Software related Sat Nav and ECO Start/Stop

    Hi Lads, Just wanted to update today been told by Dealer Center that W205 2014 models had issues in firmware - software which needs to be updated to resolve it. Issues I had: 1. TouchPad sensor from time to time buttons couldn't be pressed and sensor couldn't recognize any touch from hand...
  6. guydewdney

    w211 2007 multiple electronic issues, related?

    A friend of mine has just been brought over from the dark side (m5 beemer) with a high mileage 2007 w211 weirdly, its v6, 7g, facelift, but has ntg1 dvd in boot, dvd on dash, no card reader. 1. anyway, comand will not switch on with ignition, only 'on' button pressing. then it...
  7. G

    advice and opinions please insurance related

    ok so i recently got given a c class w202 by my father and its a pearler really just needs tidying but anyway i want to keep the car and give it to my son with along with other cars in the family eventually ... but this is the first one so the car is in my fathers name on sorn at his house i...
  8. John_Doe

    So many issues I'm not sure where to start and whats related

    Ok so I recently decided to take my dash out to replace a faulty cog on the charcoal filter flap motor. Bit of a PITA to be honest and really was not worth the hassle. Anyway I noticed today that my passenger door seems to be completely dead. No power to windows, seats, mirror, not even the...
  9. B

    CLK 2007 - Bumper related part?

    Guys, My first post here and a very 'newbie' question but how do I track down a part / see a photo of it etc. ? Is there a good website? Can we get hold of service manuals? Just got the car today but there is a plastic part just in from of the front wheel which has a slight mud flap type...
  10. D

    CLK W209: Service B in 30 days - oil related?

    I have a 2005 CLK200 Kompressor. I had check engine light and now I have Service B due in 30 days. Would this be oil related? If I try to check oil level, it doesn't let me. Just says service due. It says in book that no need to check oil level for automatic transmission, I've checked before...
  11. jamesfuller

    Advice please (employment related)

    I am looking for a job and I am currently working on my cv etc. I shall be visiting some of the more local employers in person but some of them are quite a long way and would like to send a cv with a covering letter. Now the thing is most of them will not be in response to a job...
  12. E

    Strange set of problems: related?

    It's my own fault - I tempted Murphy. I have a Mercedes W210 E320 CDi estate on an 02 plate. After addressing a number of fuel leak issues when I first got it, the car had been running smoothly, albeit with a rather low looking engine coolant temperature gauge. Average mpg around 35-36...
  13. M

    W124 various electronics related questions

    Hi all, it's my first post here, hope to spend some good time in this forum. I have a 1994 W124 E220 sedan A/T. Got some questions. 1) Combination switch doesn't turn on high beams when you pull it towards the steering wheel and hold it, what can be wrong? All other functions (wiper and turning...
  14. E270 Owner

    Fuel pressure related fault codes

    Anyone familiar with this fault ? Low pressure test is fine engine cuts out on high pressure test Pressure sensor test is ok and the valve control tests ok in DAS Various fault codes DAS > 2047-001 Rail pressure to low volume control valve 2015-001 Rail pressure to low volume control valve...
  15. swannymere

    Relative size - NASA/Space Related

    Click on the link, then click on Start and begin scrolling. Relative Size of Objects
  16. wheels-inmotion

    It belongs to you.....( geometry related topic )

    Please can i enforce the fact that any geometry ( tracking ) measurements taken of your car that the results albeit in or outside of warranty belong to you. You have the right to see/ own the results from the geometric test, it's your car warranty or not! Time and time again owners are fobbed...
  17. d w124

    Funny mercedes related pictures

  18. The _Don

    Number plate for sale c63 related.

    C63 XXX open to offers in region of £10k.
  19. T

    My other hobbie car related

    Apart from driving cars,repairing them,modifying them I also draw them,Here is some of my doodles.I hope you all like them,as I put a lot of time into them and they are drawn freehand
  20. flango

    Handling related to soft tops

    Hi all, I am considering a Winter project and have got a few ideas but I would like feedback from people who have owned the following cars with respect to their handling when driven spiritedly:D Mazda MX5 Toyota MR2 Roadster BMW Z3 VW Golf GTi I seem to remebe we had one member who...
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