1. D

    W204 Sequence of replacing parts frontend

    As follow-up on my previous post I'm replacing damaged parts of my C230. The parts to be replaced are: front bumper assembly both headlamps both headlamp frames radiator/AC condenser/PS oilcooler bonnet/grill RF fender front-bottom enginebay cover To get it all nicely lined up and for...
  2. Drewpy

    w245 replacing fuel filter

    Hi All, I'm going to replace the diesel fuel filter on my B200 CDi and wondered if I need to prime the filter first before installing? Also on the original filter, there is a little bracket to hold a multi plug, the new one doesn't have this. Is this an issue? I've used Merc parts (filter...
  3. E

    Replacing CD drive

    My cd player needs replacing faulty cd drive the player has the following numbers on the drive, going to be impossible finding to fnd the exact models, can i plug any ntg4.5, my car has becker navigation would that make a dfference A2049003609 A2049011903 A1729028103 Or if anyone can advise...
  4. H

    Replacing AC pulley?

    Investigated a bit of belt noise at idle and found that the AC compressor pulley has free-play and feels a bit grumbly. Is it possible to change just the pulley and is it hard to do? Access is good, loads of room to work with. It's a denso btw. AC itself works great. Cheers
  5. C

    Replacing brake pipes

    Hi all, I'm new here so hoping for some help. My 2005 E class W211 320cdi with SBC braking system has failed its mot on corroded brake pipes, my question is does the car need to be plugged into a diagnostic PC to bleed the system after the pipes have been replaced or can this system be bled in...
  6. O

    Replacing Seat Belts in W204 Sport Plus

    Just looking for some advice please. Seen a car that I'm keen on buying, but it has the bright red seat belts that I am not really a fan of. Would it be difficult/costly to replace these with normal black seat belts? I only ask because I wasn't sure whether the mechanics of the seat belt...
  7. V

    Replacing Diffuser and Connected part

    How easy is it to replace the coloured diffuser and the part that attaches it to the bumper and holds the reversing sensors.Wife reversed over a high kerb and burst the clips joining the 2 parts together. I can get a replacement in the wrong colour for £100 and get the coloured part resprayed...
  8. B

    Replacing Parking E 2.7 2005

    Hi been to the Mercedes specialist on Thursday and had it on the star system it showed three parking sensors out, any tips on removal and fitting new ones? also when is the best place to get new ones. Thanks all. Bill.
  9. gramey

    Replacing door speaker wiring - R129

    Originally it started off that the bass speaker in the passenger door would cut in and out and it was suspected it was the voice coil in the speaker. I replaced the bass speaker with a brand new Audison one but it was still cutting out. Then it was far more out than in and then mid speaker above...
  10. M

    W211 Problem replacing rear brake disc.

    The brake light come on so I order full set discs and pads. Replaced front with no problem. The problem starts with the rear one. One side ok on the other one I've got problem with removing one bolt. The bolts sits in the bearing carrier I think that's how it's called that part. It goes out few...
  11. D

    Advice on replacing timing chain CLK320

    Hi Everyone, Hope you can advise concerning when and if I should replace Timing Chain on my 2005 CLK 3.2 coupe. It is approaching 120K miles and there are as yet no problems with the chain currently. I have read advice from a number of forums some saying leave well alone and others saying...
  12. whiterussian737

    Replacing alloy wheels

    Hi I am quite new so if I get anything wrong excuse us. I have a 2003 320 CLK cab and I've just purchased used 18 alloys off a 2005 270 coupe will they fit my motor please? Ho yes they are brabus 18 inch
  13. J

    Replacing a Jeep, is an ML a fair choice?

    I've run a few Jeep Grand Cherokee V8s over the past 15 years or so and they have been a really good fit for my needs. First, it needs to be able to tow a car trailer with rally car on it. A high towing capacity is therefore a requirement. Also a right bugger that the C63 isn't type approved...
  14. T

    Replacing W218 CLS climate control unit

    I need to replace my CLS's climate control panel. I have a new (secondhand) part and need to fit it. How do I remove the centre console trim to get at it? I have seen videos showing how to access/remove the headunit, but nothing lower down. Does the thin leather section below the heated seats...
  15. C

    W124 Replacing fuel lines

    Evening All, I have been shown a fuel leak under my E220 W124 coupe due to corroded fuel line. It was in for a Value service at Gatwick MB dealer who identified it and showed me the leak on video, it was like a dripping tap! The leak looks like its at the rear just before it runs up to the...
  16. Peter DLM

    Maybe not replacing my E63 with the W213 version then...

    My E63 goes back at the end of May and I've made some preliminary enquiries about the new one, and been slightly surprised at the result. :( There aren't any deals yet basically, PCP works out at 2.5 times more expensive than my current one, and I'm not going to buy outright. I may go back to...
  17. J

    Replacing NTG 2 ?

    Currently have a CLS with NTG 2.5, which is ok, but looking to get an E55 which will have, correct me if I am wrong NTG 2 ? I see various direct fit replacements on eBay, are they worse than the 13 year old Mercedes system, are there any gotchas like losing the ability to adjust functionality...
  18. S

    Replacing centre caps - 2013 ML250

    Hi Guys The centre caps on our ML250 are extremely scuffed and I'm looking to replace them. Does anyone know if you have to take the whole tyre off and push them out from the inside? That's how I had to do it on my old BMW.. Also, can anyone recommend where to get original centre caps...
  19. S

    Replacing DRL W212 2012

    My drivers side DRL is cracked, due to a stone. How easy is it to swap, can't seem to find any info Thanks
  20. B

    2004 W203 Issues after replacing combination switch (amateur hour)

    A bit of background.... I took my car in for an MOT a few weeks backs (w203 - 2004 plate), knowing that the wiper switches on the stalk had broken and that it would need a replacement stalk, the workshop suggested given that it's done 160k to test it to fail and fix what fails, miraculously the...
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