1. brucemillar

    Fuse ampage required please?

    Folks On my Pajero. I have fitted two 100w front spot lights via a relay. All good and working. Any idea what size fuse I should use for these?
  2. Scott_F

    Missing Cat - Urgent Help Required

    I've already posted this in my window but any help from forum members would be much appreciated:
  3. trapperjohn

    Forum Courier Service. Service Required Please.

    So I have bought KillerHertz's Sony Amp and Speaker and I now I need to get them from Cambridge up to the North West of England. For sizes see this link. Would any forum member be...
  4. Satch

    W211 Door Mirror Part nos. help required

    Well this is an embuggerance. This afternoon forced way over to left by eejit coming round bend on my side of road and smote mirror on a dangling branch. :wallbash: Mirror shell intact, motors still motor and whole thing clicked back OK but mirror glass & backing unit gone into the...
  5. John Jones Jr

    Part number required, parts diagram attached.

    Guys, ,would be grateful if somebody could give me the part number for 254. Thanks in advance.
  6. G

    New Car - Apology Required

    As you know, I've been selling my ML420 for a while and now that it's gone I've bought a lovely new car... Bracing myself for flaming, but I've got an E61 530d which I absolutely love. I am amazed at how much more technologically advanced this car is than the ML however actually does feel alot...
  7. DSM10000

    Suitable car required for dragging a horse box (plus horse!)

    Madam is now extending her outings on Finn (Or Big Bu**er as Woodythewise so rightly calls him:D) to local jump events. It has also been mentioned that attending events further afield is also on the agenda and therefore the 1964 LR S2 is no longer a suitable vehicle, not that it ever really was...
  8. Benzowner

    Change from PC To iMac, help required

    Hi, I have just changed from a PC Windows 8.1 to an iMac27, transferred all the documents across, no problems, except in my music files. On Finder on the Mac I have 1583 tracks, however on iTunes I can only import 383. I downloaded Vox for Mac and as that is tied in with iTunes, also only...
  9. Felstmiester

    What is required to turn off cel light after primary cat removal

    Had car down workshop on the ramp yesterday to look at removing secondary's and thought as the exhuast will be coming off I could take out the primary's as well. What is required to turn the light off that removing primary would throw? Is gutting the primary's worth the hastle? Apart from...
  10. S

    W169 Advice and Reassurance Required!

    Hi everyone. New to the forum .................... so please be gentle! I've just bought a W169 A170 based on a description and a few photographs! :doh: It's only 250 miles away, so I won't actually see it until next week some time. The question I have is regarding the timing chain. Rumour has...
  11. H20 MRV

    LSD not required?

    Hi All, I have taken my 507 and now my 2012 C63 coupe to the limits on highland roads and had no problems with grip or drive at all, And as I will never take the car on a track what's the advantage of a LSD?
  12. B

    E55 exhaust manifolds required

    Hi, new to this forum, I'm looking for some exhaust manifolds for an e55, 1999 model engine that's fitted in my c43, standard fitment only please, thanks
  13. S

    Amount of engine oil required for a 1.8 automatic

    Just had car serviced. I always by the oil and dont like having the garage stuff put into the car. Put in 5L and the garage said i need to put put another 0.5L and then another guy told me to put 1L. Checked the system and the electronics on the dashboard says level is ok. Does anyone know the...
  14. emma9403

    Repray required? Or polish

    My boot looks like it reacted when it was resparyed before I brought it. I live in nottingham and looking for a place to fix this. Any help would be appreciated
  15. A

    Mercedes C220 CDTi Star diagnostics required

    Hi, posted earlier about oil in cylinder 1 aftet turbo replacement and injectors etc, I noticed member advertising Star diagnostics central Scotland who is mobile, I could not reply as I am new member:-( any help finding appreciated
  16. brucemillar

    Help Required with a contact in BT

    Folks Can anybody please help me. I was convinced to return my business (Domestic) to BT last January. To help make my mind up they offered me an "unlimited broadband package with free UK weekend calls" This for £18 per month. BT then proceeded to take three lots of £165 per month from my...
  17. T

    W208 CLK Undertray Required same for all 208's?

    My 1999 CLK 430 requires the plastic Engine Undertray are the Undertrays the same for all 208's ???? I would have thought so, but not sure. I dont know how to access the Parts thing to check If they are .Hopefully I could then get one from any Breaking 208 Thanks Boyd
  18. D

    Help Required: Problems with Audio 20 in W211

    I bought a 2004 E Class Estate 2 months ago with an Audio 20 unit and 6 CD changer, plus Nokia phone cradle, to which I added a Viseeo MBU-3000 Bluetooth kit. Since owning the car I have experienced the following intermittent problems: 1. CD changer not working - when you press the CDC button...
  19. Indigo

    help required 1992 300SL R129

    Hi, I've two problems with my 92 SL and would really appreciate your advice. 1 . Wipers only work on fastest speed, my guess needs wiper relay. Any ideas best source on sensibly priced unit as I'm on a budget - part number 001 542 79 19 As some quotes I've had for a 20 year old used item are...
  20. av12ram

    500 sec wing required urgently

    Hi guys My car is finally ready to go of to the body shop but i am really struggling to find driver side wing for the 500 sec. Does anyone on here have one in good condition that they are willing to sell please. :( Thanks
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