1. crockers

    c63 v Alfa Romeo Guilia.

    Any of you C63 owners tempted by the new Alfa with a Ferrari derived V6??
  2. John

    Alfa Romeo Owners / Mercedes Drivers

  3. grober

    New Alfa Romeo Guilia

    DETAILS HERE Alfa Romeo Giulia (2015) first of nine new Alfas | Secret New Cars | Car Magazine Online
  4. A

    Alfa Romeo Sprint - £13K

    I stumbled across this by accident. I used to have a Burnt Orange one and loved it. Sadly a rust bucket but wellll.... I sold it for £300. I should have kept it as an investment! Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce Cloverleaf | eBay
  5. DanMorgan

    Jeremy Clarkson's Alpha Romeo (Piston Heads)

    Used 1989 Alfa Romeo 75 for sale in Tyne And Wear | Pistonheads
  6. DSM10000

    Any one have experience of the Alfa Romeo 2.4 Diesel?

    A friend is lusting after an Alfa Romeo Brera and I can understand why, hey are rather beautiful! She wants a diesel as she covers around 20,000 P.A visiting her parents regularly which is a 500 mile round trip, I have suggested she avoid the 1.9TDi as they have a lot of well documented...
  7. W

    Video: Watch the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C come to life

    Video: Watch the Alfa Romeo 4C come to life | National Post
  8. marty359

    Very Rare Oakley Romeo's

    Thought I would try these on here before I eBay them. A very rare pair of Oakley Romeo X Metal sunglasses. These were discontinued in 2004 and I've never seen another new pair for sale. Tom cruise wore these in the opening credits of mission I hear you cry I must...
  9. MartinGB

    Near head on crash with an Alfa Romeo

    Hey Guys, Thought I’d tell you about what happened today! I was driving from Nottingham to Loughborough on the A60 Bunny Hill at around 8:30am and a red Alfa Romeo lost control coming in the opposite direction. The driver skidded left then right and the back end of their car only just...
  10. markjay

    Which Model Alfa Romeo is this? (asks whitenemesis) whitenemesis, it's not possible to post replies in the Gallery forum. And I believe the answer your question is 166.
  11. whitenemesis

    Which Model Alfa Romeo is this?

    Can anyone ID this for me? TIA
  12. G

    A part detailed '00 Alfa ~Romeo 156 and a '89 E-Class W124 Saloon

    Spend a few hours this morning... washed her thoroughly. Clay bared in detail. Then machine polished with G3 scratch remover ... and some G3 paste where it was needed. Another later of G3 medium polish. Then applied a coat of Autoglym Ulta Deep shine and here are the results I wanted to wax and...
  13. M

    Alfa Romeo 156

    Has anybody got any experience of the 156? My Merc or 'the colander' as i like to call it now has not got long for the world as it is rapidly turning into red dust, and i am looking around for a new motor. I was looking at Mercs first, but have decided to widen my net and had a look at a...
  14. B

    Alfa Romeo 156

    Took one in p/x and I have started driving it as I love it. Never wanted an Alfa, always thought they were rubbish but this is gorgeous. Looks nice, full momo leather, air, allloys and with the uprated suspension, it handles like a racing car, only criticism is that the ride is very low for...
  15. gurpz

    C43 AMG in Romeo Must Die

    A nice video clip featuring the C43 AMG: :rock:
  16. smillion

    Alfa Romeo paintjob @ £15,225

    Has anyone noticed the advert for the new Alfa Romeo 159 Ti saloon (what car page 20-21). The car featured is said in the small print to be £23,645 OTR, and that the 8C paint is available as an option at an extra cost of £15,255 :eek: I bet we don't see too many of those :D
  17. D

    Alfa Romeo 169

    Look similar to slc except the rabbit chisel grill. 4 doors!:eek:
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Romeo Must Die - C5

    On now, lame film, but has a Sliver C43 AMG* in a street chase Channel 5 *A C180 Classic with a kit most likely
  19. KillerHERTZ

    C43 AMG - Romeo must die (ch5)

    Just incase you havent ever seen it before, there is a cool chase in Romeo must die with a C43 AMG w202 in sliver. Its on ch5 now
  20. Tan

    O/T Alfa Romeo 156

    Hi Does anybody have experience of of the Alfa 156.
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