1. J

    Audi RS4 (B7) Avant: Spotted

    Always admired this model
  2. developer

    Audi RS4 B4

    I had a brief encounter with an RS4 B4 yesterday - X plate, so I assume it was a B4 (I know nothing about Audis and had to look it up). It had very wide wheels/tyres and two large bore side by side exhausts, so possibly not stock tune. Anyway, only a 2.7/3.0 engine, but with twin turbos and an...
  3. Pie

    RS4 to C63 - First Thoughts

    Hi guys, Made the jump from 4 rings to 3 pointed star 12 days ago. I did a little write up over on about my first impressions which I'll just copy and paste to save me regurgitating: So took the Merc for a proper run from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and back again on Saturday and...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris on Cars: Audi S4 vs Audi RS4

    2KfMY96v_Gc Audi S4 v Audi RS4. Does Supercharging Rule? - CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
  5. S

    Test drove the new RS4 today.

    In estate version as that is all they make it in now. Honest opinion? Not impressed. Handled well enough but felt a bit big and uninvolving. Didn't feel that special to me for a 73K car. I was a bit disappointed with the interior - the seats were not supportive enough and I couldn't find a...
  6. Simon_M

    RS4 vs. C63 Estate

    In Autoexpress this week. RS4 comes out on top by a whisker. Say RS4 has an even better exhaust note and is just as quick despite being around 150Nm down on torque. They also say it is cheaper even when optioned up (not by my calculations) and will have better residuals. Cannot find...
  7. The _Don

    C63 amg wagon audi rs4 chris harris

    PistonHeads Headlines - Chris Harris video: Audi RS4 Fwd to 14 mins the drift is fecking awesome :O)
  8. The _Don

    DRIVEN: NEW AUDI RS4 - Chris Harris

    Driven: Audi RS4
  9. The _Don

    New audi rs4: Revealed

    PistonHeads Headlines - New Audi RS4: revealed
  10. P

    Jumping from a RS4 to C63

    Any member done this. Sold my B7 Avant a while back and I'm considering a C63. Just hoping a few members may be able to give some comparisons of the 2 cars. Performance is there much in the two, i imagine running costs must be very similar. Would like to hear any feedback......
  11. Ade B

    C55 vs RS4 and others

    My brother is looking to switch his 993 C4S for a 'sensible' car now that his first nipper is due. His criteria are: Must be wife friendly to drive Must fit bike + kiddie in back Must be comfy motorway cruiser and.. Must have over 400hp :rolleyes: Would prefer an auto Must fit in his garage...
  12. T

    2007 Audi RS4 vs 2008 BMW M3 vs 2008 Mercedes C63

    2007 Audi RS4 vs 2008 BMW M3 vs 2008 Mercedes C63
  13. scotth_uk

    Anyone fancy a drive of an RS4 in Germany?

    Hi all, 'My friend' was playing with the interweb machine today and did a little research on renting fast cars with the specific intention of driving in at warp speed. UK was out of the question, as the cost of renting prestige here is just plain stupid, not to mention the low speed...
  14. craigyb

    Unlucky merc V8 Vs RS4

    Well my mate went upto Preston Audi on Saturday morning in his nice shiney red RS4, souped upto 425BHP, yarda yarda yarda.... On his way there he encountered what he thinks was a Merecedes V8 supercar, whilst travelling at 120mph+ down a dual carriage way with the V8 caning him, he decided...
  15. A

    M5 v RS4

    Insane and criminal driving :eek: (about 19 mb) From the abundance of Ladas, I assume (hope!) it is somewhere in Eastern Europe?
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