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  1. merc85

    E55K Fixed or Clutched S/c Pulley

    Whats the pro's and cons of a Fixed S/c Pulley over a clutched one? Just asking:D
  2. M

    S211 gearboxes and s/c button?

    This may be a silly question but when looking at adverts can I tell if an e-class has the 5 or 7 speed gearbox by looking to see if it has an s/c button? Some cars seem to have the S/C button and some dont - is it an indicator that the car has the 7 speed box? thanks
  3. merc85

    s203 if only it was S/c

    If only it was Supercharged lol, Lovely looking car:rock: MERCEDES C55 V8 AMG ESTATE(05 54)SILVER TOP SPEC RARE ORIGINAL FAST CAR! BRISTOL | eBay
  4. 7om

    55k 77mm S/C pulley group buy? Any takers?

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to get hold of a 77mm UPD clutched pulley. I've got the engine bay cooling tank sorted so I want to crack on with this and get it done. This will be for the DIY'ers like myself using the Eurocharged or any equivalent remap cable. I live in Cornwall 300 miles away from...
  5. Lee C63

    Aquamist HFS4 Install on Stage 2 S/C C63

    Just had a Water / meth system fitted to the C63….main reason for this was to help control IAT (even though I have a Killer chiller installed). I opted for the HFS 4 Aquamist kit which will allow me to have the ECU map finely tuned and may give a slight increase in power (due to the Meth raising...
  6. K

    E55 had jet 2 s/c oil for 6 months, going to attempt it myself.

    I had this can of jet 2 oil for my supercharger for 6 months and after enquiring if specilists would change the oil whilist the s/c was on the car, they simply were not really interested. I have brought long magnetic allen keys, an syringe and tubing and will attempt it soon. Obviously I will...
  7. Mrhanky

    55K S/C Pulley Bearing

    Chaps does anyone know what the generic bearing size code is for the standard size supercharger pulley. I know the OEM one is made by Nachi under code 45BG07S5AIG-2DL. However as bearings are standard sizes I wanted the code to purchase one locally.
  8. Lenny63

    S/c c55

    I wonder do we have any similar cars here in the UK I love how you have whine at the front followed by big bark :eek: Really have a soft spot for these http://youtu.be/A-7mbcvvkHY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_AGLBnEpsg :D
  9. mars1960

    S/C Pulley, whats the real deal.

    I am thinking of buying the S/C pulley from CKS. However, i have read (well respected members and even a sponsor) saying that there have been a few problems with these (belts coming off etc) and causing damage. Obviously that's the last thing i want, this was back in 2011 that i read these...
  10. The _Don

    Weistec Unleashed Vol. 1 e63 c63 bs s/c

  11. C

    gearbox switch S/C doesn't react

    My button(switch) S/C doesn't react at all but I can see an automatic change on the display, sometimes C and in the other day S. Is there anyone who had similar issue or can help?
  12. Howard

    S/c W210 E55

  13. D

    C43 vs Jag XJR 4.2 s/c

    I'm fast approaching my 30th birthday so insurance on a real super car should be affordable from then on. Much as I'd love a C43 I just can't bring myself to buy a c-class from an era when rust was such a problem, particularly as it would still be 7-8 years old. Been searching round for...
  14. H

    HPS Debuts S/C for C43

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 26, 2003 HPS DEBUTS SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM FOR C43 Company’s Tradition of Reliability, Performance, and Value Continues in the AMG Variant of the C-Class SANTA ANA, Calif. — High Performance Systems, LLC (HPS) today announced yet another application for its...
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