1. D

    Work to be done on frontend S204. Pull airbag fuses?

    Hello everyone, this a 'better safe than sorry' question. The frontend of my S204 is damaged and I'm starting the repair which may include some hammering on the front inner bumperbeam. Knowing the two airbag sensors fitted there, is it sufficient to just undo them or is it wise to pull the...
  2. B

    Roof bars for S204 (2013) C class estate

    It's a C63, but I think that doesn't make any difference. I was looking at the Thule wingbars, as I'd quite like something designed to be aerodynamic and reduce wind noise - but having looked at them in person, they are incredibly wide. 90mm - meaning that the majority of accessories which...
  3. S

    Mercedes s204 brake fluid leak

    Just been to pick the wife up, pulled up to let her in and the brake pedal sunk lower than usual, proceeded to drive home and decided to pull over to check fluid level, it was 10mm below the high mark, drove the rest of the journey, luckily only a few minutes up the road, when home rechecked...
  4. I

    s204 220 cdi problems

    Well, I had a problem at the end of last week with a sudden EML and limp home mode. The car was plugged and a MAF failure was found. I changed the MAF today and cleared the fault. Now the car still doesn't run properly. It felt like it was misfiring for a while, that has now stopped. It now goes...
  5. mpc

    W204 / S204 Difference?

    I have seen references to the c class W204 and also S204, is there a difference between the 2?
  6. L

    Quieter tyres on S204?

    My C350 CDi is currently fitted with Continental Contisport 5 tyres, size 225/45 R17 which will soon need replacing so I'm wondering about alternatives. I find I get a lot of road noise from the Contis on some surfaces so have been thinking about a change to tyres that will be a lot quieter...
  7. vijilants

    Sports Grill for Mercedes W204 S204 C Class Matt Flat Black C63 AMG Look

    I purchased the grill below three weeks ago for £137.75 from a German supplier. It is matt black with a genuine Mercedes chrome star It fits the W204 C Class, however after fitting it, the look didn't work with the colour of my car. The grill was then removed.....so never used. It is fitted...
  8. D

    C220 S204 workshop manual

    Hi does anybody know where I can download a manual for a 2011 c220 cdi. I have a major water leak somewhere on the right hand side of the engine. I believe it could be the egr cooler seals. but would like a manual before I tackle it.
  9. S

    s204 roof bar removal

    Hi having done a search i can't seem to find out how to remove the roof rails from my 2011 c220 estate Doris blew a roof tile off my house roof that landed on my car slightly denting and chipping my roof I've just had it looked at and been quoted £280 to repair / paint the roof only , but...
  10. A

    s204 aux in glove box not working?

    hi guys , I am clueless when its comes to car audio , but i have noticed the aux socket in glove box so went and brought a lead (3.5mm )to play my iPhone tunes using this it but nothing happens. will this just be put in from factory and then optional extra to get it hooked up? or am i...
  11. P

    S204 tailgate damage

    Apologies this is not in the bodywork section but the iPhone app won't let you create a new thread in that section. Anyways the mrs managed to reverse into somebody's tow hitch last night putting a decent dent in the tailgate of our S204 estate. Luckily the dent is in the metal and the plastic...
  12. I

    2010 s204 steering combi switch

    Hi does anybody know if on my 2010 s204, will this c class 2013 steering column switch fit/ be compatible part no. A212 900 7823, i want a newer column because i have bought a 2013 steering wheel so doing column change instead of hacking up the chip inside cheers gaz
  13. P

    S204 early 2011 Side mirror repeater/indicator lens

    I all. Looks like someone has clipped my mirror resulting in just the actual repeater light lens being smashed. Pretty sure these are a part in their own right. Does anyone have either the MB part number or the actual part for the offside but that I need. Thanks Adam
  14. H

    S204 Speedometer light went crazy

    Hi everyone, I have this problem https://youtu.be/Rzj6RMSGY7g https://youtu.be/Rzj6RMSGY7g for 2 days. It occurs from time to time for view sec and then it goes back to normal. Any idea what could it be? MB S204 C220 CDI 2009
  15. B

    Improving a C63 s204

    I know it's all been asked before but supposed to be working so don't have time to sift through it all just now. I've kinda found my interest waning a bit and started looking at other motors. Might try a bit of tuning before moving on as i love that engine!! Any ideas on where would be best to...
  16. D

    Mercedes 17” S204 AMG alloys

    https://www.lotus7.club/forum/sale/genuine-mercedes-17%E2%80%9D-s204-amg-alloys-and-good-tyres spotted on the L7 forum. Might be of use to someone
  17. addbuyer

    S204 privacy shades

    Hi my C Class Estate has gone so I have a set of privacy shades for sale. I have had this type of product in the last 6 cars and will be getting a set for the E Class eventually. They are approx 6-8 months old (cant remember exactly) but look like brand new. They give the instant privacy glass...
  18. M

    Eibach Pro-kit W204/ S204 Lowering Springs

    got a set of lowering springs which were on my 2012 mercedes c-class estate but will also suit any saloon or estate diesel c-class or a larger engine petrol. bought around christmas and was on my car for 6 months, selling as not needed anymore, very good condition, looking for £150 posted...
  19. R

    Genuine Mercedes 17” S204 AMG alloys and good tyres

    Unfortunately my father’s car (cherished ’63 plate S204 Saloon c250d Sport) was written off in last December’s Lakeland floods, with only 8,200 miles on the clock, it was wearing its winter wheels/tyres, one of which was wrecked in the flood. I’ve been asked to sell his staggered summers for...
  20. S

    mercedes s204 v6?

    Hi...just a quick question, did mercedes do a V6 powered s204, ie estate wagon version, years 2007 onwards?
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