1. A

    S500 Limo rear seats recline

    Hi, Is it possible to recline the rear seats? Both doors have the back rest buttons however the left one does nothing and the right one is rock solid. Head rest and base buttons work fine. The user manual does not make reference to rear seat recline. Thanks
  2. tali

    Merc S500 "Working table"

    1999 V Reg*MERCEDES-BENZ S CLASS S500L 4DR AUTO BIG SPEC LIMO+* Incorrectly lists "picnic tables" when it is a "Working table (mechnical)" left and right can be specified individually at £700 - rather odd:confused: never seen any car with that - anyone here know of one? Also seller fails to...
  3. Mercv8

    De-cat S500 W220

    Apparently the cat is on it's way out. Would it cause problems if i de-catted it?
  4. Mercv8

    w220 S500 Remap

    Is it worth getting a re-map for the S500? Guy at AA Technik reckons he can get another 30 BHP from it and make it more responsive?
  5. jamiemay

    W140 S500 coupe pics

  6. rossy

    W220 S500 induction/Filter

    I've seen the k&n style replacment pannels and heard the rumers of them "naffing" up the MAFs...so, has anyone fitted two CONE filters? Just that I like the quiet crousing, but having a V8 that you can not hear at all when you "boot it"? (Yes I know thats the hole point of the S Class) So...
  7. M

    02 S500 - warning beeps

    Hi, I havent long bought my S500 on an 02 plate - apologies I'm a beginner and don't know my exact model number The problem I am having is as follows: When I go to second ignition I get two audible warnings one short and one longer. The display shows "no Malfunctions" On further...
  8. S

    1994 s500 lwb

    I am consolidating the barges and so my sedan is up for sale (the CL has someoneo interested already). 1994 S500 long wheelbase Very dark grey with mushroom interior Electric rear seats Electric rear blind Sunroof Aircon (yes, it blows cold!) Body is in very good condition - there has been the...
  9. R

    Wanted w140 s500

    Hi there MB fans ! I share the Mercedes passion and I am looking for my next one in GB . I am from Bulgaria – small country between Greece , Turkey and Romania . I’ve had ’92 W123 , ’95 W124 , ;77 W116 , ’98 Sprinter and ’02 Smart Convertible . But they are all history now except the ’77 W116...
  10. M

    W220 S500 Rear Seat Removal (Help)

    I am currently trying to track a power problem on my head rest screens and dvd player and I need to follow the leads to see if there is an in situ fuse. However I will need to remove my rear seats. They are electric in the rear so I'm wondering if anyone has a how to remove the rear seats...
  11. D

    S500 W220 Fan Motor Noisy

    Hi, I have just had a major service and pointed out that the fan motor for the main radiator fan seemed to be making a noise. It was diagnosed as likely to be the motor bearing which cannot be repaired according to the MB dealer. This would need to be replaced at a cost of £700 incl labour at...
  12. M

    S500 Exhaust Upgrade?

    I have a 2002 W220 S500 and I would like to get a more sporty note from the V8 but I don't know where to source the correct system from Any suggestions? Cheers
  13. smoothcoupe

    2004/2005 s500 7 speed

    Is there a 7 speed box in the s500 in this period. And can anyone give me the full spec for the long wheelbase model. What would I expect to pay for a 2004/2005 model with 60,000 miles.thanks
  14. jonnyboy

    superb s500 for reluctant sale

    I searched long and hard for a decent not-abused car, and rejected 30 before I bought this one, went up past Norfolk for it if i remember correctly. It was miles away, but worth it! Dead-on a year ago. My wife reminded me the other night of the Cheshire Cat grin I had on my face as she overtook...
  15. M

    S500 Alarm keeps going off!

    Hi I am based in Aberdeen Scotland and during the last few days is has been raining heavily. Today whilst sitting in my office my alarm kept going off. I tried to convince myself that the alarm might just be to sensitive with heavy trucks going past, setting it off however when I think about it...
  16. M

    Noisy engine on my S500

    In the last few days I've thought that the car (W220 S500 2002) had been sounding a bit off i.e. a faint ticking sound. I took off the plastic engine cover to locate the noise and I'm 99% sure its from the engine itself. I checked the oil and it seems to have used a small amount but nothing...
  17. W

    Nokia 6090 in 2001 S500 (W220)

    I have a factory fitted Nokia 6090 in my W220. The SIM card is fitted into the handset. Each time I get in the car I have to enter my PIN number. Can I configure the phone so that it doesn't ask for the PIN each time? According to the user manual the Nokia 6090 comes with a radio unit, and...
  18. M

    S500 Phone

    I have 2002 W220 and it has the features on the dash and steering wheel for the phone system but I don't have the phone installed. Can anyone tell me if the required wiring etc is pre insalled in to these cars and if so can the mercedes phone be fitted or is it a trip down to halfords for the...
  19. alanuk400

    03 S500 Plug change

    Hi Does anyone have instructions on changing the 16 plugs on my w220. Thanks Alan
  20. smoothcoupe

    changing coolant. s500 w140

    i am going to change my coolant this weekend. i need to know if there is a drain plug, also is there a bleeding procedure. i may be changing the viscous as well any help on how to would be appreciated.
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