1. S

    ODB bluetooth scanner

    Can anyone recommend an ODB scanner which has an Android app and bluetooth connection but which is Mercedes specific? thanks
  2. R

    which scanner for sl55 R230

    Hi, Looking for advise on which scanner you would advise to get, besides STAR , for diagnostic function and being able to reset service lights when they appear. I do a lot of the work, basics, myself but need to be able to reset service and read fault codes, etc. My SL55 has an OBDll plug not...
  3. t-dawg1

    iCarsoft i980 diagnostic scanner

    £65 to a good DIYer
  4. C

    OBD2 Bluetooth Code scanner.

    Hi, i have a 2004 W209 CLK270 CDI and an android phone and have discovered this online: Is this compatable with my car?
  5. Gilberto bello

    clk55 amg c208 scanner

    hi Guys what code scanner is best for a clk55 amg c208 year 2000 38 pin ?? many thanks Gilberto
  6. A

    iCarsoft 980 scanner wanted

    I hear good things of these basic scanners. Anyone who's moved on or upgraded etc. have one going spare to sell me? Cheers.
  7. P

    Scanner-I Carsoft i980

    Sold the car so no longer need this. Approx £90 new. Used only once, as new in all packaging with all accessories. Was for my 2003 W209 CLK. Price is £55 inc postage.
  8. T

    Which fault code scanner fo R170 Slk?

    Hi Im looking for a fault code scanner that is fully compatible with my R170 Slk with the old type round ECU connection. Thanks
  9. martyp87

    Bluetooth OBDII Scanner for iPhone

    Hello all, I purchased a OBDII interface from eBay for a tenner but I can't get my iPhone to even find it under Bluetooth devices so I am assuming it is only compatible with Android phones. For reference it is a KMoon OBDII mini interface. Tested it on my Smart ForTwo but stated it works...
  10. simonafloat

    scanner for 2002 w163 ml270

    Hi all, Looking for a scanner that will work with my ml270. I've read older posts recommending the autel maxidiag eu702 scanner for my merc. Thing is, there seem to be eu702's for sale all over the place, ranging from £80 right up to £200, I guess the cheaper ones are Chinese copies? Can...
  11. pnevesfoto

    OBDII / EOBD Scanner

    Hi guys, I was thinking on buying one of these for future usage... Autel MaxiScan MS509 OBDII scanner they've become quite cheap and I think they are quite handy and useful for diagnosis of common glitches and fusses that usually happen after a period with long driven mileage... Is...
  12. J

    Autel 20 in 1 Airbag ABS SRS Engine MIL Light Reset Tool Fault Code Scanner EX3

    Used but in very good condition. Engine, Airbag, ABS & A/T Scanner These MD801 series scanners cover the largest range of worldwide built cars on all the major modules for an entry level scanner. Out performs many more advanced tools at a fraction of the price.

The tool covers engine...
  13. J

    c220 cdi w203 2003 model scanner

    I have a srs fault come up and want to buy a scanner to remove it I found this one on eBay: MERCEDES FAULT CODE READER ENGINE SCANNER DIAGNOSTIC RESET TOOL OBDII EOBD eBay item number:200920310471 As my model is a 2003 I think I would need a converter cable. MERCEDES BENZ 38Pin to 16...
  14. Benjy

    Vgate Icar 2 WiFi OBD2 Car Diagnostics Scanner

    Guys On the off chance I wonder if anyone has or has used a Vgate "Icar" plug in OBD dongle. I have been bought one as a present and all day yesterday tried getting my Iphone 4 to pick up the wifi network that is suppose to show in my wifi networks on the phone:wallbash:. Problem I have is...
  15. L


    Hi all. For those interested in scanners, I have just purchased the following: Foxwell NT630 Engine ABS Airbag Diagnostic Scanner Tool UK Fault Code Scan Reset | eBay Its a Foxwell NT630. I bought it primarily to clear the SRS light and malfunction warning on my 2002 CLK320. I induced...
  16. grober

    OBD scanner suppliers

    Lots of posts on these over the years, but a friend of mine is looking for a mid range OBD 2 code reader for his VW [ Possibly a VS450?] lots available on Ebay etc but he prefers buying from someone in the UK with an address. Doesn't want the bluetooth/android phone type. Someone mentioned...
  17. John Jones Jr

    Autel OBD scanner.

    This Autel AL319 model seems to have superseded the MS509. Any comment/views would be helpful. Autel Autolink AL319 OBD2 EOBD CAN Code Reader Cheers in advance.
  18. Willsco

    Will an OBD scanner work on my 2001 R129?

    We have a number of cars in the family and I am considering an Autel scanner These scanners work on petrol cars from 2001 - so I understand My R129 is a 2001 model - does anyone know if it has OBD that I can attach scanner to? I understand that what I will be able to do with scanner is...
  19. N

    Obd2 code scanner recommendation W209

    Currently looking for a scanner that will give me codes should the engine light decide to illuminate. Any recommendations? There are so many just dont know which one would work. Dont want to spend much! Thanks Neil
  20. C

    Dtc scanner

    Hi again everyone I am looking for a diagnostic trouble code scanner suitable for my 1999 W208 320 CLK cabriolet, now I know everyone is going to say STAR OR CARSOFT but both are out of my price range unless anyone has the kit second hand, so can anyone recommend one that will do the job even if...
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