1. M

    buying sec 500 problems to look for

    i am thinking of buying a mercedes sec 500 160k with full history only three previous owners are there anythings i need to look out for as in common faults it does have an idel issue where revs drop when warm this started after thr engine was cleaned using a pressure washer
  2. M

    best classic ins merc sec 500

    I am thinking of purchasing a mercedes sec 500 and want to insure it on a classic policy who would be the best insurance to insure with
  3. h17n dj

    W126 SEC Gen 2 Bumper

    Hello all, Does anybody have a Gen2 W126 SEC bumper for sale? without bumper chromes is preferred. If you have the foglights, that would be great! Thank you.
  4. h17n dj

    SEC Shop

    Good Afternoon All, I have been trying to contact SEC Shop in Kent with no luck... does anybody know what has happened to them? website seems to be up and running? Thanks HJ
  5. gbjeppm

    560 sec 1988

    My SEC is now up for sale on ebay, if any members here are interested. 1988 Mercedes 560 SEC 126 Coupe | eBay Restoration thread on MBClub here
  6. vijilants

    SEC Gullwing

    Saw this at MB world this weekend.....very rare....
  7. jaymanek

    Detailed the AMG 560 SEC today

    New front seats added last year...
  8. D

    W126 AMG bodykit, full or part kit, SEC...

    Hi guys, After giving up the search for a black on black 560 SEL, I finally bagged a W126 of some description, albeit a 500SEC! Need a full Gen2 AMG kit for it... Willing to buy in bits and also in full and also willing to travel any distance, UK wise... Cash waiting. Regards Dee
  9. clk320x

    380 SEC Anyone

    380 SEC 98k miles - quick sale due to company car For Sale (1982) on Car And Classic UK [C853225] 380 SEC for sale , 98K miles, 1982 £3800 ONO looks good :)
  10. jaymanek

    My Grey 560 SEC

    My new daily car to replace my C43 AMG. NO Plans to modify this car at all. Its a car I have been courting for a while. Local owner. Well cared for and relatively low mileage example.
  11. ioweddie

    1:43 Paul's Model Art 1992 Mercedes 600 SEC C140 Coupe

    I'm selling this on ebay, plus lots more please cut and paste into ebay search: 302253078292 Lots more please view my other listings
  12. T

    560 sec

    Looks in good condition, I wonder what the reserve is Mercedes 560 SEC | eBay is?
  13. M

    C126 500/560sec

    Evening all. I'm hoping to get into a 500 or 560sec over the next 12-18months (couple of cars to strip/sell 1st) and was wondering if someone could give me a realistic budget to have before I even start looking. I wouldn't be looking for concourse but would like a nice example to use on the...
  14. 4

    Wheeler Dealer Mercedes SEC 500

    Watching Wheeler Dealers and Mike is buying an SEC 500. He then revealed his plans on how to make money on it. Convert it to an AMG tribute car. Giggling my **** off at the thought of all the anti AMG poser brigade climbing the walls and shouting at their TV's. Lets see how this...
  15. slfanuk

    560 SEC Wanted - Condition NOT Important

    Hi, I new on here but have been an MB fan/owner/collector for a while. What I am looking for is an SEC 560 for myself. I don't mind the overall condition of the vehicle as I am proposing some 'updates' to the body and the interior of the car, I would prefer the running gear to be...
  16. I

    1990 C126 SEC Fuel Flap/Door Wanted

    As per title, petrol flap for 1990 SEC needed please if anyone has one. Apparently there are different part numbers for generation one, two and then late generation two so need the right one. Thanks!
  17. I

    AMG Gen 2 w126 SEC bodykit

    Does anyone have an AMG gen2 w126 sec bodykit on sale?
  18. I

    Gen 2 560 SEC Sunroof

    Hello I am looking for a gen2 560 SEC complete sunroof to buy.
  19. I

    MOMO AMG in 560 SEC 1987

    Hello, I have a 1987 560 SEC, and I am wondering if I can fit the MOMO AMG steering wheel. The only issue is that that my SEC,s current steering wheel has an airbag, will I be able to fit the MOMO steering wheel?
  20. gbjeppm

    Free to Good Home! - C126 SEC Passenger Seat

    All I have a Blue C126 passenger seat with electric motors, cluttering up my garage. It is not bad at all, although a couple of the base springs are broken. (this was the donor seat to fix my seat in my SEC) Free to the first person who wants it and collects it from near Epsom Surrey. PM me...
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