1. chrispy

    Fed Up With Ebay & Hong Kong Seller

    I ordered the w202 grille with star over 3 weeks ago from a seller in Hong Kong (HK-plus). Including postage it cost me a grand total of £69 so I thought it was a steal. After numerous e-mails to the comapny (none replied to) I was forced into lodging a dispute with them. Four days later I have...
  2. stats007

    Buying a car - Seller needs payment to clear finance

    Is there a standard procedure for buying a privately owned car that is on finance? Would I pay the finance company directly? It's putting me off what I think is quite a nice car.
  3. M

    very honest ebay seller!

    not a mercedes but entertaining...:)
  4. F

    Dodgy Seller

    The guy has good feedback BUT I am sure that he has "someone" bidding for him to increase the bids on his ALL his wheels. The alloys themseleves are lovely BUT everytime this guy sells wheels there is always a "new bidder" registered that always "boosts" the bids up!!!:rolleyes: . In the...
  5. 230K

    Ebay seller euromerc

    Hi Anybody on here bought from ebay seller euromerc? Any good or bad experiences? 230K
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Help me trace ebay seller who advertised 6-spoke ML500 wheels and tyres

    This really is a shot in the dark!! Can anyone help me trace these... There was an ebay seller advertising new 6-spoke ML500 alloys over the summer, complete with new (Dunlop?) tyres for £600 Buy-It-Now. Advertised several times. Think he was in the trade as he could get hold of more sets...
  7. A

    Dodgy eBay seller - Buyer Beware

    Recently I purchased an item from an eBay seller victor_mk. The item was described as brand new and of superb quality in the following advert The picture in the advertisement clearly shows a nice...
  8. N

    Ebay dodgy seller returns, watch out!!!

    Just noticed that my old friend MB_Tuner (look out the last thread on this one) appears to have resurfaced under a new name carparts20, at least it is strangely coincedental that the parts and description pages are identical to the old MB_Tuner ads and MB_Tuner was deregistered days before...
  9. N

    Merc Ebay seller gone bad????

    I am wondering now whether I have I been stitched up on my first 'larger' Ebay purchase on my first MB mod :crazy: Went with MBTuner (also known as matrixcar) to get a new facelift grill for my W210 and at the time was a bit worried as a couple of negs on his feeedback but in the last 2...
  10. N

    German based Merc parts EBay seller (any experience)

    Has anyone had experience of this Ebay seller who is based in Germany It looks like some of...
  11. High-Lo

    eBay Seller bumping up the price

    Check out the seller of this Smart Car on eBay. The highest bidder is currently 'breakdance69' but if you check the feedback of 'breakdance69' he had previously attempted to sell a Honda Prelude and had the following in his item description "WE ARE ACTUALLY SELLING 2 CARS, THE OTHER IS A "SMART"...
  12. A

    crap car and crap seller OK, it's in america but this one is too good not to share :) check the "dual engine" shown in the pics and marvel at the description :) the vendors feedback makes interesting reading as well Andy
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