1. S

    Non existent roadworks shown on SatNav

    Hi, For the last few weeks I have been seeing miles of non existent road works on route. I see the roadwork symbol and a red dotted line along the road, but there are no road works present. Anyone else seen anything like this? Cheers, Stu
  2. BTB 500

    MOT check website - spurious fail shown

    Had a play with the MOT website for the first time today: Earlier in the month I put Mrs BTB's S203 in for MOT and it passed. This is shown on the website, but there's a previous entry (on the same day, and with the same mileage) showing a fail It...
  3. ASnowman

    Filter contact shown in comand C W205

    From my android (samsung s6) all kinds of contacts show up in the list. Is there anywhere a setting to disable all the ones without a phone number? It picks up all contacts from outlook at work, gmail, cached contacts and such. A bit of a crowded house with unknown guests :confused:
  4. C

    Just been shown a clean pair of heels by a C63

    Nice black C63 on the A56 Edenfiled bypass tonight.... absolutely left me for dead.... I was in my Volvo V40 though :D Anyway car looked and sounded awesome. I could be tempted one day :D
  5. M

    Speed shown after rear axle change W113

    I have a friend who have a Pagoda SL, W113. He has changed the rear axle on it, from 4.08:1 to 3.69:1. He also says that it might have gotten a rear axle with 3.69:1. I do not know how the W113 get the "signal" to speedometer, but I guess it is from the gear box, and then the speedometer...
  6. Omega

    Low Power shown on radio screen

    Hi, I just started my car and for some reason glanced at the radio screen, to see the words 'LOW POWER' just fading. I assume that it would have been on the dash read-out as well. As an oldie, I do realise that current weather / long dark periods etc etc takes a toll on batteries, but as this...
  7. andylee30

    HELP!! My outside temp display still shown -38C

    I have a 1999 C220 CDI. Only got the car about a month ago.First the outside temp display is always shown -38C. Checked the sensor and it was missing:eek:! I thought it's just a matter purchased a new one from the dealer. Finally, received a new sensor a couple of days ago. Clipped it on to the...
  8. andy_cyp

    My car will be shown at the NEC.

    I just recieved confirmation from the organizers of the pistonheads show that my E55 was picked to be shown along with another 149 cars at the autosport international/piston heads show in january.Dates are 11/13th & gates open around 11am. Car will be professionaly detailed by Zymol on the...
  9. M

    HOW TO: Repair vertical control in steering column (W203 memory version shown)

    SYMPTOM: Steering column no longer travels up and down, sound of motor spinning, no movement. This repair is labour intensive but the part is worth only a few dollars. VALID FOR: Memory steering column with motorized control. MODELS: R171, W203, W204, W209, W211, W219, R230, W240...
  10. M

    iPOD install using FM modulator on std head unit (ML shown)

    If you intercept the radio signal into an FM modulator you can inject an iPOD FM output into any head unit. From another forum I saw a way of doing it. I quote the following from the thread ........ I...
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