1. stwat

    The Mercedes SLR Is the Forgotten $500,000 Supercar

    He just has to be Jay Lenno's illegitimate love child ! [YOUTUBE HD]hjzfHp3TNL8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. U

    Mercedes Benz SAP V2 SLR Bluetooth Mobile Phone Cradle Adaptor A2048200535

    abc abc
  3. PurpleDog

    SL63 AMG (R230) with SLR nose cone

    Hi, Does anyone know if there were any factory fitted original SL63 that came with the SLR nose cone? I wonder how many were made? Thanks.
  4. JohnnyAMG

    Slr 722

    I walk past DD Calssics in Kew every morning on the way to the station. They always have some rare and beautiful cars in stock. This stunning SLR 722 has been there for a few weeks but now has a sold sticker on the windscreen. You can't see with the poor lighting but there is a lovely Grey SLS...

    Wanted slr

    any colour except black, coupe, any interior, FSH, any location in Europe. please call 07702 199997
  6. uumode

    Mercedes SLR

    My daughter tells me her college art tutor drives a Mercedes SLR :eek: makes a second hand Ferrari seem cheap! Used Mercedes-Benz Slr Mclaren Used Cars for Sale on Auto Trader
  7. M

    Mercedes SLR McLaren imagined By a 22 year old designer

    From the article: Aritra Das, a 22-year-old designer, from wondering what it could have looked like. Combining design language elements from both brands, he created this stunning reborn Mercedes SLR McLaren. Photos - Mercedes SLR McLaren imagined By a 22 year old designer .
  8. Andrew W

    Mclaren SLR performance

    I'm guessing there's a fair few cars on here with more power than the mighty SLR . How hard is it to get close to 600bhp and 580lb/FT torque with our 55k engines and would the performance figures be as good . I know I can't afford an SLR but may possibly get my CLS55 to go like one , maybe !
  9. M

    Super Rare Mercedes SLR 722 GT In Bright Orange

    Looks amazing. From the article: This super rare Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT is a grand tourer race car that was built by McLaren and Mercedes together. Of all the versions of the Mercedes SLR that were ever built, the Mercedes 722 GT is possibly the most hardcore version. Photos...
  10. W

    Sir Stirling Moss and this Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Remain Unbeaten fJsdw-pof1o
  11. R

    Mclaren SLR Brochure and Price list

    McLaren SLR Brochure and Price list in English £15 inc p and p
  12. Halcyon Days

    McLaren SLR

    A few shots of a local SLR that i was lucky enough to photograph - thought someone might enjoy them :)
  13. sharps

    My mercedes sl300-24 - slr pic thread

    OK so I bought my SL300-24 in December, after having it looked over by my mechanic I so far have fitted a new distributor cap an arm, replaced the plugs, given it an oil service and off we go.
  14. ioweddie

    Mercedes SLR Mclaren 1/18 Diecast model for sale

    I've got a super 1/18 scale Mercedes SLR for sale on ebay. Its got infrared remote control lights, steering, forward and reverse driving via the remote. Fantastic Christmas gift for someone. See link plus I've got lots more from my collection for sale. Thanks for looking Eddie 1:18 Diecast...
  15. DanMorgan

    R129 slr!

    Have a bucket ready for your vomit MERCEDES SL SLR REPLICA AMG Convertable / PANORAMIC LPG Converted 20p Per Mile | eBay
  16. A

    FS: Mercedes R199 SLR Steering wheel

    Paddle shift steering wheel from an R199 SLR No air bag. My plan was to make a filler panel for the centre from carbon. Bargain at £100 Amit
  17. J


    Have to take a customers SLR for MOT tomorrow so will be interesting to see how it compares to my SL!! Need to be careful though as think he is member of Russian Mafia. Took his Aston V8 Vantage Le Mans on Monday and that was an amazing car. 600bhp Twin supercharged 5.4 V8 with manual gearbox...
  18. ioweddie

    I'm selling a lovely Model of an SLR Mclaren

    On ebay now, got bids so be quick if you want to treat yourself to a Mercedes SLR Mclaren. 1:18 Diecast Car Mercedes SLR Mclaren Road Car Mint Condition Metallic Black | eBay
  19. The _Don

  20. kalvin928

    anyone with picture of w211 with SLR type alloys on?

    my father had these on his 98 clk once, and looked really nice... just wanted to see how they looked on a w211, cant find any pics though
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