1. kianok

    Smokey e220

    Hi I'm have an e220 2016 (facelift) It's a year old and covered 6k miles. I noticed while stationary that after about 5 minutes there seemed to be a fair bit of smoke coming from the exhaust while idling. Not faults on the dash and I've had several modern merc diesels in recent years...
  2. X

    Smokey W204 C63

    Gutted, just took my car out a run and all off a sudden started pouring smoke out the back. It seems to be burning oil. Got home and wasn't as bad. Back end of the car is covered in oil and car is stinking. Anyone experienced this? It's under warranty so will be on the phone to MB tomorrow.
  3. S

    2015 E63, very smokey after remap and no SOS warning!

    Since having a decat downpipe and remap my E63 is VERY smokey at idle (even when warm!) , is this normal for a decatted car ? From memory, my decatted GT-R wasnt smokey at idle ! Also , every time I start the car since being mapped I get a warning on the dash saying "no SOS available " Any...
  4. W

    Very smokey CLK 270

    Over the last few months my CLK has been getting more and more smokey. I mean really smokey. When I accelerated there was such a cloud of black smoke I couldn't see the car behind. Firstly I cleaned the EGR valve. OMG :eek: This job really upset the long haired General as I managed to...
  5. S

    Viano 3.2 smokey start up

    So my lovely Viano 3.2 petrol - drives with no issues no lights etc but is always quiet smokey on start up. It's a white / grey smoke but just seems heavier than my other cars Is it a sign of something to worry about ???
  6. K

    Smokey engine & going into get you home mode

    Hello everyone, I am a new member (today) I have owned my lovely 2004 (facelift model or so I was told) silver C220 automatic diesel estate. I've owned it since March 2015. It was very smooth and powerful until a month ago, now it still starts first turn of the key no matter what the...
  7. Stray Cat

    CLK 320 W208 Side indicator lens in SMOKEY GREY

    Hi Friends I have a CLK 320 and am desperately trying to locate the side repeater lens after a young lady kindly opened her car door onto mine. I've been to the main dealership, gave them my chassis number and they came up with part no. A 2108200921 Blinker Turn Signal. But its in clear...
  8. T

    smokey sprinter 311cdi 06/old shape

    I was thinking of cleaning the egr with a tin of the spray you can buy from halfords? Just wanted to check that firstly mines has an egr and secondly do I just undo the air intake at the air box and spray the cleaner into there? And hello noobie alert from Glasgow
  9. I


    Hi Guys I am actually over from the chrysler forum as i have a 300C Diesel with what i am told has a mercedes OM 642 engine. My question which i hope you can help with is. When i sit in traffic for a length of time my car starts smoking (grey) badly. It does not misfire or anything. Can...
  10. B

    smokey? c220 cdi (w203)

    Hi all, recently purchased a 2002 c220 cdi - its got 140k on but I know the last owner an they looked after it really well, I have a folder full of receipts for servicing, parts etc but I have noticed its had injectors replaced just before I got it, the problem I have got is, sometimes when...
  11. M

    W163 ML 270CDI whooshing sound, smokey too

    i have a W163 ML 270CDI which has recently started whooshing on acceleration, i undeerstand that the egr boost pipe could be the culprit, i aim to have a look tomorrow and try to fix or replace, but not having a merc before i have no idea where this pipe is, does anyone have any images to point...
  12. N

    smokey c63 coupe

    Hi, traded my c63 ppp saloon 2011/60 2010 model for 2011 c63 coupe ppp on Thursday, i know some motors on the c63 smoke on start up my saloon did at times but my new coupe is twice as bad. going back to Mercedes today to decide what to do!! anyone else having problems?? keep you posted...
  13. W

    Audi A3 1.9 TDI, smokey engine?

    Friend of mine has just picked up a cheapy Audi A3 1.9 TDI (literally scrap value I think) It's done 160k, R-plate, bodywork and interior are all good - electric windows, climate, alloys etc, drives ok. Only problem is that it's got a very smokey engine. I followed him back and there's...
  14. brucemillar

    Smokey Chimney. What is the law?

    Hi My new neighbour has installed two solid fuel burners in his house. No probs with that. Trouble is, his house sits below the height of my house, so much so that his chimneys are level with my windows. So we have no need to look outside to see if he has lit a fire as our house fills up...
  15. N


    This pulled out from a garage forecourt, c220 cdi 04-
  16. B

    W202 C250D Rough running and Smokey between 2 and 3000rpm

    Hi all. My beloved C250D 1995, which has done 92k miles has always run a little rough between 2 and 300rpm. It has recently got much worse and barely runs at those revs. It misfires irregularly very badly and poors smoke out. At idle and other revs and even on full accelaration, it behaves...
  17. blackscooby

    W210 E320 CDI - smokey

    Folks, Could do with a bit of advice on what to check. Currently got my Dads E320 CDI (1999). Now it's a bit on the leggy side, but I've driven it quite a bit. Dad warned me that it's got a bit smokey. Now really that was somewhat of an understatement. My observations :- 1) Smoke on...
  18. S

    01 c220 cdi drawing air and very smokey

    hello all, new to all this and looking for a bit of help. my c220 is drawing air from somewhere the only indication for this is when im driving and the turbo kicks in it also exhausts an awful lot of black smoke when turbo kicks in. some time it goes into limp mode i presume this is because the...
  19. S

    smokey E300 diesel

    hello to all merc lovers, i have recently bought a E300 diesel 1995 estate (190k) and thanks to this forum have already managed to solve a few niggles it had. but she is still rather smokey. it is a blue/grey haze at idle which disappears under load but becomes more noticeable when throttling...
  20. T

    smokey c200

    Hi I rencently had my 99 c200 serviced,she now burns oil and smokes after over run she only has 100k on the clock and never used oil before the "service".Any ideas before I rip the head. thanks
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