1. shyam27


    1999 BMW E39 520i Automatic. Finished in beautiful navy blue. Was taken in P/X. I don't know if I'm allowed to post this due to rivalry between MB and BMW but this is a good honest motor. Good Bits - Excellent and smooth runner with no mechanical faults. Drives flawlessly! Very comfortable...
  2. M

    7g Auto Not Smooth Anymore. E280 cdi sport

    When i got my car a couple of months ago the 7g auto gearbox seemed smooth enough. Because of my occasional limp mode problem i was doing a lot of thrashing about trying to repeat the fault, i have stopped the thrashing about now. When i pull away at work in C mode, im faced right away with a...
  3. Taff814

    DAB Radio defaults to Smooth Extra

    Morning all, My radio defaults to Smooth Extra every time I start my car despite it not being selected or even being on my stored stations list. Anybody have the same problem and is there a fix please? :wallbash:
  4. O

    Excelaration not smooth

    Hi All In need of some advice please having taken my P&J out for a good run I have noticed that when I try to speed up and accelerate there is a slight stutter and it is not smooth, this only last for a brief moment but can be quite worrying also there appears to be a rumble noise from the...
  5. N

    C32 AMG Smooth idle pulley

    As per the title! Can anyone get hold of a smooth idle pulley for me? Part number 112 202 01 19 ? Plus at what price! Usual places like ECP can't get them!
  6. Pilotprice

    C63 not very smooth at low speeds/rpm

    Or sure if this is normal or not but the car seems to be very rough/fluctuating revs at low speeds or under 1500rpm? Almost like the box can't make it's mind up? It's a little annoying but if it's normal then it's ok I guess! Car is a 2013 c63 with 986 miles on.
  7. D

    Becker Map Pilot - No longer a smooth zoom!

    Hi, recently updated my Map Pilot (in W212 Estate) to software version 2.5.26 (Maps 2011Q2) Since doing this, the zoom in and out when using centre control button(Not Autozoom) jumps from 50yds, 100 yds, 0.1Mile, 0.3Mile etc. It use to be a nice gradual zoom in and out, ie spin the button and...
  8. S

    W208 Idle Not 100% Smooth

    Hi all, I have a 2000 W208 CLK 230K, with 76K. For a while it has not idled 100% smooth. If you watch the rev counter, it doesn't sit steady and you can hear the engine (if outside the car is not silky smooth). I've changed plugs, leads and coils but no difference. I then cleaned the MAF...
  9. Brian WH

    Smooth Scrolling

    I have just had a new Power Supply Pack fitted to my Computer after it's failure. Ever since I have had a strange scrolling effect on "All Programmes" and Internet pages. The mouse scroll is set to three lines on my mouse settings, but it scrolls in "waves" which is most distracting. :eek...
  10. C

    Tyre suggestions for 124? - Smooth Ride required

    The 124 I bought last week has two new (but cheap) front tyres, but I need to change the rears. I'm going to stick with the original 195/65/15 size , on the assumption that Mercedes knew what they were doing when they chose them!. Ive had a look on...
  11. M

    Not so smooth transmission

    Hi Guys, I'm concerned about the gear changes on my W208 (CLK320 form year 2000). When driving normally, the gears change nice and smoothly as expected. However, on the odd ocassion when I boot it, the gear changes are not as smooth. I only notice it on full throttle. I'm pretty sure it...
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