1. S

    Need to bite the bullet - Coil packs etc, where to source

    2003 W215 TT Hi, Well, seems the time has arrived and I need to bite the bullet and change the coil packs. If I order them over here in SW France, the eyes of the Merc receptionist just light up, so I'm looking for an alternative source. Anyone ordered them from the USA, Germany or UK...
  2. X

    best place to source new AMG brake discs

    Hi guys, Where would be the best place to source new brake discs and pads for my CLS63 AMG? Thanks a lot Dom
  3. CLSMark

    Mercedes Source YouTube channel. I find myself watching this a lot, some lovely classics on there, and for an American channel it's not too "American" (Apologies if this is a repost, before the thread police attack me ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. markjay

    Permanent 12V power source for mobile phone charger

    Looking for a convenient 12V source on the driver's side of the dashboard. Sadly on my 2013 W204 the driver-side fusebox is no longer there... There's the light switch, and it's accessible, but is it a good idea to tap into the wires? Any help or advice offered will be greatly appreciated :)
  5. grober

    PETMand tomorrows energy source?

    PETM and tomorrows energy source? PETM or The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum. An interesting perspective. Touches on what might be another energy source for the future. BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum...
  6. M

    Info source for individual vehicle's spec & equipmnt?

    hi, just wondering if a database available to cross ref Reg number and equipment list eg cruise, airbags, park sensors etc. Lots of sellers don't provide full info, so comparing vans in same price range is s very time consuming. Thanks very much for any help !:thumb:
  7. rockits

    Source - Merc OEM Overmats Ribbed & Velour

    Just thought I would share this in case anyone was looking for them. I searched high and low to find a decent source of cost effective OEM overmats for my R219 SL500. Came across a thoroughly nice chap called Tim @ Special Vehicle Services Ltd or 'SVS'. His details are: Special Vehicle...
  8. C

    W211 Estate - Source For Keyless Go Door Handles

    Hello chaps, My 2004 W211 came with the keyless go system. Over the years the sensors in all but one of the doors have failed. From reading other threads it seems that the handles cannot be repaired. Can anyone suggest the best place to source a new set of these handles? I am keen to avoid a MB...
  9. flango

    Help required to source a car for a friend in need

    As some of you probably know I'm on the search for a car. A good friend of mine is battling a very aggressive cancer and unfortunately its not going well so he is trying to get things sorted and his affairs in order He asked asked me to help and find his wife a car as they had two cars on...
  10. manofgresley

    HELP! Wire source ID

    Hi All. I have had several posts lately, and with your help, most are solved, just 2 left, if I may continue to indulge you. I still cannot get power to the Cigarette Lighter Illumination Lamp, Neither is my Instrument Cluster Night time Illumination coming On, I wonder if the issue is...
  11. B

    COMAND APS Music Source

    Hi, I'd like to know if anybody has tried to attach an SSD Hard drive to the COMAND APS unit, I'm a bit fed up swapping over SD cards, it would be easier to have all the MP3s on a hard drive in the glove box. I have tried a 128gb SD card formatted in FAT32, but it cannot read all the...
  12. C

    Excellent source of information

    Hi Guys, came across this and thought it maybe good to share - there is a six part video set on here on fixing the 722.6 gearbox
  13. MB James

    Recommended source for parts

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a place to get merc parts at a good price. Looking for Viano mats for the front and a reversing camera. Prefer to buy Mercedes parts. Cheers
  14. CreosoteChris

    '93 W124 Coupe Stereo Inoperative / Source of Unswitched 12V Power

    Hello – My 93 220CE had an intermittent stereo cut-out problem (aftermarket mid-90s Sony head unit / CD Changer) - Head unit would apparently lose power, then a few seconds later come back to life, and continue where it left off - The frequency of the problem was highly variable, sometimes...
  15. M

    GPS source for COMAND C250 2015

    Hi i bought new c250 2015 model in thailand, and i need maps for NAVI, any idea what it uses? is it comes on sd card or DVD? I need SE Asia maps thx
  16. H

    Has anyone got a good source for genuine wings??

    Looking for a pair of genuine front wings for my 124- the dealer wants 205plus vat....
  17. W

    Online genuine parts source?

    Hi, has anyone found an online source of mercedes genuine parts with prices? Cheers
  18. st13phil

    This will either be a source of great pleasure...

    ...or one of the daftest things I've done. I’ve been pondering for a while what my next car should be. The E350CDI has been a great car, but I don’t really need a car of that size, so I’ve been toying with moving back to a C-Class once the W205 is available. However, after three years...
  19. Silver CL55

    Looking for a part number and where to source W216 or W221 camber and caster bolts

    As above, I need a set of (4) camber and caster adjustment bolts for my 2008 CL (W216), I believe the S class (W221) is the same. Part number please? Any links to these at suppliers?
  20. Alex

    Good source for Michelin Pilot SuperSports?

    I'm after a set of Michelin PSS. Prices online vary with cheapest so far being TyreLeader @ £785. Anyone know of any better source to buy these from? Looking for 245/40 and 275/35, both 19". Thanks.
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