1. M.A.94

    W211 SRS airbag fault HELP !!

    Where do i start with the error codes: 9032- front impact sensor driver side 9183- belt tensioner driver side I was told by previous owner that the airbag light was intermittent for a while but has been on continuous for the last month. The car did have light bump on the driver front...
  2. J

    W211 SRS Failure!

    W211 ESP Defective! Hello I recently bought a 2003 E320 CDI W211 Estate I have a fault when I try to start the engine. A message appears saying ESP Defective! visit workshop. The engine will either not start at all or it turns over for a second and stops. In this state I can't get the car to...
  3. M

    SRS light on, seat belt presenter not working, some advice please!

    Hi, some advice please folks, my seat belt presenter on the drivers side has stopped working, it puts the SRS warning on, but when I get moving it goes out but the seat belt not fastened warning flickers on and off, any ideas?
  4. A

    W639 srs light problem

    Hello everyone. I've recently bought a w639 viano, 2008 model. And it has a few issues. 1) first one is the srs light. It doesn't stay on all the time. It would only keep on coming on and off whilst driving. I've seen a few threads about it online but most of them are about the vito...
  5. clarea

    SRS light staying on

    My mum has a 2004 clk320. Last week in the cold weather she didn't drive it for about a week. When she next started it, it had a few errors including the srs one. The others cleared but the srs one has remained. Is it possible to reset it or will it need to go to the garage? Thank you!
  6. chubbs111

    srs light

    more brain picking please guys,my 2003 clk270 has been parked up for a couple of weeks while i have been in hospital,my wife has started it every day but not driven it,yesterday the SRS light came on with a message to visit workshop.the seats have not been moved,any ideas please.
  7. Y

    HELP!!!: Instrument Cluster off and SRS ON / E220, 2006

    Hi guys, I just changed the instrument cluster processor on my E220/2006 just 2 weeks ago; it would come on and off for a few days so I 'repaired' this with CARTRONIX and worked fine for 2 weeks. Yesterday, the cluster went blank again but when I took the car for a drive today the cluster...
  8. R

    SRS warning

    I removed my passenger side seat (heavy or what) so that I could run a loom for my new stereo. Everything is back together...but I have the SRS red warning on the dash. Do I need to get it reset on STAR...I thought it would be plug and play. TIA.
  9. GlenQ

    Can't get the code for SRS dashboard warning

    Hi I've got an SRS warning message on the S class. I suspect a seat pad sensor but I want to make sure but I can't read the code. I've tried using Carsoft Mercedes and have purchased an ELM WiFi plug-in for the ODB port and have installed a couple of apps on the iPad. None of the above will...
  10. GlenQ

    Warning Message

    Just started to get the following message: Restr.Sys.Defect SRS Drive to workshop. I know that I will have to have the codes read (I have Carsoft) but in general is this fault usually associated with a faulty passenger side seat pad sensor?
  11. A

    W203 SRS restraint system is in fault

    Hello guys. My daily driver c180 Kompressor w203 devlopped an annoying fault causing all driver door electricals to fail temperamentally , I though for sure it has to be the commo fault with door module so I bought a replacement and tested it but it turned out the wiring was not making a proper...
  12. PobodY

    Intermittent SRS warning

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, please feel free to move it if it is. I suppose I'm just looking for a little reassurance that this isn't anything to be particularly concerned about, and that I haven't bought a lemon. I took the car through a car wash today (I know I should wash it by...
  13. O

    SRS change vin

    Hello I recently had to change a faulty SRS module on 2006 CLK. The old module died. I have now fitted a second hand module. It is still showing an error but at least the other functions controlled by the module now work. As I understand, the error is a result of the module not being...
  14. W

    Help. srs lamp flashing after recall

    Hi, wonder if a knowledgable person on here can help me with a problem on 2007 c220 sport w204... Got a letter from Mercedes saying my car has a recall to replace SRS control unit Took it in today and when I picked it up the service guy said there's a fault on passenger seat pad and module...
  15. V

    Seat Emulator SRS ABS ESP !

    The faults on my W210 keep growing. I have had a problem with my Air Bag since purchase (centre console orange light says airbag off all the time, SRS on dash comes on sometimes where ignition switched on but not always). Had my vehicle plugged into star and fault with passenger seat occupier...
  16. vijilants

    W204 SRS controller safety recall

    Just had a letter through the post from MB to get my W204 pre facelift in to a dealership for a safety recall. The SRS controller needs to be replaced immediately. Anyone else had the same ?
  17. E

    SRS restraint problems and electrical gremlins

    Went to start the car yesterday (2008 C220) and got a message SRS restraint system failure visit workshop. Then lots of other electrical issues, won't start, radio doesn't work, seats won't move, steering wheel buttons don't work. I'm thinking battery might be dying but I'm not sure, any ideas...
  18. L

    W202 srs light

    Hi everyone, The srs light has just come on my 1999 c250 td. Is this something serious or can it be turned off? (I know it is for the airbags) Can any garage with a diagnostics tool remove this? Thanks
  19. A

    Location of W203 SRS ECU please.....

    Hi, I have a simple question I would like help with. The car is a C Class W203 Estate 320 Petrol 2001. Can anyone tell me where the SRS ECU is located please? I have the dreaded SRS light on. The code tells me the control Unit N2/7 Restraint System Control Unit is defective. Part number MB...
  20. B

    Help - SRS Fault Code B1107 (9107) & B1127 (9127)

    I have a C180 Kompressor 2006 and after I replaced the indicator/wiper cluster I got the following two SRS Faults (Image below) B1107 (9107) the ignition circuit containing component R12/13 (Driver airbag ignition squib 1) is short-circuit with another ignition circuit B1127 (9127) the...
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