1. M

    65 plate E class steaming up & condensation

    Hi all, first post here. Just received my 65 plate E Class coupe, which I'm loving, but it seems to have a real issue with steaming up, the rear window will steam up heavily overnight and the rest of the car will quickly steam up when driving. In addition, the car has the intelligent...
  2. BIG_G_1979

    w211 keeps steaming up inside

    Hi guys I have can pollen filter but car still steams up when even the lightest of rain is on. Perhaps its just a Merc thing? I am always having to put the front windscreen demister on to clear it, perhaps it fogs up due to me not using aircon? Although any other car I've owned didn't, any...
  3. G

    Windscreen suddenly steaming up!

    I had my windscreen replaced in March by AutoGlass. They fitted a non dealer screen. I bought my car last November and I can't seem to remember any issues with the screen holding a lot of condensation or steaming up even in the coldest/wettest of weathers. I do seem to remember that went it did...
  4. MercMania

    screen steaming up

    would anyone be able to tell me why does the rear and front screen on my car steams up from the inside on odd occasions its turns into ice i have a c class w202 1999. hope someone can help me and prevent it
  5. brightspark0612

    Clk Steaming Up

    Probably a quick answer but why does my car keep steaming up and how do I de-mist it without using air con or keeping using the de-mist button and blowing air out full blast? I've tried many things and its starting to wind me up Any ideas?
  6. Mobb

    Engine bay pressure washing / steaming and foaming question

    Right.. I have never done this to any of my cars.. I have always had very mixed views onit.. Its literally a 50/50. Some people tell me its fine if the alternator and other such parts are covered with a plastic bag.. Some tell me its a complete no no.. Some tell me to do it with the...
  7. ET4

    Windows Steaming up????

    I get in my C240 and the windows are all clear.. I turn the key and the windows start to mist up?? The air seems to be humid aswell . . ? It clears after a minute or so.. Anybody out there with any ideas?
  8. C


    I was stuck on the M1 following an accident last night, didn't do more than 5mph for an hour. Temperature gauge hit 120 so I turned the engine off - all of a sudden steam poured out from under the bonet. I think the thermostat must have got stuck! Can someone tell me if this is an expensive...
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