1. CLSMark

    Steve Jobs

    Why? But, why not.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. M

    Big Hello to Steve from Cardiff

    Big Call out to Steve from Cardiff Hi Bud, Hope you and your dad are well... Sorry Bud missed you yesterday @ my brothers in Merthyr yesterday. Was absolutely shattered & needed to rest before driving back to sunny Bedfordshire:eek: Hope you enjoyed the ride in the nutty CLS:crazy: My old...
  3. S

    Hello from Steve - A Lorinser GS03 Owner

    Hi Everyone, I have a Lorinser GS03, based on an SL500 AMG I believe but need to find out more about this limited edition car! Mine is number 05 of 50 made. Anyway, the MBClub looks very interesting, looking forward to spongeing up the information. Cheers. Steve
  4. C36fan

    Happy birthday steve maxwell!

    Happy birthday mate and many returns!:)
  5. R

    Steve Garlick Maidstone, Kent

    Many of you will have used Steve Garlick down the years especially if you are in the Maidstone, Kent, South East kind of area. Steve worked as a Diagnostic Technician for Mercedes (latterly Tonbridge) for donkey's years and has now, after much encouragement from MBClub members, set up on his...
  6. AMG Steve

    AMG Steve is signing off.....

    Hello guys n gals, just sold my CLK so I will be leaving the site, Thanks for the fun and info received, keep up the good work :thumb: Cheers Steve
  7. stanjo

    Steve from Minehead

    Hi, Just picked up my first Merc last week, very low use 2010 E350 CDI BlueEff Sport Auto in white, previous owner loaded it up with factory extras so not a lot to do but drive. Super smooth to drive, even with 19" alloys, ride is amazing
  8. D

    Happy birthday Steve Perry

    Bit late, but hope you've had a good day. :thumb:
  9. Steve_Perry

    Steve's 2010 CLS 350 CDI Grand Edition

    Hi Gang!! First things first... Apologies for my long absence, yes, I am still alive and kicking. :) Long time members, mods and admins will remember back to when I was a lot more active here. Well after 11½ years of ownership I'm afraid the minty green (see my avatar & sig) is no more. :(...
  10. R

    Car just serviced - news if you use Steve in Maidstone!

    I've just had my car serviced by Steve in Maidstone, who many of you use. The car and the service were great but I hadnt heard that Steve had been off work for ten weeks following and accident:( I sent him our corporate best wishes but if you fancy cheering him up with a text then I'm sure...
  11. blaser24nig

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Steve jobs dead.... Just heard this news and even though I have never met him but have read a lot about him and what a wonderful human being, just a shame that despite all the billions, he still couldn't be saved... MY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE...
  12. ironsheik

    Steve Jobs Resigns....

    Interesting.... But his health in recent times was not good... BBC News - Apple boss Steve Jobs to be replaced by Tim Cook
  13. rf065

    *** Steve's been to London! :ban::ban::ban: Russ
  14. C

    Steve C

    Hi, I've just bought my first MB. I thought I'd start with something tame so I bought an R129 500 SL. It's supposed to be a weekend toy and replaces a long line of other classic cars I've owned over the years. I have restored and repaired many cars but I'm finding owning an SL a steep learning...
  15. R

    Help Me Find Steve of Maidstone

    Hi, Im new to this forum but already I have gained the impression that i need to speak to "Steve" regarding my poor idle and intermittent stalling on my w124 300ce 24v. How do I contact Steve of Maidstone.
  16. N

    Steve in Maidstone

    Hi Everyone, I would just like to say a thank you to both the MB Club forum and also Steve who was recommended by the forum for works which were carried out on my E320 this saturday. His work rate, timescales and costs were exactly as previously informed by Steve. What more can I say but that...
  17. R

    FAO. Steve B

    Your car, is in my opinion, utterly gorgeous! It is my dream car - thanks for posting your gallery:bannana:
  18. grober

    Steve Brotherton articles

    I came across this useful collection of articles by MB expert Steve Brotherton published in the USA Import Car includes an intro to the CAN BUS and trouble shooting engine codes auto-transmissions,aircon systems and replacing cylinder head...
  19. MBManInKen

    Ian B Walker and Steve (Gollom) spotted in Holland Park!

    Went for a walk in Holland Park this morning and came across them :D
  20. pammy

    Steve McQueens Ferrari for sale If only:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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