1. H

    Stored Codes

    Hi have a E280CDI 2007 and have found these codes stored can anyone help Thanks
  2. T

    M111 Recirculating air flap. Where are settings stored ?

    Hi. I have a problem with my recirculating air flap. Car throws a fault code every week or so (happens on 1st start up in the morning - car jerks a bit when starting up) and the car idle becomes lumpy and the throttle goes off, in the sense you need more throttle to get same power - car feels...
  3. JohnEclass

    Wheels Cleaned and stored for winter

    Well thought i'd clean the Alloys and put them away for winter, took some elbow grease! I'm thinking refurb required before putting a new set of summer tyres on!...strange how one wheel has take the brunt of scrapes, must be me the missus wont drive the CLK :D One day I will be able to...
  4. John Jones Jr

    Stored codes, that didn't clear but no fault present?

    Guys, Had the ECU on my W202 checked today for stored codes, there was several there but all cleared and didn't return, except: BAS code C1025-003 ''Fault in CAN communication with control unit N47-7 (ABS module). If no customer complaint exists, the fault can be erased. code B1040...
  5. Norse

    Comand stored errors

    Hi. I was in engineering mode of the comand unit today, and noticed that 49 out of 50 stored errors was "BACKLIGHT ON ERROR" Anyone know what that would be? The last one was "GPS POSITION UPDATE ERROR" Probably from driving in a long tunnel or something. Navi works fine. Also I am...
  6. C

    W211 E500, NO reserve, stored 3 years.....

    This is interesting, wonder how mucvh re-commisioning a modern car needs after 3 years inactivity? Looks like it could go cheap.... 2002 MERCEDES E500 AVANTGARDE AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 18-Sep-09 07:54:26 BST)
  7. SilverSaloon

    mint condition, dry stored 123 NICE :)
  8. gurpz

    Dry Stored Ford RS200 Rally

    Not a Merc but still quite something special and rare. It must shift with all that power:
  9. Bobby Dazzler

    How long are fault codes stored for?

    In the same way that I'm normally better by the time my doctors appointment comes around, the car normally behaves itself when the dealer takes a look - even if it wasn't earlier the same day. Last time it happened, tech said no fault code stored, and said even if it had been logged fault...
  10. H

    Stored car

    I am in a situation where I drive a company car everyday and have 2 C180s of my own. One is a 1994 which I do drive some weekends while I also have a 1997 which stays in the garage more often unused. The 1997 is in a lot better condition inside as well as outside and mileage is about the same...
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